Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here we are with Day Two of the Toobits Awards!


Detective Ed Green, 'Law & Order'There were no histrionics, no over the top death scene; I don't think they even aired it during Sweeps Week. (But I'll check on that.) Instead, Detective Green, a member of the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame, was implicated in an on-going investigation - and even though he basically cleared himself of any wrong-doing, he still chose to leave the force.

'Law & Order' doesn't bring back former cast members very often. In two cases, it's impossible. But I think it would be nice to check in on Ed Green at some point in the future. I'm not saying we should see that he became a private investigator like Mike Kellerman on 'Homicide: Life On The Street' (which I still contend would have made for a great spin-off). Nor do I think his character had the makings of becoming an author, but that might have been interesting in their "ripped from the headlines" way - do another spin on the Judith Regan story, with Ed Green as the Bernard Kerik avatar.

Harriet Jones, 'Doctor Who'

In death, the former Prime Minister restored her honor. When we first met her, Harriet Jones was a bit of comic relief, but with the destiny in place to be considered one of the greatest of Great Britain's Prime Ministers. And yet, it seems as though early in her term of office, the Doctor engineered her downfall because of her reaction to the Sycorax situation.

I would have preferred, for the main Toobworld's stake, that she never was shown as becoming the PM. When other TV shows were still referring to Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown as the Prime Minister, it just creates a giant Zonk when 'Doctor Who' has a different leader. (I can only hope that Steven Moffat will be avoiding the Doctor's involvement with the upper echelons of the government - Damn you 'West Wing'! You made everybody want to do it!)

But at least we now have the 'Primeval' reboot of Earth Prime-Time's timeline to set right what once went wrong. And Harriet Jones could be seen as the vestige of a different timeline.

The best part about how she bravely faced her demise at the hands - er, stalks - of the Daleks was that last insert of humor. As she must have incessantly done with everyone, she identified herself as Harriet Jones and the Daleks replied, "Yes. We know!"

Stephen Hart, 'Primeval' (left to the imagination)
Martin Kilpatrick, 'Brotherhood' (actually seen)

By worst death scene, I mean the most disturbingly graphic which would make the viewer recoil in horror and disgust. It's not enough to just fall to the ground, shudder a bit and then dramatically drop the head to one side.
We didn't get to see it happen, but in the final episode of the 'Primeval' second season, Stephen Hart sacrifice himself to make sure all the prehistoric (and a few futuristic) predators were kept trapped inside the facility. Locked in with them, the creatures slowly circled in, ready to tear him to shreds. Thankfully we didn't have to see it actually happen. Or even hear it.

As for Martin Kilpatrick, he was forced to shoot himself in the mouth in the finale of the second season. In the past, we'd just see the actor convulse for a moment, if that long. Maybe a blood squib would be set up for spatter on the back of the head. But in this case, the bullet exited from the side of the neck and the blood copiously flowed, bubbled and pooled on his neck as he gurgled, spit up more blood, and convulse like he had electricity running through him.

'Ghost Whisperer'

I don't follow the show, but I think it's a great idea - kill off Melinda's husband and have her relate to Jim as a ghost. Of course, those who do follow the show seem to be upset with the concept.

My friend Ivy had it right when she heard about the upcoming plot development: "JLH's character is almost as dangerous to be around as the woman from Murder She Wrote."

Royal Australian Observatory (RAO) in the Australian Outback, 'Supernova'

The sitcom was originally broadcast several years ago, but only just now showed up in the United States - so far as I could tell. There's only about 12 episodes, and I found that far too few. As with Fernwood, Ohio, Cicely, Alaska, and Hooterville - um, wherever it is!- I wanted to hang out at the Observatory with its quirky scientists and the local population.

'Doctor Who' - "Turn Left"

Even though Donna Noble and Rose Tyler were able to "put right what once went wrong" as they used to say on 'Quantum Leap', that altered dimension still existed - at least as far as I understand Professor Everett's "Many Earths" theory. It definitely was not a place you'd want to visit, let alone live in!


There's never just one winner in this category. I'm always collecting great lines of dialogue, so it would have been impossible for me to winnow it down to one that just blew me away to the exclusion of all others. But these four were definitely at the top of the list this year:

"I once saw a horse kill a clown." - Parker, 'Leverage'

"He's like a Television with only one channel... and not a very good one." - Andi, 'Kyle XY'

"I'm so hungry I could kill a child." - Earl's Mother, 'My Name Is Earl'

"I don't owe you a turd on Christmas." - Earl's Dad, 'My Name Is Earl'

'Face The Nation'

Not a category that would show up year in, year out. But this was charming, and considering the source, quite unexpected....

From 12/21/08:

Finally, a little explanation here.
You have been watching TV and looking at me,
and you may see that something's not right.
I'm puffed up like a toad who's been down a hard road.
You're thinking maybe I got in a fight.

Is it a plug of tobacco or a face-lift gone wacko
that gives me this joker's leer?
Are the holiday rounds just adding on pounds?
Mr. Christmas fat face, that's me this year.

Well, thank you for asking, it won't be long lasting.
Dental work has made me balloon.
But Doctors Cohen and Miller, who combined on this thriller,
say the swelling goes down real soon.

In fact, you should have seen me yesterday.
- Bob Schieffer

'Gavin & Stacey'

On her wedding day, Stacey West was given a letter that her father wrote to her in case he wasn't around for the occasion (which he wasn't). Unable to bear reading it herself, she handed it back to her Uncle Bryn and asked him to read it to her.....

"Dear Stacey,If you're reading this, it must be your wedding day. But if it is not, and Bryn has just left it just lying around, then tell him he's a waste of space and never could be trusted to do anything properly.

When I think back to the day you were born, I was the happiest man on the planet. I won't lie to you, Stace, and I'm not ashamed to say it... but I cried. Buckets!

But I never imagined in a million years that I wouldn't be with you on your wedding day; walking you down the aisle; and giving you away.

