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Relax, Tom.  It's not what you think.....



I'm not quite ready to give up the British influence just yet, just because the Royal Wedding is over.

Here's a TV Universe clash - characters from the Televised Theatre dimension reciting lines from the dregs of the reality TV black hole......

There are four other segments; check them all out!

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A week late for Easter, but you know the Chilean postal service... am I right?



That wasn't a proper Inner Toob video clip for 'Doctor Who'....

But this is!





Just to be clear, I'm not celebrating Hitler. I'm just celebrating that he died on this date back in 1945.

So here's Adolph laying down a few beats for the young and old alike.....

Sing it, Sister Hitler!



Who better to follow the royal nuptials of William and Kate in the ASOTV showcase than Adolph Hitler?

Why? Because it was on this date in 1945 that Hitler supposedly killed himself.....


'The Adventures Of Fu Manchu'

Steven Geray

Earth Prime-Time

From Wikipedia:
Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot on 30 April 1945 in his Führerbunker in Berlin. His wife Eva (née Braun), committed suicide with him by ingesting poison. That afternoon in accordance with Hitler's prior instructions, their remains were carried up the stairs through the bunker's emergency exit, doused in petrol and set alight in the Reich Chancellery garden outside the bunker. The Soviet archives record that their burnt remains were recovered and interred in successive locations until 1970 when they were again exhumed, cremated and the ashes scattered.

There have been different accounts citing the cause of his death; one that he died by poison only and another that he died by a self-inflicted gunshot, while biting down on a cyanide capsule. Contemporary historians have rejected these accounts as being either Soviet propaganda or an attempted compromise in order to reconcile the different conclusions. There was also an eye-witness account that recorded the body showing signs of having been shot through the mouth but this has been proven unlikely. There is also controversy regarding the authenticity of skull and jaw fragments which were recovered. Further, the exact location of where Hitler's ashes were scattered also differs, depending on the historical source consulted.

For more......

But where do we get that information... information... information? From Nazis and Commies, that's who. And if Archie Bunker and other leading political analysts of Toobworld have taught me anything, it's that you don't trust Nazis and Commies.
In Toobworld, Hitler survived and his top scientists placed him in suspended animation. Eventually, he underwent plastic surgery in November of 1956, thanks to Dr. Fu Manchu. But when their plan to set up trigger devices throughout the United States went awry, it looked as though "Mister X" died in the explosion of one of those trigger devices.
However, he was only mostly dead and the disposal of his body was intercepted by his former loyal supporters like SS Agent Kneubel, who gave Hitler's body the chance to heal by leaving it once again in suspended animation for nearly a decade. In October of 1964, THRUSH kidnapped the infamous Nazi scientist Dr. Amadeus to bring the leader of the Third Reich back from the near-dead.

U.N.C.L.E. agents Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin were able to prevent that from happening, but it was a near thing - it turned out that Solo fit in nicely with the plan by Dr. Amadeus because he shared the same blood type as Hitler.
Once again, Hitler was considered not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead, nearly two decades after the last time he was officially proclaimed as such by those no-account Nazis and Commies.  (But there may be other TV shows in which he has been kept alive.)

If you want to see "The Master Plan of Fu Manchu", click over to "Vintage TV 4 U". They've also got plenty of other great old classic TV shows to see.

Or you can try this embed code from LikeTelevision.....

'The Adventures Of Fu Manchu' - "The Master Plan Of Fu Manchu"
'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' - "The Deadly Games Affair"

Other shows may still be linked into the fate of Hitler.....


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I just wanted to share this picture of the Royal Wedding that was provided by Bob of the Facebook group "The High Council of Time Lords"......

I would have expected to see the Third Incarnation of the Doctor make an appearance in the congregation - that is, once he had control over the TARDIS again. After all, he was always dressed for such an occasion!

The Royal Wedding may well be the best reality TV for the year, certainly the most uplifting. And as it was with Charles and Diana, the wedding between William and Kate could one day be dramatized for a TV movie. (Let's hope that it won't be for the same reasons, however.)

Even if it isn't, there may well be some TV characters in the near future who will claim to have attended the ceremony in Westminster Abbey, along with Elton John and Victoria Beckham.

That sort of thing happens all the time in Toobworld, but usually in connection to tragic events. Even with catalogued lists of victims from the sinking of the Titanic, collapse of the World Trade Center, and the Oklahoma City bombing, fictional characters have been added to the rolls in Toobworld.

At least this would be a joyous occasion......

Here is a "Super Six List" of some other TV characters whom I think may have been in attendance at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge......

1] King Victor of Svardia ('Mission: Impossible')
When seen on TV, he was a boy king; he'd be in his mid-fifties now.

2] King Charles of Caronia ('Get Smart')
If he's still alive, and if he hadn't abdicated in favor of his first-born.....

3] The King of Suaria ('Columbo')
More than likely, he's a king in exile - if he wasn't executed by rebel forces......

4] Bruce Wayne ('Batman')
His charity foundations may have worked with some of the late Princess Diana's pet projects.....

5] Chief Superintendent Inspector Dirk of Scotland Yard ('Columbo')
He wouldn't have been there as a guest, but rather he came out of retirement to act as an advisor on the security detail.

