Saturday, July 26, 2014


This was from the second episode of 'Vicious', which was first broadcast in the UK on 6 May 2013.  

Almost a year later, 7 April 2014, Peaches Geldof died.

I saw this episode this past Sunday night, July 6, 2014 and that snippet of the episode was missing.  It's probably excised in deference to her father Bob Geldof and the rest of her family, even though it's a harmless reference.  (It's not like anyone was telling Karen Ann Quinlan-style jokes about her.)

I'm not even sure if it will survive into the DVD release of the series.  (Actually I'm not even sure there would be a DVD release, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't.)

So viewers from the Trueniverse will probably never see that reference to the late Peaches Geldof ever again, at least not over the airwaves.  However, the moment was set in stone once it was broadcast.  It happened in Earth Prime-Time and nothing can change that.

I wouldn't even bother trying to pull a 'Doctor Who' splainin for this.  I think it's an insult to her to deny that it happened.  I find it hard to believe that she would have had any problems with the mention.  I think she would be happy to be remembered in some small way... by everyone except for Freddie Thornhill.......

If it could happen that Toobworld's past could be eliminated permanently, think of how many scenes we have lost over the years due to editing so that more room could be made for the almighty blipvert!


Friday, July 25, 2014


"You still have to get past guard shacks, 
armed security, electronic sensor gates. 
It's like Shawshank over there.
Nick Stokes

Shawshank Prison first came into existence in the fictional multiverse in the dimension of BookWorld, thanks to the Stephen King short story "Rita Hayworth And The Shawshank Redemption" which was included in his 1982 book "Different Seasons".

In 1994, it was adapted for the Cineverse with the title edited down to "The Shawshank Redemption".  Directed by Frank Darabont (later celebrated for his contribution to the TV dimension Zombie Toobworld with 'The Walking Dead'), the movie starred Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton, and James Whitmore.

In Earth Prime-Time, "The Shawshank Redemption" is definitely a movie.  It is either mentioned as such, or a poster is seen, or is quoted from, in the following TV series:

  • 'The Nanny' 
  • 'Seinfeld'
  • 'Psych'
  • 'Entourage'
  • 'Haven'
  • 'How I Met Your Mother'
  • 'Caroline In The City'
  • 'Frasier'
  • 'Will & Grace'
  • 'Everybody Hates Chris'
  • 'Reno 911!'
  • 'Bones'
  • 'My Name Is Earl'
  • 'Chuck'
  • 'Weeds'
  • 'Psychoville'
  • 'Cougar Town'
  • 'The Thick Of It'
  • 'Modern Family' 
  • 'Glee'
  • 'Supernatural'
  • 'Happy Endings'
  • 'Royal Pains'
  • '2 Broke Girls'
  • 'Suits'
  • 'Suburgatory'
  • 'The Middle'
  • 'Lost Girl'
  • 'Warehouse 13'
  • 'Franklin & Bash'

and of course:
  • 'MST3K'
It's also considered a movie in other TV dimensions on shows like:
  • 'Revolution'
  • 'Castle'
As for the Tooniverse?
  • 'The Cleveland Show'
  • 'Family Guy'
  • 'The Simpsons'
And I swear just recently I heard a TV character complain that when he (she?) saw the movie in the theater, it already had the TNT logo down in the corner!

Several of those shows make reference to Zihuatanejo, the location for the final scene in the movie, but that's a real place and so as a location it doesn't have as much "oomph" as Hooterville would.

But this mention of the prison in 'CSI' (a backdoor pilot for a cyber-crime 'CSI' to star Patricia Arquette) made no reference to the movie or the novella.  According to the ever-fluid "rules" of the Toobworld Dynamic, this can be taken as a reference to Shawshank Prison as a real place.  And that would mean the movie was probably based on "real-life" events from back in the 1940s onwards.

I can't say if it would be the first TV show to have done so.  I need to see the 'Haven' episode "Spiral" as there were several mentions to the prison throughout, but I have no clue if it was in connection to the movie.

But even something so slight as this is a solid link to have that world created by Stephen King absorbed into the TV Universe.

In fact, I'm surprised the Master has never bothered with adapting the basic premise into a TV series!  (Then again, maybe he did.....?)


Thursday, July 24, 2014


The original plan was to make the "My Friends In Toobworld" showcase a monthly feature this year, but... Life, y'know?