So sorry I'm not there for you today, Stace. Not in body anyway, but I'll be there in spirit.

And please remember whenever you need me, I'll be listening. Because you'll never stop being my beautiful baby girl.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day, my darling. I love you always. Dad"

If you're able to watch that scene and not be moved, I don't want to know you.

Gwen Cooper: Have you ever eaten alien meat?
Captain Jack: Yeah.
Gwen Cooper: Well? What was it like?
Captain Jack: He seemed to enjoy it.

Gotta love that Jack!

'Double Shot At Love'

"I have so much to offer. I have a good heart. It's there. It's so big. Maybe it's a little bit hidden." - Kandice Hutchison

Kandice died in a car crash after she was eliminated from the competition.

'New Tricks'

It's new for me anyway. I have a feeling a lot of people think that Dennis Waterman (who also co-stars in the series) singing this twangy C&W-styled number is out of place for a show about retired detectives working on closed cases. But the show does have a lighter tone than most in that genre, and I think the song helps set that mood.

'The Mentalist'

But for the best theme music, no lyrics, I'm going with 'The Mentalist'. It's simple, minimalist even, and yet it doesn't get stuck in your head to annoy you for days. Something about it makes me want to segue right into the theme music for 'thirtySOMETHING'.


Sarah Silverman & Matt Damon,
"I'm F#@%ing Matt Damon"
- 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Jimmy Kimmel & Ben Affleck (and others),
"I'm F#@%ing Ben Affleck"
- 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Even more awards tomorrow!

Toby O'B


I wonder if there's been any manipulation of Matt Smith's page since the announcement today that he will be the Eleventh Doctor in 'Doctor Who'?
Because this seems a bit too much of a cosmic coincidence!

Toby O'B


Here's another publicity picture of Matt Smith, the 26 year old actor who has been chosen to play the 11th Doctor on 'Doctor Who' in 2010..........

Toby O'B


"WHO?" in more ways than one!

So, the announcement was just made, and here's the next incarnation of the Doctor on 'Doctor Who' (Number 11):
He'll be portrayed by Matt Smith of the stage version of "History Boys" and TV roles in "Party Animals" and "Ruby In The Smoke", the movie "In Bruges". At 26, he'll be the youngest actor to take on the role of the Doctor.

I have stated this in the past - that I have great faith in Stephen Moffat for choosing his Doctor as he takes over the series.
But I had come to really think the idea of Paterson Joseph as the Doctor was not only a slam-dunk due to the buzz, but that it was destined to be!

Geez, this Doctor isn't radically different from the last two; he's not even ginger! LOL (Like my personal choice - Julian Rhind-Tutt!)

But from all of me here at Toobworld Central, I want to say welcome aboard the TARDIS, Matt Smith, and all the best for keeping the franchise long-lasting and high-flying!
Toby O'B


My friend Natter moved out of the City on New Year's Day, and as a favor to him, I agreed to take his cable box back to Time Warner Cable. He dropped the box off at my job and I packed it up when I went in last night. Went straight from work to the closest cable place to my home - got there only five minutes after they opened....

And they were packed! (I have a feeling it's due to the coming change-over to digital.)

I was given a number to await my turn.....


Serendipiteevee, baby!

Toby O'B


In "No Time Like The Past", an hour-long episode of 'The Twilight Zone', John Driscoll traveled back in the past to the Lusitania, 1915, where he tried to warn the ship's captain that the ocean liner would soon be struck by a German torpedo.

Captain William Thomas Turner, known as "Bowler Bill", was a commodore of the Cunard Line who recently relieved Daniel Dow, the ship's regular captain. Captain Turner remained on the bridge until the water rushed upward and destroyed the sliding door, washing him overboard into the sea. He took the ship's logbook and charts with him. He managed to escape the rapidly sinking Lusitania and find a chair floating in the water which he clung to. He was pulled unconscious from the water, and survived despite having spent 3 hours in the water.
[from Wikipedia]
This was how Captain Turner looked in that episode. As he was never identified as Captain Turner in the show, I have a feeling it didn't matter much if the actor looked like Bowler Bill.

But I buy him as a ship's captain!

Toby O'B

Friday, January 2, 2009


On 'Doctor Who Confidential' tomorrow night, the BBC will be announcing the name of the actor - or actress! - who will the 11th incarnation of the Doctor. This person will be taking over the TARDIS from David Tennant (Doctor 10), who will be departing at some point during the four TV specials of 2009.

I'm guessing it'll be Paterson Joseph, but I've always been a hold-out for Julian Rhind-Tutt.

Oh well. Maybe they could still bring him on as the Master!
Now THAT is pure evil!

the official proclamation.....

Toby O'B


I went to a New Year's Day Party on Long Island. (I spent New Year's Eve down in the Village.) When it was time to go, our hosts' daughter graciously volunteered to drop me and my companions off at the train station for the ride back to the City.

On the way, she told us about her first semester at Williams College, in the Massachusetts Berkshires. For whatever reason, I never heard of the school before.

Once home, I looked at the upcoming schedule for the annual 'Twilight Zone' marathon which was just winding down to its last hours on the Sci-Fi Channel. And the only one of that batch which I had never seen was "No Time Like The Past" starring Dana Andrews. (It was one of the experimental hour-long episodes.) So I set my DVR to record it and went to bed.

I just watched it this morning and was somewhat surprised to see this newspaper graphic onscreen:

I say "somewhat surprised" because I've come to expect my "serendipiteevee to kick in every so often!

The episode also gave me two excellent yet still theoretical links to another time-traveling series as well as to another episode of 'The Twilight Zone'! And I'll be writing those up soon.....

Toby O'B


It's that time of year again, when we all make lists and think back over the past year, in whatever field of interest concerns us, and chronicle the high points and the lows. For the past few years I've been presenting this compilation as an awards show, the Toobits, which of course celebrates my two bits about Toobworld.

