Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The new TV season hasn't even started yet and already I know there's one series that can't be part of Earth Prime-Time, the main Toobworld - 'The Walking Dead'.

This will have to be a TV dimension with no real future nor any hope to ever link to other TV shows. It's more of an Earth Prime-Time/Romero, if you will.

What would be fun, just to lighten what looks to be unceasing horror and doom, would be to see zombie versions of TV characters from the main Toobworld. And it might be nice to get the original actors to take on the roles as cameos along the lines of Bill Murray's appearance in the movie "Zombieland".

Here are a few examples, depending on where 'The Walking Dead' takes place:

Vic Mackey, 'The Shield' (Michael Chiklis)
Alex Rieger, 'Taxi' (Judd Hirsch)
James Trivette 'Walker, Texas Ranger' (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.)
Rose Nylund, 'The Golden Girls' (Betty White)

I'd LOVE to see the curvaceous Christina Hendricks of 'Mad Men' as a zombie, but Joan Harris would be about 80 years old today.......

Anyhoo, I'll check out the first episode of the series at least, but I'm not sure it's a show I want to keep coming back for. No matter how good it is, the topic isn't one I'm that fond of; and as a Toobworld caretaker, there doesn't seem to be anything in it for me.

But for your perusal, here are a few of the promo pictures for the show:


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