And with two big projects ahead of me before the year is out, I'm just basically setting up blog posts that catch the fancy of this old televisiologist.  (I'm pretty much ahead of the game with the annual "Who's On First" blogathon for New Year's Day.  But the death of James Garner caught me by surprise and I've decided to dedicate as much of the August postings - that being my month to salute the TV Western - to not only tip my Stetson to Bret Maverick and 'Maverick' in general, but also to do as many posts as I can about the 1994 movie's place in the TV Universe.

And here I had all the stories I needed for that month too.  Oh well, I pushed a lot of them over to 2015!

So anyhoo......

Haaaaaave... you met Cos?

Anthony Cosme is one of my co-workers, a member of the security team on the overnight shift at "That Place".

Cos isn't quite sure of the lineage for his last name.  He thinks his family tree could be either Italian or Greek at its roots.  I told him that I had no doubt that if we searched far enough back, we would find a sheepfu-herder among his ancestors.

But what about his televersion?

Earth Prime-Time is populated by more than just TV characters created specifically for that fictional dimension.  There would be a counterpart for each of you in Toobworld, with your life somehow altered to fit into the overall televised zeitgeist.

As an example, let's take my favorite subject - me!

In Toobworld, I am a certified citizen of Joyville, Ct.  (I still have my citizenship certificate!)  I visited the Ranger Station and pronounced to the world that my name was Toby Hans O'Brien.  I attended several hockey games and got to see Gerry Miller spike another player which led to him being charged with manslaughter.  And David Letterman handed a pile of vacation pictures to me and Patrick Scully during the 100th broadcast of 'The Late Show with David Letterman'.  I may also have received my nickname from an LA cop who must have been a friend of the family.  

In order, those references are to: 'The Hap Richards Show', 'The Ranger Andy Show', the TV movie "The Deadliest Season", 'The Late Show', and 'Police Story'.  It's why I inducted myself (and it felt so good!) into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame on my birthday in 2005.

But we were talking about Cos.  Do you remember Cos?  This is a post about Cos.....

There could be any number of ways in which Cos' life has been altered by being a TV character.  But in this case, I think we should focus on his ancestry.  It's not who Anthony Cosme is, it's who his great-great-grandfather was......


In 1966, DC Endeavour Morse was investigating a murder at a museum which led him to an unsolved mass murder case from one hundred years before.  

One of the suspects was a young caretaker on the Shrive Hill estate named Pickstock.  It eventually turned out that he was the bastard son of a man named Blaize-Hamilton who brought Pickstock back from his time spent in India overseeing the family tea empire.

I'm not the only one from work who saw the resemblance!

So maybe the televersion of Anthony Cosme is part Greek and part Italian.  But over there in the TV Universe he's also part Indian.....


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I have certain theories about Toobworld that must be taken on faith.  The premise might never have been seen - at least in the provice of Earth Prime-Time's dimension - but we have seen suggestive proof of their existence reflected elsewhere with other characters or locations.

Here then is my Super Six List of people, places, and things which probably exist(ed) in Toobworld, but we just haven't had confirmation yet.....

1]  UNreel
This may not be the actual name for the organization, but such a group would be responsible for masking the truth about people like James Bond, the agents of U.N.C.L.E., and the Time Lord known as the Doctor by creating TV shows, movies, comic books, etc. to convince the general populace of Toobworld that they are fictional.  This would be a boon in splainin away the Zonks so often created by mentions of those characters and others like them.

2]  Middle-Earth
Middle-Earth exists in BookWorld, the Cineverse, and the Tooniverse; it's even suggested to exist in Skitlandia.  But it has yet to become more than fiction in Earth Prime-Time.  But I may have found a theoretical suggestion of its existence in the Age of Legend - thanks to a foreign country visited in an episode of 'It Takes A Thief'!

3]  Dr. Moreau
The mad scientist who brought human intelligence to the animals which only brought them misery was originally from BookWorld.  He has been seen several times in dimensions of the Cineverse, and in the Comic Book world as well as in the Tooniverse.  But as for Toobworld?  Although it can't be proven, Dr. Moreau has to be the reason why Gomez Addams' silent business partner was a tux-wearing giraffe.......