As it is with any such list you'll find in TV columns across the country these last few weeks, these are my opinions. You're welcome to your own and I hope you'll share them, but I'm sticking to my weapons of choice. (It could be you won't see something that was a favorite of yours because I just never got around to seeing it. There's only so much time in the world - even for a do-nothing-else-anyway sort like me! And I've only got the two eyes, even if they do operate independently of each other at times.)

Unlike the Emmy Awards which will just keep handing out trophies to some shows forever, for the Toobits Awards only shows, characters and what-not that debuted in 2008 can be considered. This includes characters who have been recast; those are still the same characters who already exist inToobworld. (But there were a few notable appearances that deserved honorable mention, and they get it.)

But by my definition of debut, this also includes those shows which only came to my notice in 2008. Shows like 'Supernova', 'Gavin & Stacey', 'New Tricks' are in the running here because they didn't cross my path until this year.

Unlike last year's "ceremony", I've split up the categories to present over the next few days. I'd hate to think you've all (both of you) gone blind reading what I had to say about TV. There are so many other ways to go blind that are much more fun!
So without further ado, let's have at it:

"Jay's Garage" - Jay drives KITT

Sure, it was the network's biggest cheerleader schilling for the network's worst piece of dreck. But so what? It gave the fans of both a little something extra from their faves. (And now, having seen a few episodes in which Val Kilmer drones away as the voice of KITT, I think 'Knight Rider' should have gone with Jay Leno as the voice of the car. At the very least it would have given them a way to hold on to the Chinkillah as his tenure in the 'Tonight' command chair came to an end. And in a way that might have worked out better than I think his new show will.....)

"First Class Jerk" from 'Entourage'
See, Turtle was flying first class and ended up sitting next to Jamie Lynn Sigler, who played Meadow on 'The Sopranos'. And she gave him a hand job.... Well, considering episode titles are lost on the masses, I thought that little play on words (no reflection on Turtle's snake) deserved some recognition.

Series: 'Fortysomething'
Character: Edith Sparshott, 'An Unsuitable Job For A Woman'

[Here's something you'll never see on 'House'....]

I don't think 'Fortysomething' ever made it across the Atlantic; and I missed the PBS 'Mystery!' opportunity for Helen Baxendale's show when I had the chance. Annette Crosbie was a delight as Cordelia's too-eager assis- er, associate; and as for Hugh Laurie's Paul Slippery, this is the type of Doctor I'd rather see him play than the increasingly glum Greg House.

Ran through the entire Suchet series, mostly on my overnight lunch breaks at work. Now if only I can see David Suchet take on the role of the Belgian detective in "Murder On The Orient Express", my little grey cells will be happy.

(both from 'Ugly Betty')

qptimus said..."The Mentalist": it's "Psych" for your mom.
I found it odd this week that one critic thought 'The Mentalist' was an original idea from the network. But as for qptimus, if he meant that the show is an easygoing way to pass the hour, comfort food on the tube, then yeah. I'll agree with the tagline.

WLUK's refusal to show 'Seinfeld' while the NY Giants were in Green Bay because it's Eli Manning's favorite show. In retaliation, Jerry Seinfeld gave Manning the complete DVD set. WLUK claimed that was playing into their master plan because then Eli would watch so many late into the night, he'd be too tired for the football game. Too bad it didn't work.....

WORST CLASH BETWEEN TOOBWORLD & THE REAL WORLD Paula Abdul's stalker, Paula Goodspeed, killed herself outside Abdul's home.

WORST PERSONAL TV EXPERIENCEStuck waiting in my union clinic's waiting room, I had no choice but to watch Sarah Palin lie and distort the record at a Florida rally, even when she had already been told that what she was saying was not true. (10/06/08)
[This picture, with Elizabeth Hasselback of 'The View' introducing the governor, was at a Kissimmee rally twenty days later.]

I find it hard to believe that at one time, I wanted to make sure this series would have an honored place on in the DVD library of Toobworld Central. I couldn't wait for each week to pass so that I could catch the next chapter! And after a long, steady decline during the second season, I finally gave the series up after about three episodes into the third go-round. I think it started falling apart once we saw the slime trail made by Sylar at the end of season one. He should have been killed off and the creators should have started fresh with their new villains. And they should never have back-tracked with the heroes, by separating them again. Oh well. I walked away, and I don't see any reason to return now anyways.

Reality Division:
Super Bowl What can I say? I like the Patriots better.

'Pushing Daisies'
Disappointed in the network as well that they didn't bring this show back after the writers' strike; that they didn't give it the proper publicity before the new season began. But that the audience would ignore such a beautifully crafted show as 'Pushing Daisies' for whatever reality crap was playing elsewhere? Well, I guess I can't expect better from you humans - not after you elected Numbskull 'n' Bones to a SECOND term! I'm surprised your planet survived this long into his term in office and thank the Powers That Be it's almost over.

'Skins' & 'In Treatment'
I liked a few of the episodes that I did see of 'Skins': "Cassie", "Jal", and "Sid", but I just couldn't find the commitment within me needed to invest in the series as a whole. The same went for 'In Treatment', and it looks like I missed out with both series, based on reviews and comments which I've read online. So they're both added to the list of TV series for which one day I will make the effort to watch them from the beginning, or at least from where I left off!

Also, I'm still not diligent enough in my editing with regards to the Inner Toob blog and I let slip statements as fact that I should have checked out first. But alas! I am lazy......

Davros - 'Doctor Who'Sometimes characters come back on TV shows played by new actors that make you take notice, or they're re-invented on other series if they are part of popular culture or myth(i.e. the Devil) and deserve to be recognized. But because they're already a part of Toobworld, they are ineligible for consideration elsewhere for the Toobits. This year we're tipping the hat to Julian Bleach's "reincarnation" of Davros in the two-part finale. It was playful as well as scary for the kids, with Davros gesturing as if he was channeling the spirit of the "Two Snaps Up" boys from 'In Living Color'......

