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Kelly Monteith ('Kelly Monteith', 'Kelly Monteith's BBC Memories', 'The Real Geezers of Beverly Hills-Adjacent', 'Brit Flix', 'The Hollywood Squares', 'Tonight Show' [35])
Jacques Sereys ('Au theatre ce soir', 'Palace', 'The Gravy Train', 
Massimo Turci (Italian voice actor)
J. Patrick McNamara ('Orleans', 'The Big Easy', 'It's Garry Shandling's Show')
Miiko Taka ('Shogun', 'TheWild, Wild West', 'I Spy', 'The F.B.I.', 'Hawaiian Eye')
Wyllie Longmore ('Coronation Street', 'Floodtide', 'Casualty', 'Blue Murder')
Thomas Hellberg ('Redereit')
Sam Schacht ('Law & Order', 'Edge Of Night', 'The Equalizer', 'Kojak', N.Y.P.D.')
Earl Boen ('L.A. Law', 'It's A Living', 'Santa Barbara', 'The Law and Harry McGraw', 'Who's The Boss?', 'Clifford The Big Red Dog', 'The Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad The Sailor', 'Zorro', 'Bruno the Kid', 'Bonkers')
Annette McCarthy ('Twin Peaks', 'Baywatch', 'Riptide', 'Ohara', 'Magnum P.I.')
Michael Levin ('Ryan's Hope', 'All My Children', 'N.Y.P.D.', 'The Equalizer')
Adam Rich ('Eight Is Enough', 'Code Red', 'Dungeons & Dragons')
Julian Sands ('Jackie Chan Adventures', '24', 'Crossbones', 'Lipstick Jungle', 'Will')
Eve Pearce ('Take The High Road', 'Lytton's Diary', 'Yes, Honestly', 'Coronation Street', 'Z Cars', 'Crown Court', 'Funland', 'Taggart', 'Brookside')
Les Brown Jr. ('The Young Marrieds', 'The Baileys of Balboa', 'Lassie') 
David S. Howard ('Law & Order', 'Guiding Light')
Dorothy Tristan ('Gunsmoke', 'Kojak', 'The Waltons', "Griffin & Phoenix')
Carole Cooke ('The Lucy Show', 'Here's Lucy', 'Cagney & Lacey', 'Kojak', 'Dynasty')
Al Brown ('The Wire', 'The Hustler', 'H:LOTS', 'L&O: SVU')
Ben Masters ('Passions', 'Heartbeat', 'Another World', 'Muggsy', 'Murder, She Wrote', 'Pensacola: Wings of Gold')
Robbie Knievel ('Kick Buttkowski: Suburban Daredevil', 'Hawaii Five-0', 'CHiPs')
Ralph Osorio ("Sharknado: The Second One")
Yoshio Yoda ('McHale's Navy' & its 2 movies, 'Love, American Style')
Gina Lollabrigida ('Falcon Crest', 'The Love Boat', 'La romana', 'Deceptions') 
David Crosby ('Chicago Hope', 'The Simpsons', 'Ellen', 'Flying Blind', 'Roseanne')
Wally Campo ('Bram and Alice', 'First Monday', 'Berrenger's', 'The Fall Guy') 
Tim Barlow ('Doctor Who', 
'Inside Victor Lewis-Smith', 'Derek', 'Sherlock', 'The New
Pope', 'The Alienist', 'The Bill', 'Poldark', 'Dixon Of Dock Green', 'Grange Hill'
Jeff Savage ('landlord', 'The Cars That Made America')
Lee Whitlock ('Shine On, Harvey Moon', 'The Bill', 'Casualty', 'Grange Hill')
Lance Kerwin ('Salem's Lot', 'James At 16', 'The Family Holvak', 'Insight')
Everett Quinton ('The Louise Log', 'Miami Vice', 'Guiding Light', Nurse Jackie')
Annie Wersching ('24', 'Bosch', 'Timeless', 'Star Trek: Picard')
Shirley Dynevor ('Crown Court', 'Family Solicitor', "Rogue Male")
Sylvia Syms ('At Home With The Braithwaites', 'The Jury', 'Ruth Rendell Mysteries', 'My Good Woman', 'The Saint', 'Peak Practice', 'Collision', 'EastEnders')
Lisa Loring ('The Addams Family', 'As The World Turns', 'The Pruitts of Southampton')