4] Sam Spade
Another citizen of BookWorld and the Cineverse.  I'm shocked - shocked!  (Sorry, wrong Bogie reference) - that there never was a televersion back in the fifties when movie adaptations were common on TV.  But thanks to episodes of 'Honey West' and 'Fantasy Island', we may have seen replicas of the Maltese Falcon, at least.  Maybe.

5]  The Coneheads of Remulac
Originally seen in the Toobworld dimension of Skitlandia, they've also taken on new lives in the Tooniverse and in the Cineverse.  Technically they exist in BookWorld as well with a movie tie-in book.  They would have been perfect for televersions back in the prime of Dan Ayckroyd and Jane Curtin (with Laraine Newman taking on a new role as she did in the movie), but it was not to be.  

Still, I believe we have seen another Remulac inhabitant - well, at least the half-breed son of one - in Gotham City, who can provide ties to 'The X-Files' and to real world Russian history.....

6]  The Justice League Of America
Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin never crossed paths in Earth Prime-Time, at least not as seen by the audience of the Trueniverse.  They have been comrades in arms in the Comic Book World and in the Tooniverse.  And soon enough at least the Big Three (minus the Boy Wonder) will be reunited in the Cineverse.

But as for Earth Prime-Time?  'The Adventures Of Superman' ran from 1952 to 1958.  'Batman' was on the air from 1966 to 1968.  And although 'Wonder Woman' overlapped them both because she had adventures during World War II and then seen again in the mid 1970s, her show was broadcast from 1975 to 1978, past any possible involvement with the other two shows.  (Especially considering the death of George Reeves......)

Within the "reality" of Toobworld, however, Superman's adventures continued until the early 1960s when he died from Kryptonite poisoning.  (An accepted theory for Toobworld Central)  And Batman didn't just start his career as a caped crusader in Gotham City in 1966; he had to have been fighting the good fight for several years before that.  And as previously mentioned, because of her near immortality, Wonder Woman would have been around to team up with both of them.

[There's another version of this picture on the web, but it includes the Flash.  However, his orgin as the Scarlet Speedster didn't happen until 1990.]
So far these examples haven't been confirmed to exist in the main Toobworld, but it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble that one day they will be.  It may be a long shot, but it has happened before:  Until the talking horses of Houyhnhnm trotted out of BookWorld and into Toobworld thanks to a mini-series, I had no way to back up my claim that 'Mr. Ed' came from that same island to be found in Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels".

And how did Mr. Ed get away from his island home and to America, you might ask?

Take that, "neigh"-sayers!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


With James Garner's death over the weekend comes the realization that we will never have any new movies or TV show appearances for either of his two most famous roles.

The Powers That Be should have done something about that while they had the chance.  (Yes, I know about the TV movies for Rockford and the big screen adaptation of 'Maverick'.  But what can I say?  I'm greedy.)


1)  'Columbo'
Martin Ross is a blogmate who has a fanfic site dedicated to stories about Lt. Columbo.  And one of his stories is about a case in which Columbo found himself working with a private eye named Jim Rockford.

I could see the two of them meeting and eventually teaming up.  Probably against one of Jimbo's clients - but the Rockfish would have found a way to hold off the Lieutenant until he got paid.......

2)  'Remington Steele'
Steele would have exasperated Rockford but Jim would have continued the forced partnership for the sake of Laura Holt.  And that could lead to Steele's suspicions that Rockford was Laura's biological father.....

3)  'Hart To Hart'
I could see Jim having worked for Jonathan Hart in the past.  And he might have recognized Jennifer Hart as the twin sister to private eye Christine Dusseau (who once worked for U.N.C.L.E. using the code name "April Dancer".)

(I could also see Rockford getting in the middle of an SID case involving Al Mundy.  Rockford would be just Rockford's luck to be the only private eye who could foil a burglary and be arrested by the government for his troubles.)

4)  'Batman'
I used to argue that Toobworld's Gotham City had to be in California since the 1966 movie had those ocean scenes.  But I now accept the claim that it's to be found in Delaware - so it would be on the Atlantic and not the Pacific.

Jim Rockford had traveled to the East Coast in the past - in one episode he found himself in New Jersey.  So he may have come to Gotham City, Delaware, in pursuit of a villain who double-crossed him for his fee.  Or maybe it was a failed attempt to clear his name before he got sent to prison for five years.

I'm thinking Colonel Gumm as the man responsible.....

