Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I just wanted to point out that my favorite TV critic and columnist, whose departure from the New York Daily News brought an end to my enjoyment of that newspaper's TV section, has refurbished his website. David Bianculli unveiled the "2.0" edition of "TV Worth Watching" this past weekend, with a more streamlined reading experience and with many more guest contributors - many of them notable TV critics from around the country.

And of course, my favorite section of the site - the contributions by readers (like me) of those inside jokes which Bianculli calls "Extras". This was a recurring feature in his Daily News columns (which I still have collected) and which just recently topped 100 contributions from the website alone.

Usually when I want you to check out one of the entries in my blogroll, I just instruct you, Dear Reader, to go visit "the Links to the Left". But as this is a special occasion, let me help guide the way this time:

I'm trusting you'll find it a worthwile visit and that you'll mark it as a "fave place" so that you'll be back for repeat visits.

Just make sure you've been inoculated against bad puns......

From the home office of Toobworld Central....

Toby O'B