Cindy Williams ('Laverne & Shirley', 'Happy Days', 'Getting By', 'Normal Life', 'Laverne & Shirley In The Army', 'Just Like Family', 'Strip Mall', "The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' Brooklyn Heights", '8 Simple Rules', 'Drive', 'Sami')
Melinda Dillon ('Space', 'Insight', 'Heartland', 'The Twilight Zone', 'Bonanza', 'The Jeffersons', 'The Defenders', 'Picket Fences', 'The Client', "A Christmas Story")
Charles Kimbrough ('Murphy Brown', 'Another World', 'Kojak', 'Ally McBeal', "Company", "Sunday In The Park With George", 'Dinosaurs!', 'Spenser: For Hire')
Patti Love ('Warrior Queen', 'Middlemarch', 'Grange Hill', 'The Bill')
Cody Longo ('Days Of Our Lives', 'Hollywood Heights')
Sandra Seacat ('Enlightened', 'Under The Banner Of Heaven', "Nobody's Child")
Raquel Welch ('Date My Dad', 'Welcome To The Captain', 'American Family', 'Spin City', 'C.P.W.', 'Mork & Mindy', 'The Hollywood Palace', 'Seinfeld', 'Bewitched', 'The Virginian', 'McHale's Navy', 'CSI: Miami', '8 Simple Rules', 'Lois & Clark')
Stella Stevens ('Santa Barbara', 'Flamingo Road', 'General Hospital', 'Strip Mall', 'Adventures Beyond Belief', 'The Love Boat', 'Fantasy Island', 'Newhart', 'Ben Casey', 'Bonanza', 'Johnny Ringo', 'Dream On', 'Hec Ramsey', 'Banacek')
Richard Belzer (TVXOHOF founding member as Detective John Munch, the Crossover King - 'Homicide: Life On The Streets', 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit', 'The Wire', 'The Beat', 'The X-Files', 'The Simpsons', 'Arrested Development')
Barbara Bosson ('Hill Street Blues', 'Murder One', 'Cop Rock', 'Hooperman')
Julian Christopher ('Upload', 'The Magician', 'Smallville', 'When Calls The Heart')
Tom Sizemore ('Robbery Homicide Division', 'Twin Peaks', 'Barbee Rehab', 'Shooter', 'Dr. Vegas', 'China Beach', 'The Red Road', 'Hawaii Five-0')
Gordon Pinsent ('The Red Green Show', 'Babar', 'Due South', 'The Forest Rangers', 'Power Play', 'Republic of Doyle')
Topol ('The Winds of War' & 'War And Remembrance', 'Queenie', 'SeaQuest 2032')
Lance Reddick ('The Wire', 'Bosch', 'Lost')
Stuart Hodes ("Cinderella", "Annie Get Your Gun", "Appalachian Spring")
Terry Norris ('Bellbird', 'Cop Shop', 'Homicide', 'Jack Irish', 'Bloom', 'Bobby Dazzler')
Paul Grant ("Return of the Jedi", "Willow" - both with Toobworld connections)
Peter Hardy ('McLeod's Daughters', 'Sweat', 'Stingers', 'Snowy', 'Neighbours')
Ignacio Lopez Tarso ('Amores con Trampa', 'La Malquerida', 'The One Who Couldn't Love', 'Vivan Los Ninos!', 'Angela', 'Imperio de Cristal', 'Senda de Gloria', 'El Derecho de Nacer')
Robert Blake ('Baretta', 'Hell Town', 'The Richard Boone Show', 'Broken Arrow', 'Naked City')
Topol ('The Winds of War', 'War and Remembrance', 'Queenie', 'SeaQuest 2032')
Grant Bridger ('Radio Waves', 'Gather Your Dreams', 'Hercules', 'Xena')
Bob Goody ('Crime Traveller', 'Smith and Goody', 'The Bill', 'The Ghost Hunter', 'EastEnders')
Tom Sizemore ('Robbery Homicide Division', 'Dr. Vegas', 'China Beach', 'Crash', 'Twin Peaks', 'Hawaii Five-0', 'The Red Road', 'Shooter')
Ted Donalson ('Matinee Theatre', 'The Silent Service', 'Front Row Center') 
Len Birman ('Generations', 'Police Surgeon', 'Festival', 'Rocket Robin Hood', 'Quest')
Zia Mohyeddin ('The Hidden Truth', 'Secret Agent', 'Orlando', 'Jackanory', 'Jewel In The Crown', 'Shalom Salaam', 'Tickle on the Tum', 'King of the Ghetto', 'Gangsters') 