Once again, it looks like Davros met his Maker, but never count out that bony old creator of the Daleks!

More winners tomorrow....

Toby O'B


I waited to post my Hat Squad round-up for 2008 until the very last day of the year, unlike many others who note those who died in the previous year. And even so, I still missed a few whose notices weren't announced in time.

Donald E. Westlake, a mystery writer best known for his series of stories about the thief Dortmunder died of a heart attack on New Year's Eve as he was going to dinner with his wife in Mexico. Not only did he write novels and screenplays, but also episodes of TV shows. Among these were 'Supertrain', 'Journey To The Unknown', and 'The Father Dowling Mysteries' - in which he also played a character in one episode.

And on Tuesday, Bernie Hamilton died at the age of 80. He's best known in Toobworld for the character of Captain Dobey on 'Starsky and Hutch'......
May God Bless, as Red Skelton used to say......

Toby O'B


No, not the James Franciscus character......

On this date in 1904, James Longstreet died. He was born in 1821 and gained his fame as a Confederate general at Gettysburg. Tom Berenger portrayed him in two movies produced by Ted Turner.

But this is how he will look in an upcoming docu-drama, "The Battle Of Gettysburg"........
Toby O'B

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Among the characters we met in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special "The Next Doctor", was Frederick Lake. I won't say more about him in order to preserve the mystery for American viewers. (I have no idea when the special will be shown here in America.)

But I think Toobworld Central is comfortable with the idea that Frederick Lake was the founding father of a family tree line that would one day culminate with its own doctor of the 21st Century, Rob Lake (seen here in the 2004 series 'Bodies'..... )

Toby O'B


Replacing the Daily Tiddlywinkydink here in "Inner Toob" will be the portrait of an historical figure as seen on television.

Since the January First topic is "Who's On First" it's only fitting to show someone from 'Doctor Who'. And no place better to begin than with the First Doctor's reign on the show.

This is Emperor Nero from the story "The Romans"......

Toby O'B


In hopes that this will become a tradition, here's the first entry in my second annual "Who's On First" postings.....

We're the Oods in the Chorus;
We hope you like the show!
We know you're rooting for us,
But now we have to go......

David Tennant, who is facing his victory lap of four more specials before bowing out as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who', has suggested that a musical episode of the show could be a possibility. And since Russell T. Davies, a fan of classical musicals, has stated that he wants to go out with a real show-stopper, this may be the way he goes about it.

Within the reality of Toobworld, this would be acceptable. We've seen 'Hull High', 'Cop Rock', and 'Viva Blackpool', in which the characters would suddenly break out in song. And there's that famous episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', "Once More With Feeling". And it's from that songfest we could give a reason for 'Doctor Who' to go all singing and all dancing - the Doctor could face off against Mr. Sweet the demon (who's an honorary member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame!)

And let's face it, that would be perfect for this show! Just look at that picture! All that's missing from that picture of the dance team of Doctor/Donna are the canes and the straw boaters!

It's time to put on make-up;
It's time to dress up right!
It's time to get things started
On the Moffat "Who" tonight!

Toby O'B

A little song, a little dance, a little quasar down the pants!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I waited until the last day of 2008 to post this, unlike most entertainment sources (not that I can claim to be one!) who posted about a week before Christmas and thus missed names like Eartha Kitt and Harold Pinter.

I'm not claiming my list is complete, but I didn't leave anybody off because they might have been deemed by others as being too trivial to consider. Toobworld is trivia of epic proportions and "Inner Toob" is a place where they can get some recognition.

If I missed anybody, please let me know and I'll add them in. They probably just never crossed my radar space.

Not everybody has a credit next to their names, just those for whom I probably needed a reminder.......


Maila Nurmi (Vampira)
Allan Melvin
George Keymas (Eye of the Beholder leader, TZ)
Suzanne Pleshette
Lois Nettleton
Heath Ledger
Jack Eagle (Brother Dominic)
Kevin Stoney
Barry Morse
Shell Kepler
Louisa Horton Hill
Christopher Allport
Timothy Stetson
Margaret Truman
Kathryn Ish
Augusta Dabney (Loving for 12 years)
Roy Scheider
Emily Perry (Dame Edna's sidekick Madge Alsopp)
Robert DoQui
Perry Lopez
Mary Barclay (Crossroads)
Lionel Mark Smith
John Bliss (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)
Eva Dahlbeck (The Markurells of Wadkoping)
Gloria Cromwell (Kate & Allie)
Jim Begg
Charlton Heston
Richard Widmark
Estelle Getty
Stanley Kamel
Madeline Lee Gilford (Jack's widow, judge on L&O)
Stephen Oliver (Peyton Place)
John Phillip Law
Harvey Korman
Bob Anderson (young George Bailey, Spin & Marty)
Terry Duggan (X Files)
Bruce Purchase (Doctor Who)
George Carlin
Dody Goodman
Don S. Davis
John Furlong
Henry Beckman
Lilyan Chauvin (Joey's Grandmother, Friends)
Clive Hornby (Emmerdale)
Larry Haines (Search For Tomorrow)
Keith Charles (Guiding Light)
Greg Burson (Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Huckleberry Hound, Mr. Magoo)
Elizabeth Spriggs (Shine On, Harvey Moon)
Hugh Lloyd
George Furth
Bernie Mac
Isaac Hayes
Julius Carrey
Jeff McKay
Fred Crane
Ruth Cohen (Seinfeld cashier)
Michael Pate
Mark Priestley (All saints)
Eva Pflug (German series "Space Patrol")
Richard Monette (Adderly, Peep Show)
Paul Newman
Irene Dailey
Eileen Herlie (All My Children)
Gil Stratton Jr. (My Little Margie, Life With Luigi)
Edie Adams
Ken Ogata
Beverly Garland
Nina Foch
Robert Prosky
Van Johnson
Kathy Staff (Last Of The Summer Wine)
Sam Bottoms (East Of Eden)
Majel Barrett Roddenberry
John Costelloe ('The Sopranos')
Eartha Kitt
Bernie Hamilton


