Thursday, August 26, 2010


Comic book writer and animation producer/director Mark Evanier brought to light a little-known TV crossover involving kids' shows on a local level. And in the general scheme of things, it's still part of the overall Toobworld Dynamic:

Dan Kravetz read my posting about Los Angeles kid show hosts and sent the following...

I was a devoted viewer of 'Cartoon Carousel' when Skipper Frank switched dummies in about 1960. The original was named Julius and also had a last name which I can't remember. I don't recall the Skipper mentioning on the show specifically that Julius had been stolen from his car, but he did create some sort of mystery about his pal being missing, and on one episode displayed a "letter" from Julius that read, "I have been kidnapped by Jimmy Weldon!"
Mark Evanier's response

I believe 'Cartoon Carnival' (Skipper Frank's show) went on in '56 but I do remember him showing the earliest "Looney Tunes". I don't remember that letter from Julius. I watched every day and would have laughed my head off at the mention of Jimmy Weldon, who was on Channel 13 opposite Skipper Frank.
I wonder what ever happened to Julius.....

By the way, you should check out Mr. Evanier's blog, "News From ME". You'll find the link to the left, my Peanut Gallery!


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