Javier Lopez ('La carabina de Ambrosio', La Güereja y algo más, 'A Christmas Carol')
Barbara Young ('Family Affairs', 'Coronation Street', 'Last of the Summer Wine')
Lee Whitlock ('The Bill', 'EastEnders', 'Casualty')
Ricou Browning ('Flipper', 'Sea Hunt', the legendary Gill Man)

Michael Lerner ('Clueless', 'Courthouse', 'Glee', 'Matumbo Goldberg', 'The Rockford Files', 'Starsky and Hutch', 'Hill Street Blues', 'Melba') 
Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage!, 'Ally McBeal', 'Not Only, But Also')
Murray Melvin ('Starhunter', 'Starhunter Redux', 'Oscar's Orchestra')
Eileen Saki ('M*A*S*H', 'CHiPs', 'Good Times', 'The Greatest American Hero')
Jung Chae-Yul ('Zombie Detective', 'Devil's Runway')
Jacklyn Zeman ('General Hospital', 'The Bay', 'One Life To Live', 'Misguided')
Bill Saluga ("You Can Call Me Ray", 'Playboy's Really Naked Truth', 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'Hollywood Squares', 'Mad About You', 'Designing Women', 'Seinfeld')
Jim Brown ('Soul Food', 'CHiPs', 'T.J. Hooker', 'I Spy', 'Between Brothers')
Helmut Berger ('Dynasty', 'Fantomas', "Victory at Etebbe", 'The Betrothed')
Hugh McGuire
Ray Stevenson ('Rome', 'Das Boot', 'Vikings', 'Reef Break', 'Black Sails', 'Dexter')
Ed Ames ('Daniel Boone', 'McCloud', 'Kodiak', 'The Starlost')
Paul Geoffrey 
George Logan (Dear Ladies', 'Hinge & Bracket')
George Maharis ('Route 66', 'The Most Deadly Game', 'Search for Tomorrow')
Peter Oliphant ('The Dick Van Dyke Show', 'The Donna Reed Show')
Peter Simonischek ('HeliCops', 'Lenz Oder Die Freiheit', 'Bella Block', 'Universum')
John Beasley ('Everwood', 'Soul Man', 'Shots Fired', 'Brewster Place')
Patricia Dainton ('Sixpenny Corner'
Pat Cooper ('Seinfeld', 'It's A Living', 'Vega$', 'Throb', 'Charlie's Angels', 'L.A. Law')
Michael Batayeh ('Breaking Bad', 'Sleeper Cell', 'JAG', 'Touch', 'Jessie')
Elizabeth Hubbard ('The Doctors', 'As The World Turns')
Treat Williams ('Everwood', 'Chesapeake Shores', 'Chicago Fire', 'Blue Bloods', 'Good Advice', 'Heartland', 'Brothers & Sisters', 'Against The Wall', 'White Collar', 'American Odyssey')
Glenda Jackson ('Elizabeth R', 'Z Cars', 'Carol & Company', 'Morecombe & Wise')
Paxton Whitehead ('Marblehead Manor', 'Simon', 'Liberty! The American Revolution', 'Mad About You', 'Ellen', 'Dinosaurs!', 'The Naked Mind', 'The West Wing', 'Knight Errant Limited')
Frederic Forrest ('Quo Vadis/', 'Die Kinder', '21 Jump Street', 'Lonesome Dove')
Angela Thorne ('Three Up, Two Down', 'To The Manor Born', 'Farrington of the F.O.', 'Noah's Ark', 'The Bagthorpe Saga', 'Emmerdale Farm', 'Ballet Shoes')
Frankie Hough ('Wire In The Blood', 'Merseybeat', 'Heartbeat', 'Where The Heart Is')
Dodie Heath ('The Twilight Zone', 'Alfred Hitchcock Hour', 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', 'Lawman', 'Riverboat', 'Outlaws', 'The Untouchables', 'Colt .45')
Nicholas Coster ('Santa Barbara', 'Secret Storm', 'Another World', 'Our Private World',  'The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo', 'The Bay', 'As The World Turns', 'The Facts Of Life', 'One Life To Live', 'Ryan's Four')