Bill Idelson (Herman Glimsher, 'The Dick Van Dyke Show')
Alex Sharp (Bonanza)
Kate Phillips (the Blob, Riverboat)

Ivan Dixon
George Tyne
Dick Martin
Sidney Pollack


Boyd Coddington (American Hot Rod)
Mark Speight (Brit presenter)
Joe Feeney (Lawrence Welk show singer)
Don Gillis (Boston sports)
Jim Hager (Hee Haw)
Eddy Arnold
Les Crane
Walter "Killer" Kowalski (wrestler from the 50s)
Jerry Reed
Don LaFontaine
Lloyd Thaxton
Charles Runyon (Chucko the Clown)
Engineer Bill Stulza
Jack Narz
Levi Stubbs


James Costigan ("Love Among The Ruins")
Edward D. Hoch (mystery writer)
Robert Guy Barrows (Big Valley, Alias Smith and Jones, The Fugitive)
Phil Dusenberry (Pepsi & GE slogans)
Robert Cuniff (Sesame Street, Today show)
Ron Leavitt (Married with Children creator)
Harry Kleiner
Richard Baer (F Troop, Bewitched)
WC Heinz aka Richard Hooker (original MASH)
Malvin Wald (Naked City)
Arthur C. Clarke
Anthony Minghella
Raymond Goldstone (Knot's Landing, Falcon Crest)
Abby Mann (Kojak, Judgement at Nuremberg)
Johnny Byrne (Space: 1999)
Jack Hanrahan (comedy writer)
Ted Key (cartoonist who created "Hazel")
Richard DeRoy (Twilight Zone, 'Name Of The Game)
Sandy Howard
Bill Dial (WKRP in Cincinnatti (turkeys episode)
Mark Tuttle Sr. (Beverly Hillbillies)
Eliot Asinof - Maverick, Eight Men Out
Irving Pearlberg (Columbo, Alias Smith & Jones, Ironside)
Michael Turner (comic book artist, Witchblade)
Tad Mosel (Playhouse 90, Studio One)
Sheldon Keller (Dick Van Dyke show)
Oliver Crawford (Bonanza, Wild, Wild West, Star Trek)
Studs Terkel
Tony Hillerman
Michael Crichton (ER)
Harold Pinter

Bill Melendez (voice of Snoopy)
Gary Mooney (George of the Jungle)
Oliver Postgate (Bagpuss)

Dwight Hemion (The Tonight Show, Color Me Barbra, Frank Sinatra: A Man And His Music)
Kirk Browning (Live From Lincoln Center)
Paul Louis Tayler (Face The Nation, Nightwatch)
Herbert Kenwith (Star Trek, MTM, Here's Lucy)
Alex Grasshoff (Rockford Files, Toma, Kolchak)
Jack Roe (Big Valley)
Dick McDonough (Death Valley Days)
Joseph Pevney ('Star Trek')
Robert Calhoun ('As The World Turns', 'Guiding Light')
Claudio Guzman ('I Dream of Jeannie')
Dave Powers ('Carol Burnett Show')
Geoff Theobald (Let's Make A Deal)

Catherine Wearing (UK)
Carl Pingitore (Fantasy Island)
Milton Ebbins (The Thin Man)
Lawrence Hertzog (Nowhere Man)
Sophie B. Altman
David Mitton (co-created Thomas The Tank Engine)
Tony Schwartz (created the Johnson "Daisy" ad)
Yannah Kroy Brandt ('The American Experience')
Eric Lieber (Omnibus, Love Connection)
Jim Gates (The ABC Afterschool Specials)
Andrew Ackerman (Eli Stone)
Robert Monroe (Jigsaw John)
E. Roger Muir ('Howdy Doody', 'Concentration')
Robert Chandler (created '60 Minutes' format)

Terrence Elkes (Viacom President, 1980s)
Steve Levin (SI TV, Telemundo, WNJU)
Paul Tilley (ad exec, created "Dude, you're gettin' a Dell" & "I'm Lovin' It")
Charles M. Smith (ABC veep)
John Jay Iselin (WNET innovator)
James Day (PBS executive & host)
Clay Whitehead (Nixon's telecom advisor)
Geoffrey Perkins (BBC Head of Comedy)
Mel Harris (Paramount, Sony Television)
Lou Dorfsman (CBS interior designer)

John McWethy (ABC)
William F. Buckley
Ron Stone (Houston, 30 years)
Tim Russert
Jim McKay
Charlie Jones (football announcer, abc & nbc)
Neil McNeill
Sir Charles Wheeler (BBC news presenter)
Tony Snow

George Putnam (LA news legend)
Bob Friend (SkyNews presenter)
John Leonard (CBS Sunday Morning TV critic, book critic)

Gayne Rescher - Cinematographer (The Day After)
Trevor Williams - designer/art director (Dark Shadows, The Night Stalker)
Wade Battley - art designer (Days Of Our Lives)
John McPherson
Kermit Love - ballet costume designer, designer of Big Bird
Gerald Wilson - editor on 'Washington: Behind Closed Doors', 'Ozzie & Harriet'

Earle Hagen (DVD Show, Andy Griffith, I Spy, That Girl)
Alexander Courage (Star Trek)
David Kahn ('Leave It To Beaver')
Neal Hefti ("Batman", "The Odd Couple"

Hiram Bullock ('Late Night Orchestra' for Letterman - guitarist)
Levi Stubbs

Mark Schwed

J. Michael Bloom
Warren Cowan

May God Bless.....

Toby O'B


I had decided earlier this year that it was time to banish 'Heroes' to another TV dimension. At least from the point that Future Hiro came back in Time to warn Peter about what was going to happen. After that, a new timeline was created and we've not been watching the same "heroes" from the beginning of the series. (Well, you haven't been watching the same heroes. I stopped watching altogether earlier this season.)