Colonel Gumm was played by Roger C. Carmel

5)  'Murder, She Wrote'/'Jake And The Fatman'
We got ourselves a three-way!  Hey!  Easy, boy.....

Jessica Baines Fletcher may have lived in Cabot Cove, Maine, and Jim Rockford lived in a trailer in a parking lot along the Pacific Coast Highway.  But J.B. Fletcher traveled all over the world because of her murder mystery books so a trip to Malibu would not have been unlikely for her.  

Perhaps their paths crossed due to District Attorney Jason Lochinvar McCabe, who lived in the same area as Rockford.  (His home was just beyond the pier restaurant seen at the other end of Rockford's parking lot location.)  Maybe Jessica had been consulting with McCabe for background information for a new book and he suggested she talk with the private eye who broke that case.....

6) 'The Saint'

Simon Templar is a world traveler and I'm sure Los Angeles would eventually have been on his itinerary for one reason or another.  With Templar, adventure usually fell into his lap and he may well have just stumbled into a case that was being investigated by Rockford.  (Perhaps it could have been a return visit by Kendall Warren.  At least it would make sense that her path might cross with that of Simon Templar's, with Rockford along for the ride in Kendall's wake.....)

As usual, I am restricted by naming this category after a cartoon show.  But I do have one more suggestion to share.....

'The Prisoner'
My "Don't Laugh!" entry for this list.....

In episodes like "The House On Willis Avenue", Jim Rockford doubled-talked himself into a lot of dangerous places and found out things that he was never meant to see.  Sometimes this information was classified by the government and if somebody found out.....

Well, there are places for people who know too much.  It could  be that Jim Rockford was abducted and found himself in The Village back in 1967 where they had given him a number and taken away his name.  

Eventually, Rockford would have been released.  (I think he would have been too smart/cautious to attempt an escape.)  And that whole story about him serving time in prison could have been a cover story to mask the truth.

At any rate, I just always wanted to see Patrick McGoohan and James Garner together in something.....



With James Garner's death over the weekend comes the realization that we will never have any new movies or TV show appearances for either of his two most famous roles.

The Powers That Be should have done something about that while they had the chance.  (Yes, I know about the TV movies for Rockford and the big screen adaptation of 'Maverick'.  But what can I say?  I'm greedy.)


1)  'Downton Abbey'
Bret Maverick was born April 7, 1847.  I'd like to think that he lived as long as James Garner did, which would mean that he died in 1933.  (Bret Maverick is one of those characters, like Archie Bunker and Lt. Columbo, who should be considered as having died around the same time as the actors who portrayed them.  It's inconceivable to imagine anybody else stepping into those roles - at least on TV.)

So it's feasible to think that he could have made the ocean voyage to England at any point during the 'Downton Abbey' timeline which began onscreen in 1912 and so far has reached 1923.  (Maverick would have been 76 in 1923.)  

But why/how would he have met anyone from Downton Abbey, whether upstairs or downstairs?  Perhaps he got himself invited to one of Lord Grantham's clubs for a friendly game of cards.  Or at some other social function like the running of the horses at the Derby.....

2)  'The Murdoch Mysteries'
Again, Bret Maverick would have been still hale and hearty at the turn of the 20th Century.  And as Maverick wandered all over the West looking for a game, perhaps he went to Toronto in hopes of joining in on one with a big pot there.  Or maybe he was looking up somebody who owed him a sizable debt.  That would be a great kick-off to an episode in which the debtor winds up dead and Maverick is blamed.  It would take William Murdock to find the real killer.

3)  'The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr.'
I've always said that if only Robert Conrad had been hired to reprise his character of James T. West in 1891 for the show, then it ight have brought in enough ratings to justify a second season.  Having Bret Maverick playing poker against Brisco and Lord Bowler would have done the same thing in - ahem! - garnering ratings.....

4)  'The Wild Wild West'
A lot of the small towns visited by Bret Maverick over the course of his series - like Duck 'n' Shoot - would have been the perfect backdrop for some Old West despot to establish his base of power.  And I can just imagine Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless being driven to exasperation by Maverick's constant quoting those Pappyisms.....

5)  'Nichols'
What a fantastic Sweeps Week episode it could have been for Garner to play two roles in the same episode - but unlike the final episode of 'Nichols', at least we would see the two of them together, thanks to special effects.  Yes, there would have been an age difference - by 1914, Bret Maverick would have been 67 years old, while Garner was just 43 at the time.  But he resorted to old age make-up in the past in order to play Pappy Beauregard Maverick, so why not again?