Alan Arkin ('The Kominsky Method', '100 Centre Street', 'Harry', 'BoJack Horseman', 'St. Elsewhere', 'Sesame Street', 'Captain Kangaroo', 'Busting Loose')
Meg Johnson ('Emmerdale Farm', 'Coronation Street', 'Brookside')
Jeffrey Carlson ('All My Children')
Andrea Evans ('One Life To Live', 'Passions', 'The Bold & The Beautiful', 'The Young & The Restless', 'The Bay')
Jimmy Weldon (Host & voice of 'Webster Webfoot', voice of Yakky Doodle')
John Nettleton ('If It Moves, File It', 'Yes, Minister'/'Yes, Prime Minister', 'Her Majesty's Pleasure', 'The New Statesman', 'Z Cars', 'The Happy Apple')
George Armstrong ('Grange Hill', 'Tucker's Luck', 'The Bill', 'Just William')
Nick Benedict ('Days Of Our Lives', 'Tribes', 'Santa Barbara', 'All My Children')
Jane Birkin ('Armchair Theatre', 'Red Fox', 'Armchair Mystery Theatre')
Carlin Glynn ('Mr. President', 'A Woman Named Jackie', 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent')
Pamela Blair ('Ryan's Hope', 'Loving', 'All My Children', 'Another World')
Inga Swenson ('Benson', 'Soap', 'North & South: 1&2', 'Doctor, Doctor', 'Bonanza')
Paul Ruebens ('PeeWee's Playhouse', 'Murphy Brown', 'The Blacklist', 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow', 'Mosaic', 'Gotham', 'American Dad!', 'Pickle and Peanut')
Angus Cloud ('Euphoria', 'The Perfect Woman')
Mark Margolis ('Breaking Bad'/'Better Call Saul', 'The Equalizer',  'Oz', 'Waterfront', 'Santa Barbara')
Sharon Farrell ('The Young & The Restless', 'Hawaii Five-0', 'Saints & Sinners')
Shelley Smith ('The Associates', 'For Love and Honor', 'Simon and Simon')
Ron Cephas Jones ('This Is Us', 'Truth Be Told', 'Luke Cage', 'Mr. Robot')
Lea Garcia ('Selva de Padra', 'Xica da Silva', 'Mild Poison', 'Sunshine', 'Baile de Mascaras', 'Law and Crime', 'Desire', 'Bandidos de Falange', 'Rising Sun')
Gayle Hunnicutt ('Dallas', ''The Golden Bowl', 'Fall of Eagles', 'The Man Without A Face', 'A Woman of Substance', 'Fantomas')
Arleen Sorkin ('Days Of Our Lives', 'Duet'/'Open House', 'Gotham Girls'
Michael McGrath ("Monday Night Mayhem", 'Madam Secretary', 'Mathnet')
Dick Curtis ('Motormouse and Autocat', 'The Ray Stevens Show', 'The Jonathan Winters Show', 'The Dick Van Dyke Show', 'The Odd Couple', 'Captain Nice')
Jango Edwards ('Tohuwabohu', 'Galeria Oberta', 'Collaricocoshow', 'Suite 215')
David McCallum ('The Man From U.N.C.L.E.', 'N.C.I.S.', 'Sapphire & Steel')
Michael Gambon ('Maigret', 'The Borderers', 'The Other One',  'Fortitude', 'The Singing Detective', 'Fearless', 'The Challengers', 'Eyeless In Gaza', 'Luck', 'Emma') 
Cal Wilson ('Kitty Is Not A Cat', 'The Wedge', 'Street Legal', 'Flatmates')
Phyllis Coates ('The Adventures of Superman', 'This Is Alice', 'The Duke')
Mark Goddard ('Lost In Space', 'The Detectives', 'Johnny Ringo', 'Many Happy Returns', 'General Hospital', 'One Life To Live', 'The Doctors', 'Barnaby Jones')
Piper Laurie ('Twin Peaks', 'Skag', 'Traps', "Inherit The Wind", "Rainbow", 'Frasier')
Suzanne Somers ('Three's Company', 'Step By Step', 'She's The Sheriff', Thighmaster infomercials)
Lara Parker ('Dark Shadows' & movie spinoffs, 'Washington: Behind Closed Doors', 'One Life To Live', 'Jessica Novak', 'Galactica 1980', 'Quincy, M.E.', 'Switch', 'Kojak')