The dimensional change is best illustrated by the fact that Bruce Boxleitner has been on the series as the Governor of New York, and Michael Dorn apparently has shown up as the President. It's a Toobworld rule of thumb that the President of the United States in the main Toobworld, Earth Prime-Time, must be the same as in the real world. (This is because too many sitcoms and dramas will be making references to the current Commander-In-Chief, and that will be especially true, I'm sure, once Barack Obama is in office!)

As for the Governor of New York, I'd prefer that it be David Paterson, but his appearances on the local news and on the national stage (due to the Democratic Convention) are trumped by Tom Everett Scott's portrayal of Governor Donald Shalvoy on 'Law & Order'. It's always possible that one day a sitcom will make mention of Governor Paterson (his predecessor, for obvious reasons, already was), and I'll just have to deal with it then. (Fred Armisen's lampooning of him on 'Saturday Night Live' doesn't count, as that would take place in the sketch comedy dimension, "Skitlandia".)

My decision to relegate 'Heroes' to another dimension was made easier by a recent episode of 'True Blood'. I'm only catching up now on the last seven episodes of the series, thanks to the holiday hiatus, and have just met a character played by Stephen Root. Eddie is a vampire who was "embraced" in middle age at some point in the past, and whose sexual preference is for men. Currently, he's been enjoying the weekly visitation by Lafayette Reynolds, who also procures a vial of Eddie's blood to sell as "V".

But Lafayette's "talents" aren't the only things Eddie likes about Monday nights.....

I always look forward to Monday night.
First 'Heroes' then ... you

So I could have gone into a long, drawn-out splainin as to how the 'Heroes' mentioned by Eddie was not the same show as the one we watch in the real world. That it could have been a sports show, or a documentary series, or a game show. But in the end, it's not worth the bother if it's not Zonking the integrity of Earth Prime-Time.

At any rate, based on this picture of Eddie with Jason Stackhouse and Amy Burley (a Nutmeg State native!) from the next episode I'll be watching, it doesn't look like Eddie will be watching any version of 'Heroes' for very much longer.....

Toby O'B


Eddie Izzard announced that he'll be making a movie version of 'The Riches', the cancelled FX series about a family of "travellers" (con artists/gypsies) who settled into a gated community under new identities where they adapted their way of life to their benefit.

"We've had the meeting and the writers are going to go off and slam out a story," Izzard told the BBC. "We're going to raise money like Barack Obama through the internet, and we're going to shoot it guerilla-style; using gorillas to actually shoot it. We're going to give them cameras...

"No, we're going to just get in there and maybe not have permission to do things, but just film it. People will be going, 'Who are they? Who are they?'"

He plans on doing it that way because of the current economic crisis. "Everything's getting tight, money's getting tight and there's the credit crunch - so it's the time to go out and be inventive."

Because of that strategy, I think it's far more likely we'll be seeing a movie version of 'The Riches' long before we ever see a film based on 'Arrested Development' which keeps popping up in the news at least once a month.

So long as the original cast is involved in the movie, or at the very least, no original characters are recast, there should be no problem in poaching the movie version of 'The Riches' from the "Cineverse" and smuggling it over the border into Toobworld. But if they end up recasting Gregg Henry's or Todd Stashwick's roles, or those of any of the kids, then we'll just leave it where it is as the counterpart to the TV series.

Toby O'B

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


With 2008 winding down, two things are coming to an end for Toobworld Central: the Daily Tiddlywinkydink and the presidency of George W. Bush. And I am looking forward to both!

We have to wait a few more weeks before "W" is finally out of office, but in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to take a look at the fictional presidents from the alternate dimensions of Earth Prime-Time. The names are grouped according to the dimensions in which they should be found. Some are officially linked together this way (the POTUSii of '24', 'Commander In Chief', and 'The West Wing'), but others are my own theories of relateeveety.

I've lifted most of this list from Wikipedia, but that's okay - if the President of Toobworld Central does it, it's not illegal!

Earth Prime-Time (Revised) Dimension:
Ken Kercheval
President Cliff Barnes (a what-if scenario)
'Dallas' - "Conundrum"

Ford Rainey
President Henry Talbot McNeil
'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea'
President McNeil's son (?)
'Lost in Space'

(President McNeil served from the late 1960's into the early 1970's. The POTUS for 'Lost In Space' would be from 1997. Considering the strong echoes in tele-genetics, and since '24' - as well as the real world! - offers a precedent in several family members being the President, I don't have a problem with Rainey's appearance on 'Lost In Space' being a son, maybe a nephew, two decades later. In the end, it doesn't matter since that aspect of the main Toobworld's timeline was radically revised - either by a time-traveling 'Journeyman', or by a quirk caused in the 'Primeval' past.)

The West Wing Dimension:
Martin Sheen
President Josiah Bartlet
'The West Wing'

Jimmy Smits
President Matthew Santos
'The West Wing'

John Goodman
Acting President Glen Allen Walken
'The West Wing'

James Cromwell
former President D. Wire Newman
'The West Wing'

The Commander In Chief Dimension:
Geena Davis
President Mackenzie Allen
'Commander in Chief'

Will Lyman
President Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) Bridges
'Commander in Chief'

The Stargate Dimension:
Beau Bridges
President Hank Landry
'Stargate SG-1'

Ronny Cox
President Robert Kinsey
'Stargate SG-1'

William Devane
President Henry Hayes
'Stargate SG-1'

The '24' Dimension:
Dennis Haysbert
President David Palmer

Geoff Pierson
President John Keeler

Gregory Itzin
President Charles Logan

D.B. Woodside
President Wayne Palmer

Cherry Jones
President Allison Taylor

Movies of the Week Dimension:
Carroll O'Connor
President John P. Wintergreen
"Of Thee I Sing"

Jason Robards
President Richard Monckton
"Washington: Behind Closed Doors"

Hal Holbrook
President Maxwell Monroe
"Under Siege"