6)  'Doctor Who'

Don't laugh!  With the TARDIS, anything is possible, so the Doctor could easily have visited the Old West while Bret Maverick was alive.  He did so in "A Town Called Mercy", but the time period would not have jibed with Garner's physical appearance at that point.  (Not that he was healthy enough to play the role at the time.)

By the way, "The Gunfighters" storyline wouldn't count as a possibility because the Doctor and his companions were not really at the OK Corral.  They never did realize they were in a holographic projection created by the Melkotians from 'Star Trek'.

Why would the Doctor have met Bret Maverick?  Besides the random chance always considered whenever the TARDIS comes to a stop, Maverick might have been knee-deep in some scenario that cried out for the intervention of a Time Lord.
  • The return of the Master?
  • Some apocalyptic weapon devised by Dr. Loveless
  • The Orb sought by both Brisco and time traveler John Bly
  • An invasion by aliens a bit more threatening than those seen in the Old West of a 'Time Tunnel' episode

Of all the Doctors' regenerations, I think it would have been fun to see Maverick interact with either Pertwee's Third Incarnation or Tennant's Tenth.  (And again, Garner could have done an episode in that time period of 2006-2010.)  Unless they did a lot of location filming, I don't think the production quality of the episodes during the tenures of Hartnell and Troughton would have been acceptable for an appearance by Garner.  (And that's not even taking into consideration that his movie career was beginning and that his imbroglio with Warner Brothers would have prohibited him from playing the role again at that time.)




As I wrote up my tribute to James Garner for Facebook very early Sunday morning, I got this image in my poor excuse of a noggin which I think would have amused the actor..... 

As in my favorite Bret episode of 'Maverick' ("Shady Deal At Sunny Acres"), I picture James Garner sitting outside the Pearly Gates, that celestial Sunny Acres, whittling a stick without a care in the world. "You think you're getting into Heaven?" asks St. Peter.

"I'm working on it...." he replies.

And damn (Sorry, Lord!) if he wouldn't have pulled it off.....

Good night and may God bless......


"You're not going to cry, are you? 
I can't take that before breakfast."
Jim Rockford

When I saw the news about James Garner online while at work, I quickly dashed off how I was feeling for Facebook; shared on my personal page as well as on the Toobworld Dynamic page.  I say I "dashed it off", but some time was spent in putting it together as I wrote, editing and adding details as I went along.

James Garner was one of my big TV idols since I was a kid.  And for me, this may turn out to be the heaviest hit the Toobworld pantheon will suffer this year.  So I poured a lot of my heart into that piece for Facebook.

I've looked it over and I figure I'm going to let it stand as my tribute to the tall dark stranger there in the plaid sports jacket who works for 200 dollars a day plus expenses and who always has a "Pappyism" at the ready.  (Yes, there's no separating Bret Maverick from Jim Rockford for Garner's biggest accomplishment.)

So here's what I wrote in memory of the late great James Garner, who saw himself as Crusader Rabbit......

This one hits me hard. Just the other day when his official page mentioned "Murphy's Romance" as his only Oscar nomination, I thought to myself it would be unlikely that there would be any more. This is a case where I hate being right. Reports coming in from TMZ and picked up by the Daily News are saying that James Garner passed away on Saturday at the age of 86.

Every movie I saw him in I enjoyed, even when he played the villain (only twice that I can think of) although I never thought it was the type of role that suited him. 'The Americanization of Emily' (Of course! Should be required viewing!), 'The Great Escape', 'The Art Of Love', 'Marlowe', even 'The Lipstick Jungle', the combo of 'Hour Of The Gun' and 'Sunset', 'Twilight', and that Atlantis cartoon with Michael J. Fox......

But it was his TV work I treasure most, as many of you would expect. When I first discovered Bret Maverick in high school, it was like finding finally the "hero" who spoke to me, one whom I could admire and wish to emulate. And then that was heightened by the too short run of 'Nichols', a truly craven character not seen in Toobworld before and none to match him since. (It's my holy grail to finally see the last episode of that show which I had to miss due to an altar boy meeting - probably the first step in causing me to lapse. LOL)

And of course during my college years it was Jim Rockfish - er, Rockford. I don't think a month goes by I don't try to catch an episode on ME-TV. (I'll probably watch the one tonight in his memory.)