Evan Ellingson ('24', 'CSI: Miami', 'Titus', 'Complete Savages', 'General Hospital')
Janet Landgard ('The Donna Reed Show', 'My Three Sons'

Richard Roundtree ('Shaft', 'Outlaws', 'Generations', 'Being Mary Jane', 'Family Reunion', 'Diary of a Single Mom', 'Rescue 77', 'Soul Food', 'Cherish The Day', '413 Hope Street', 'Buddies', 'Heroes', 'A.D.', 'Star', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Roc')
Peter White ('Love Is A Many Splendored Thing', 'All My Children', 'The Colbys', 'Sisters', 'Dallas')
Tim Woodward ('Wings', 'Murder City', 'Holding On', 'Crossroads', 'Mr. Selfridge')
Johnny Ruffo ('Home And Away', 'The X Factor', 'Dancing With The Stars', 'Neighbors')
Conny Van Dyke ('Police Woman', 'Sunshine', 'Ironside', 'Nakia', 'Adam-12')

Richard Moll ('Night Court', 'Mighty Max', 'Batman: The Animated Series',  '100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd', 'The Legend of Calamity Jane')
Joanna Merlin ('Law & Order: Special Victims Unit', 'Law & Order', 'New York Undercover', 'Another World') 
Matthew Perry ('Friends', 'The Odd Couple', 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip', 'Boys Will Be Boys', 'Go On', 'Home Free', 'Sydney', 'Mr. Sunshine', 'The Good Wife'/'The Good Fight', 'Ally McBeal', and 'The West Wing')
Tyler Christopher ('General Hospital', 'Days Of Our Lives', 'The Lying Game', 'Into The West', TVXOHOF for 3 made for TV disaster movies)
Shirley Jo Finney ("Wilma", 'Hill Street Blues', 'Lou Grant', 'CBS Schoolbreak Special', "Uncle Tom's Cabin", 'Police Story', 'Mork & Mindy', 'Amen', 'Night Court')
Joss Ackland ('Jackanory', 'Crusoe', 'Above and Beyond', 'Sherlock Holmes')
Suzanne Shepherd ('The Sopranos', 'Blue Bloods', 'Ed')
Peter Spellos ('American Dreams', 'Planetes', 'Transformers: Robots In Disguise')
Annabel Giles ('Chuck Finn')
Lawrence Steven Meyers ('The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys')
Frances Sternhagen ('The Doctors', 'Cheers', 'Sex And The City', 'The Closer')
Dean Sullivan ('Brookside', 'Doctors', 'Crime Stories')
Sheila Smith ('Charlie's Angels')
Benjamin Zephaniah ('Peaky Blinders', 'EastEnders', 'The Bill', 'Zen Motoring')
Brigit Forsyth (
'The Practice', 'Still Open All Hours', 'Tom, Dick, and Harriet', 'Boon', 'Doctor Who') 
Andrea F. Friedman ('Life Goes On', 'The Division', 'Family Guy', 'Baywatch', 'ER')
Ryan O'Neal ('Peyton Place', 'Empire', 'Bones', 'Miss Match', 'Good Sports')
Shirley Anne Field ('Santa Barbara', 'Buccaneer', 'Where The Heart Is', 'Madson')
Ellen Holly ('One Life To Live', 'Guiding Light', 'In The Heat Of The Night')
Jack Hogan ('Combat!', 'Sierra', 'Jake and the Fatman', 'Adam 12', 'Hawaii Five-0')
Maurice Hines ('Cosby', 'The Equalizer', 'Love, Sidney')
Steve Halliwell ('Emmerdale', 'Coronation Street')
Camden Toy ('Buffy, The Vampire Slayer', 'The Bay', 'Goodnight, Burbank')
Andre Braugher ('Homicide: Life On The Street', 'Brooklyn 9-9', 'The Good Fight')
James McCaffrey ('Rescue Me', 'Viper', 'Beautiful People', 'Swift Justice', 'As The World Turns', 'She's Gotta Have It', 'Suits', 'Revenge', 'New York Undercover')
Lee Sun-kyun ('Coffee Prince', 'Payback', 'Golden Time', 'Miss Korea', 'Pasta')