Gregory Harrison
President Jonathan Hayes
"First Daughter"
"First Target"
"First Shot"

Robert Urich
President Adam Mayfield
"The President's Man : A Line In The Sand"

Ralph Waite
President Mathews
"The President's Man"

Dabney Coleman
President Richmond
"My Date with the President's Daughter"

'The Agency'/'The District'/'Prison Break' dimension:
Never Shown
President Morland
'The Agency'

Patricia Wettig
President Caroline Reynolds
'Prison Break'

Sitcom POTUS dimension:

Patty Duke
President Julia Mansfield
'Hail to the Chief'

George C. Scott
President Samuel A. Tresch
'Mr. President'

Gary Cole
President Mike Brady
"The Brady Bunch in the White House"

John D'Aquino
President Richard Martinez
'Cory in the House'

Catastrophic Storm Dimension:
Beau Bridges
President Paul Hollister

Other Dimensions:
Robert Foxworth
President Charles Halsey
'The Outer Limits' - "Trial By Fire"

Paul Frees
President James Norcross (from the Tooniverse)
'Super President'

William H. Macy
The President
'The Unit'

Barry Morse
President Johnny Cyclops
'Whoops Apocalypse'

Michael Dorn
The President

And then there's the "Doofus Dimension", in which the established Presidents of the real world and Toobworld are portrayed as idiots. This would include 'That's My Bush!' [for W] and 'The Secret Files Of Desmond Pfeiffer' [for Abraham Lincoln].

Toby O'B


Stephen Moffat, the British writer who brought us 'Coupling' and some of the best episodes in the revived series of 'Doctor Who', will be taking on the role of show-runner for that sci-fi series once Russell T. Davies finally takes his death grip off the controls. But Moffat won't be just focused on 'Doctor Who'; he'll also be updating the story of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to modern times, just as he did for the story of 'Jeckyll'.

Bernard Cumberbatch, whom I just saw in the 2003 series 'Fortysomething', will be Sherlock Holmes, the great consulting detective, while Martin Freeman, of the original 'The Office' and (unfortunately) that horrid movie adaptation of 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy', will be Dr. Watson.

In Moffat's script for the pilot, even some of the situations established in the Conan Doyle canon will be updated along with the characters. For instance, Holmes was able to ascertain that Watson was recently returned from service in Afghanistan, where he was wounded in the Battle of Maiwand. This works nicely for the modern version, as troops are still serving in Afghanistan....

If the BBC likes what they see - and hey! It's the Grand Moff writing this! - they will order a full series.

If so, I'm thinking that it just may be possible to keep the series in the main Toobworld, rather than depositing it into some alternate TV dimension, like the one for updated TV remakes where shows like this usually go.

Toobworld has a habit of rewinding past lives and situations and letting them play out again. We're seeing that happen even now with the American version of 'Life On Mars'; for a while, the plots of the US copy of 'The Office' followed those of the original.

So why couldn't it be that these "Fabulous Baker Street Boys" are descendants of the originals? Destined by the Fates to relive the adventures shared by their great(plus) grand-sires? As such, we can not only link them to the Jeremy Brett incarnation of the Great Detective, but it could stave off any Zonks caused by mentions in other Toobworld series of the original Holmes and Watson. (The existence of the original stories has long been splained away as being written by Dr. Watson, and that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle merely served as their literary agent.

The game's afoot!

Toby O'B


I'm not much of a fan for game shows as far as they relate to Toobworld on their own. There are the exceptions - like when 'Jeopardy' is incorporated into the plot of 'Cheers', or the use of 'Wheel Of Fortune' in 'L.A. Law', or when 'Mama's Family' of the Harpers competed on 'Family Feud'. 'The Odd Couple' of Felix and Unger got dressed up for 'Let's Make A Deal' and even exchanged clues on 'Password'.

And speaking of 'Password', the show is back on CBS in primetime as 'Million Dollar Password', with Regis Philbin hosting. And on the recent episode, his celebrity guests were Adam Carolla and TV Crossover Hall of Famer Betty White.
Betty White's history with 'Password' is deep - especially so, as she married the former host, the late Allan Ludden. And not only did she appear in over forty episodes of the original series, but she and her husband appeared as themselves in that 'Password' episode of 'The Odd Couple'.

To honor her past association with the game show, Regis showed a very moving clip of one episode's finale in which Betty White asked Allan Ludden to take her home. It was the first show they did as husband and wife, having been married only hours before. They literally taped the program as soon as they got to the studio, right off the airplane.
It was a really sweet moment......

And I can state definitely that it ranks as the best game show moment of the year for Toobworld, beating out even the recent win on 'The Price Is Right' in which the contestant came up with the exact figure of his showcase - thus winning both of the showcases!

Just one thing - an open plea to the producers of this new version...... Provide some seats for your contestants! Betty White is 80something! She shouldn't be forced to stand during the game!

Just sayin', is all.....

Toby O'B

Monday, December 29, 2008


December 29, 1721:
Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV of France is born. (d. 1764)

The Marquise de Pompadour was an accomplished woman, responsible for the development of the manufactory of Sèvres, which became one of the most famous porcelain manufacturers in Europe and which provided skilled jobs to the region. She had a keen interest in literature: she had known Voltaire before her ascendancy, and the writer, essayist, philosopher apparently advised her in her courtly role. She also discreetly endorsed Diderot's Encyclopédie project.

After the War of the Austrian Succession, when economy was the thing the French state needed most, she drew more and more resources into the lavish court. Her influence over Louis increased markedly through the 1750s, to the point where he allowed her considerable leeway in the determination of policy over a whole range of issues, from military matters to foreign affairs.