Before his stroke, he was doing quite nicely as the go-to guy to give a show the jolt it needed if it was flagging in the ratings ('Chicago Hope') or because of an emergency situation ('8 Simple Rules'.)

Bret Maverick is already a member of the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame.  (July 2007)  It's only a matter of time before the Rockfish joins him......

"My Pappy always said: 
'A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but one.' 
A thousand to one is pretty good odds."
Bret Maverick

Good night and may God bless......

Monday, July 21, 2014


As part of our "Little Big Screen" series this year (aka "Toobworld Goes To The Movies"), we took a look at two sisters who had careers in the movies to be found only in Toobworld: Nora Chandler and Magda Blaine.

Now I'd like to introduce you to their older sister.  She never made movies but she did carve out a career for herself in show business:

Zelda The Great*

Zelda Blaine was an escape artist but was so insecure in her need for the bright lights of success that she resorted to crime in order to finance her acquisitions of even more spectacular routines for her act.  

Every April First, Zelda would rob a financial institution in Gotham City of exactly $100,000.00 in order to pay off Eivol Ekdal who created her escape scenarios.  Eventually, Batman and his sidekick Robin were able to capture her.

Mainly because she was the first to be seen on our TV screens, I'm claiming that Zelda was the eldest of the Blaine girls, with Magda being the middle sister and Nora the youngest.  Like "Irish Triplets", less than a year separated each girl from the next in line.

/Zelda the Great
Magda Blaine
Nora Chandler
I can't think of any other actor who got the chance to play two major villains on 'Batman' in separate storylines.  (Liberace doesn't count as he played twin brothers in the same episodes.)  But Anne Baxter got the chance to return as Olga, Queen of the Cossacks, a nutjob who believed that she had actually come from Russia.

What if Olga was actually Zelda?  Bruce Wayne had promised the escape artist that after she got out of prison he would get her a job in the children's hospital as the resident magician and she seemed excited by the prospect.  

But as we've seen in 'Orange Is The New Black', things can go wrong in a women's prison.  It looks like Zelda somehow got clonked on the head while working as a dishwasher in the prison kitchen, perhaps by some other prisoner she had offended in some way.  (Maybe she refused to help some hardened criminal like Ma Barker to escape?) 

This attack scrambled her mind so that she now believed she was Olga and not Zelda.  While being treated in the prison's psychiatric ward of their hospital, Olga/Zelda made her escape.  It was after this that she met the alien hybrid (half Earthling/half Remulacki) who called himself "Egghead" and they teamed up to bedevil Gotham City anew.

"Olga" & Egghead
And although the temptation is there, I'm not going to add Victoria Cabot as yet another sister (at least not a full-blooded sister), even though her name ends with an "A".  

Victoria Cabot could have been the "Identical Cousin" to the Blaine sisters. And by "Identical Cousin", it could be that she was the illegitimate daughter of "Daddy" Blaine. (Actually, I like the sound of "Big Daddy" Blaine.)  But this is more a case of a TV character having no relation to the other TV characters they resemble because they are all played by the same actor.

Victoria Cabot
The differences in the last names have been no problem so far - Zelda's last name was not given (nor did "Olga" use one); Magda used the family name; and Nora changed hers to differentiate herself from her older sister when she started her acting career.  (Chandler may have been their mother's maiden name.)

With Victoria Cabot, this would have been no different.  "Cabot" would have been Victoria's married name.  (And she married well - her husband was a member of the family which founded Cabot Cove, Maine!)


  • 'Batman'
  • 'The Name Of The Game'
  • 'Columbo'
  • 'Hotel'
  • 'Saturday Night Live'
  • 'Murder, She Wrote'
  • 'Orange Is The New Black'

Writing about the three Blaine sisters put me in mind of my cousins Coco, Carleen, and Cindy Manson.  Since this post was focused on Zelda, whom I consider the oldest of the Blaine girls, I'm dedicating this to the memory of my cousin Cindy, the oldest of the three Manson girls.  Today would have been her birthday......


* Based on her actions during that first picture taken, Zelda was also a serlinguist who knew there was an audience watching her in some other universe......

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We'll have more about this unofficial link in November for my Dad's birthday......