Tommy Smothers ('The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour', 'My Brother The Angel')
Mike Nussbaum ('The Commish', 'Brooklyn Bridge', 'The X-Files')
Mbongeni Ngema ('Gold Diggers', 'Keeping Company with Sondheim', 'Everyman')
Tom Wilkinson ('First Among Equals', 'The Full Monty', 'The Kennedys', 'Belgravia', 'John Adams', 'Spyship', 'Watership Down', 'Martin Chuzzlewitt', 'Underbelly')
Shecky Greene ('Combat!', 'The Fall Guy', 'Mad About You', 'Roseanne')
Ana Ofelia Murguia ('El Amor De Mi Vida', 'Mozart In The Jungle', 'El Abuelo y Yo')
Vinie Burrows ('Producers' Showcase', 'Camera Three')
Cindy Morgan ('Falcon Crest', 'Bring 'Em Back Alive', 'CHiPs', 'Matlock', 'Hunter')

Country Boy Eddie (C&W variety show host)
Kajsa Thoor (Swedish TV presenter)
Lisa Marie Presley (Singer/actress, daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley)
Patrick Grimlund (Swedish TV presenter)
C.J. Harris ('American Idol')
Arthur Duncan ('The Betty White Show', 'The Lawrence Welk Show', 'Columbo')
Marisol Malaret (Miss Universe, television host)
Mark Russell (Musical Political Satirist)
Harry Lorayne (Master of Total Recall)
Keith Nale ('Survivor')
Len Goodman ('Strictly Come Dancing', 'Dancing With The Stars') 
Judith Miller ('Antiques Roadshow' - BBC original)
Tina Turner
Rolf Harris 
Anna Hays ('Bling Empire')
Astrud Gilberto (Many variety/talk shows, and "Girl From Ipanema" used in shows)
CoCo Lee (Infinity and Beyond 2022', 'The Running Man', 'Sheng Lin Zhi Wang', 
Michael Parkinson ('Parkinson', 'Parkinson: Masterclass', 'Give Us A Clue')
Carole Duvall (How-to crafter on TV)
Bob Barker ('The Price Is Right', 'Beat The Clock', 'Martial Law', 'How I Met Your Mother'
Ahmo Hight (Fitness Instructor)
Mike Yarwood (British impressionist)
Michael Chiarello (Chef, Food Network)
David Berglas (Magician:)
Robbin Bain (NBC's 'Today' Girl, 'To Tell The Truth')
Cilly Dartell ('Hart van Nederland')
Bobby Rivers ('Sunday Brunch with Bobby Rivers', 'Good Day New York', 'The Sopranos', 'News 4 New York')
Selma Archerd ('Kolchak, 'Tattletales', 'The Love Boat')

Nate Thayer ('The Most Evil Men and Women in History' - Pol Pot)
Bernard Kalb (CBS Evening News, NBC News, 'Reliable Sources')
Julie Wilcox (WVEC, WNYT)
Billy Packer (CBS, NBC basketball analyst)
Tim McCarver (MLB catcher and sports commentator for Fox Sports)
Dick Davies (ITV's 'World of Sport')
John Motson (BBC FIFA football commentator)
Gloria Maria (Brazilian tele-journalist 'Love & Sex', 'Fantastic', 'Atlas Horas')
Leslie Swick Van Ness (WGEM anchor, talent acquisitions Quincy Media)
Gail Christian (NBC, KNBC, PBS correspondent)
Tony Valdez (KTTV anchor & reporter)
John Roland (WNEW-WNYW anchor)
Frank Field (WNBC weatherman)
Don Kennedy
Elise Finch
(NYC meteorologist)
Max Gomez (Medical correspondent for WCBS, WNBS, WNEW, KYW)
Felicia Taylor (CNBC news reporter, Rod Taylor's daughter)
Mike Enriquez (Filipino newscaster - 'Saksi', '24 Oras', 'Imbestigador')
Ivor Robson (Voice of the British Open, 41 years straight)
Arnold Diaz ("Shame On You" segments for WCBS, WPIX, WNYW, & ABC News)
Betty Rollin (TV news correspondent for NBC & PBS, portrayed by Mary Tyler Moore in the TV movie adaptation of her book "First You Cry".)