Mme de Pompadour was a woman of verve and intelligence. She planned buildings like the Place de la Concorde and the Petit Trianon with her brother, the Marquis de Marigny. She employed the stylish marchands-merciers, trendsetting shopkeepers who turned Chinese vases into ewers with gilt-bronze Rococo handles and mounted writing tables with the new Sèvres porcelain plaques. Numerous other artisans, sculptors and portrait painters were employed, among them the court artist Jean-Marc Nattier, François Boucher, Jean-Baptiste Réveillon and François-Hubert Drouais.
[edited from Wikipedia]

Madame de Pompadour has been depicted on screen in the movie universe on many occasions, beginning with Madame Pompadour in 1927, in which she was played by Dorothy Gish.

Other actresses to have played her include:

Anny Ahlers
(Die Marquise von Pompadour, 1931);
Jeanne Boitell,
(Remontons les Champs-Élysées, 1938);
Micheline Presle,
(Si Versailles m'était conté, 1954);
Monique Lepage,
(Le Courrier du roy, 1958);
Elfie Mayerhofer
(Madame Pompadour, 1960);
Noemi Nadelmann
(Madame Pompadour, 1996);
Hélène de Fougerolles
(Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, 2006).

For Toobworld, she has been portrayed by:

Katja Flint
. . . Giovane Casanova, Il (2002)
Carole Franck
. . . "Nicolas Le Floch" (2008)
{L'homme au ventre de plomb (#1.1)}
Monique Lepage
. . . "Courrier du roy, Le" (1958)

But it was her portrayal by Sophia Myles in the 'Doctor Who' episode of "The Girl In The Fireplace" that Toobworld Central prefers, since it so wonderfully intertwined the life of her televersion with that of one of the greatest of TV characters......
In the court of Versailles the dignitary of France are running for their lives. Chased by an unseen pursuer the masked entourage tear down the corridors of the palace. In one of the rooms of the court King Louis XV is warning his mistress Madame de Pompadour that they are under attack by inhuman creatures that can’t be stopped.

Madame de Pompadour however is more concerned with the clock on the mantle, which stands with its face cracked. She states that the clock is broken, he is coming. Louis rants in disbelief but she turns to him, and tells him that a man is coming to Versailles, a man who has watched over her her entire life and he will not let her down now. Louis asks exactly who this man is and she explains that he is the only other man apart from him she has ever loved. He glares at her but she stops him before he can speak. She tells him to go to his queen and then turns to the fireplace below the mantle, staring into the flames.

She calls out, asking if the man is there and if he is listening. She explains the clock is broken; it is time. He promised. She calls out to him again. She calls out to the Doctor…
[from "The Doctor Who Reference Guide"]

Toby O'B

As one of the last in the 2008 series of daily Tiddlywinkydinks, this serves as a preview for two features in 2009's Inner Toob: the daily "As Seen On TV", and the second annual "Who's On First" for January 1st.....

Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Christmas-themed episode of 'Chuck' for this year ("Chuck vs. Santa Claus") gave us more than just a great movie crossover in Al Powell and a heart-breaking rift between Chuck and Sarah. There was also a reference to "the Numbers" from 'Lost'!

My thanks to Sean, the Little Buddy to my Skipper and father of my god-daughter Rhiannon, for supplying me with the frame grab!

Toby O'B


The year of the Daily Tiddlywinkydink experiment is running down in "Inner Toob", and I don't think I'll be continuing on with it into 2009. This past week has been a good example in that I wasn't sure I'd find the topics to write about each day. And to do it all over again for the next? No thanks!

I may do something along the lines of As Seen On TV instead, in which a diffferent famous person is shown as portrayed by an actor on TV. We'll see.....

Thanks to Time Warner Cable giving out with the special preview weekend of over 40 premium cable channels, I was able to grab some stuff to watch, especially 'Bat Masterson', 'Gene Autry', and 'Maverick' from the Westerns channel. And there I found the subject for today's Tiddlywinkydink, Diamond Jim Brady, an old friend of Bart Maverick's.......

James Buchanan Brady (12 August 1856 – 13 April 1917), also known as Diamond Jim Brady, was an American businessman, financier, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age.

Born in New York City to a modest household, Brady worked his way up from bellboy and messenger. After gaining employment in the New York Central Railroad system, he became the chief assistant to the general manager by the age of 21. At 23, Brady parlayed his knowledge of the railroad industry and its officials to become a highly successful salesman for Manning, Maxwell and Moore, a railroad supply company

Known for his penchant for jewels, especially diamonds, he collected precious stones and jewelry in excess of US$ 2 million (adjusted for 2005 dollars, approx. $50 million).

Brady's enormous appetite and resultant girth were as legendary as his wealth. It was not unusual for Brady to eat enough food for ten people at a sitting. George Rector, owner of a favorite restaurant, described Brady as "the best 25 customers I ever had". A typical Brady breakfast would be: eggs, pancakes, pork chops, cornbread, fried potatoes, hominy, muffins, and a beefsteak. For refreshment, a gallon of orange juice—or "golden nectar", as he called his favorite drink. Lunch might be two lobsters, deviled crabs, clams, oysters and beef, with a few pies for dessert. The usual evening meal began with an appetizer of two or three dozen oysters, six crabs, and a few servings of green turtle soup, followed by a main course of two whole ducks, six or seven lobsters, a sirloin steak, two servings of terrapin and a host of vegetables. For dessert, the gourmand enjoyed pastries and a two pound box of candy.

"Diamond Jim" is also known for his romantic association with singer Lillian Russell, a famously voluptuous beauty of the era. It is said that her eating habits were a perfect match for his own.

A gregarious man, Brady was a mainstay of Broadway nightlife. He often dined with popular society. After further investments in the stock market, Brady accumulated wealth estimated at $12 million. He was also known for being the first person in New York City to own an automobile (in 1895).

Thank you, Wikipedia....

In the last episode of the 'Maverick' series, Diamond Jim was portrayed by Barrey Kelley. Although their paths didn't cross later, both Diamond Jim and Bart Maverick appeared in the TV movie "Gambler 4 - Luck of the Draw". (For that, Dion Anderson played Mr. Brady.)

Toby O'B