Pablo Guzman (WCBS reporter)
Emily Matson ('Erie News Now' anchor)

Tim O'Brien (My brother, Fox News 61 - he once appeared in a report extolling the joys of Hammonasset Beach  His name is in orange because he so loved the Broncos.)  




Ruggero Deodato ('Thinking About Africa', I ragazzi del muretto', 'Ocean')
Bruce Gowers ('American Idol', 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', 'Kidsongs', 'Celebrity Duets', 'Solid Gold', 'The Sweepstakes Game', 'Larry Grayson', 'Hi! Summer')
Adrian Hall ("The House of Mirth", "Brother To Dragons", "Feasting With Panthers") 
Michael Blackwood (Documentarian, mostly about musicians)
Michael Houldey (Documentarian)
Ellen Hovde (Documentarian, won Emmy for miniseries about Ben Franklin)
William Friedkin ("12 Angry Men", 'CSI', 'Tales From The Crypt', 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour')
Nancy Buirski (Documentarian, Emmy winner for "The Lovings")
Alan J.W. Bell ('Last Of The Summer Wine', 'Call My Bluff', 'Crackerjack!', 'The Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy', 'Emmerdale Farm', 'Children's Ward', 'The Bill') 
David Elliott (Supermarionation puppet shows)

Ted Whitehead ('The Life and Loves Of A She-Devil', 'Cracker', 'The Cloning of Joanna May', 'World's End', 'The Detective', 'Sweet Nothings', 'Free Frenchman')
John Jakes ('The Bastard', 'The Rebels', 'The Seekers', 'North & South, Books 1-3')
Blair Tindall ("Mozart In The Jungle" author, which was turned into an Amazon TV series)
Jerome Coopersmith ('Hawaii Five-0', 'The Andros Targets', 'Johnny Jupiter')
Tom Jones ("The Fantasticks", "I Do! I Do!", "New York Scrapbook")
Tina Howe ("The Portrait", "Painting Churches", 'The Legacy')
Peter S. Fischer ('Murder, She Wrote', 'Columbo', 'Ellery Queen Mysteries', 'Eddie Capra Mysteries', 'Once An Eagle', 'Blacke's Magic', 'The Law & Harry McGraw')
Michael Bishop ('Monsters', 'Tales From The Darkside')

Sergi Schaff ('Saber y ganar', 'La luna', 'El enemigo en casa', '3X4', 'La lluna')
Walter Sequeira ('El acomodadoe')
Andy Rothman (CBS News, CNBC)
Joseph Pedott (Commercial creator - like Chia Pet)
Bill Geddie (Creator of 'The View')
Katie Spikes ('CBS Sunday Morning')
David Jacobs ('Dallas' - 2X, 'Knots Landing', 'Paradise'/'Guns of Paradise', 'Four Corners')
Marty Krofft ('H.R. Pufnstuf', 'Sigmund and the Sea Monsters', 'Donny and Marie', 'Liddsville')
Robert Precht ('The Ed Sullivan Show')

Ginny Redington Dawes (commercial jingles)
Gerald Fried ('Gilligan's Island', 'Star Trek', 'Roots')
Robbie Robertson ('The Whoopi Goldberg Show', 'American Masters', 'Native America', 'Saturday Night Live',)
Jimmy Buffett 


Eugene Lee (Set Designer, 'Saturday Night Live')
Bob Pook (Graphics Desisgner, 'Saturday Night Live', 'Late Night with David Letterman', 'CBS Sunday Morning')
Franne Lee (Costume Designer, 'Saturday Night Lee')



NORMAN LLOYD - The man stands alone
Producer - 'All In The Family'/'Archie Bunker's Place', 'Sanford & Son', 'Maude', 'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman'/'Forever Fernwood', 'Good Times', 'The Jeffersons', 'One Day At A Time' (two versions), '227', 'Gloria', 'All That Glitters', 'Checking In', 'The Powers That Be', 'Sunday Dinner', 'Diff'rent Strokes', 'The Facts of Life', '704 Hauser', 
Director - 
Writer - 
Other -
Member of the Television Crossover Hall of Fame since September, 2001


Frank Galati (ACTOR - "Come Along With Me", WRITER - "The Grapes of Wrath", "The American Clock", DIRECTOR - "The Grapes of Wrath")
Jean Bertho (DIRECTOR - 'En votre ame et conscience', 'Lecture pour tous', ACTOR - 'Si cetait vous?', 'L'inspecteur Leclerc enquete')
Burt Bacharach (COMPOSER - 'The Kraft Music Hall', 'ABC Stage 67', 'The Creative Person' ACTOR - 'The Nanny')
Maurizio Costanza (WRITER - 'Jazz Band', 'Cinema!!!',  HOST -'The Maurizio Costanzo Show', 'Bonta Loro', 'Bonta Sua'  ACTOR - 'Orazio')
Tom Jolls (NEWS - WKBW weatherman, ACTOR - 'Commander Tom Show')
Carol Higgins Clark (ACTRESS - "A Cry In The Night", "The Cradle Will Fall", "Stillwatch" AUTHOR - "Deck The Halls", "Mystery Cruise") 
Sue Johanson (ACTRESS - 'DeGrassi High', 'DeGrassi: The Next Generation' SEX EXPERT 'Late Show with David Letterman', 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Late Night with Jay Leno', 'The View', 'Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson', 'Last Call with Carson Daly')
Nathan Louis Jackson (WRITER - 'Luke Cage', 'Shameless', 'Resurrection', CO-PRODUCER - 'S.W.A.T.', '13 Reasons Why', 'Genius', 'Luke Cage')
Robert Klane (WRITER - 'Tracey Takes On', "The Odd Couple: Together Again", 'M*A*S*H' DIRECTOR - "The Odd Couple: Together Again", 'Baby Boom')
Alan Eisenberg (Executive Director of Actors' Equity, PRODUCER - 
Sandra Elkin (Producer & Host - 'Woman')
Michael Blakemore (DIRECTOR - Tonys for Play & Musical in same year, 'Great Performances', "Hofeber"; ACTOR - 'The Last Bastion', 'ITV Play of the Week')

Art McNally (Head of NFL Officiating who brought instant replay to the game of football)
Lloyd Morrisett (Co-Creator of 'Sesame Street')
Representative Patricia Schroeder (Democratic Congresswoman, ran for President, played by Nora Dunn on 'Saturday Night Live')
Newton Minow (FCC chief who called TV a "vast wasteland")
Robert Hanssen (FBI agent who spied for Russia.  Played by Chris Cooper)
Pat Robertson ('Christian' televangelist, portrayed by Al Franken)
Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber, portrayed on TV by Tobin Bell and Paul Bettany)
Marvin Kitman (TV critic for Long Island Newsday.  I wrote to him once and he sent a reply.  He had written a column asking who shot JR and wanted people to send in their suggestions.  I told him it was probably my Grammy O'Brien who was in Texas at the time.  He wrote back that JR would have loved that I turned in my own grandmother.)
Sinead O'Connor (Tore up a picture of the Pope on SNL and was banned for Life from the show.  She was later played by Jan Hooks in two sketches.)
William H. Dilday, Jr. (First Black TV station manager in United States)
Don Browne (Media executive Telemundo )
Edward Bleier (Powerhouse behind Time Warner Cable)
Rosalynn Carter (Former First Lady, portrayed by Laraine Newman & Ann Risley)
Lionel Dahmer (Father of Jeffrey Dahmer, portrayed by Richard Jenkins in 'Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story')
Neil Drossman (Adman who came up with copy for Meow Mix, etc)
Donald Wildmon (Founder of American Family which campaigned against television and pop culture)