6] Mickey Stone & Albert Stroller ('Hustle')
But even with all of the heightened security, these two con men could have made it in - Mickey could pass himself off as an African dignitary, and Albert as an old family friend of the Middletons - just so long as he avoided them in the congregation.



Albert Edward, Prince of Wales
Princess Alexandra of Denmark
"Edward The King"

Charles, Prince of Wales
Lady Diana Spencer
"Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story"


Prepping for the Royal Wedding......
Will Ferrell
"The Late Show with David Letterman"

Matt Lauer
"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"


God help me - I just realized I'm off from work Thursday night, so I can wake up early and watch the Royal Wedding..... I'll probably do it too, just because this is a true example of reality TV.

But it just won't be the same as the last one, when all my friends from the UConn drama department - all of us living in the same building - got together to watch Charles and Diana tie the knot.

At least at that one, I got to feast on Eggs Benedict. This time it'll probably be left-over Chinese food.....


From TV Series Finale, who was watching the TV Land Awards:

Wow! Tina Yothers is now the age that Meredith Baxter was when 'Family Ties' began.


Wow, I tried not read too much about 'Game Of Thrones' going in, and I realize it IS HBO, but I didn't know there would be so much mammary action in the Seven Kingdoms! Reminded me of the old "Tits 'n' Lizards" cover for National Lampoon by Frazetta!

In fact, this is what I wrote about the renewal of the series on Facebook:

"Game Of Thrones" premiered to very good, but not great, ratings. HBO renewed it already for a second season anyway, but they really wanted a HUGE hit. I blame marketing. Their tagline was "Either You Win Or You Die." It should have been: "More Tits Than The 'Lord Of The Rings!'"


I've really got to create a list of the DVDs I own. I keep forgetting I have some series and nearly order them again. In the case of the first season of 'Taxi', that's exactly what did happen.


I'm doing pretty well [in my opinion] with adding more women to the "As Seen On TV" gallery for 2011. By my count, out of four months worth of pictures, I've got thirty featured so far, and that's not counting the multiple entries for Elizabeth Taylor or Mother Nature.

Granted, most of them come from 'Saturday Night Live', but what can you do?


In the Cornish seaside hamlet of Portwenn (as seen in 'Doc Martin'), the police station is numbered "23" on whatever street it's located.......



From ABC News: 
Kate Middleton, best man Prince Harry and the bridesmaids gathered at Westminster Abbey [Thursday] morning for one last rehearsal before Friday's royal wedding at which her brother, James, will deliver the only reading.



"William & Kate: Let Love Rule"

Prince William - Nico Evers-Swindell

Kate Middleton - Camilla Luddington

Earth Prime-Time
(Historical Dispensation)

From the wedding's official program:
"We are both so delighted that you are able to join us in celebrating what we hope will be one of the happiest days of our lives. The affection shown to us by so many people during our engagement has been incredibly moving, and has touched us both deeply. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone most sincerely for their kindness."


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dr. Cooper's two Moms returned this week on 'Nurse Jackie'. However, there was a slight problem for Toobworld - Blythe Danner was unable to play Mrs. Cooper due to a filming commitment. So instead of waiting until she was available, the show forged ahead with a recastaway - Judith Light.

I would have thought the producers of the show would have checked first before coming up with the script, to make sure both Danner and Swoosie Kurtz (who plays the other mother, Mrs. Sheinhorn) were available when they wanted to shoot that particular episode. But what do I know how the industry works? TV, like sausages and laws, is something I don't want to watch being made.

Since 'Nurse Jackie' is a reasonably realistic series, "The mere thought hadn't even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing my mind"* that I should consider such options as quantum leaping to splain away the physical dissimilarity.

Instead, it's an old stand-by that we'll use - plastic surgery. In the nearly two years since we last saw Coop's mom on the small screen, she had "some work" done.  Right down to the vocal chords, apparently.....

Simple procedure, simple splainin.


* From 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy'


The other day I pointed out that the most recent episode of 'Community' demonstrated how life during prime-time goes on, even though we don't see it happening on our TV screens.

In a way, the third and final episode of the CBS CIA comedic adventure series 'CHAOS' did the same thing.

At the end of the episode, we got to see scenes from the fourth episode ("Two Percent"), in which the ODS team would have gone to Hong Kong on an extraction mission that involved the former partner and lover of a team member.

But after the airing of that third episode, CBS cancelled the series.

That doesn't mean those characters no longer exist; that's not how Toobworld works. We have the documented proof that they went through all of that Hong Kong phooey, and there would still be plenty more missions down the line. We just won't be able to see them.

There are four episodes only listed in most episode guides to be found around the internets:

"Song Of The North"
"Love And Rockets"
"Two Percent"

Yet I keep finding pictures with references to an episode entitled "Eaten By Wolves". The main picture shows Rick, Michael, Billy, and Casey walking down a seedy alley in a "red light district"..... Maybe it could be part of the Hong Kong episode and "Eaten By Wolves" was the original title. Or maybe we have a fifth mission for the Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services team. (CAOS - hence the show's name)

With only three episodes actually broadcast, I doubt there'll be a call for fanfic about 'CHAOS', but hey, you never know. (I just hope we won't be seeing any slash-fic about it!) Not that it's fanfic per se, but I suppose somewhere down the line we'll have to consider the pozz'bility that one of the team members gets killed in the line of duty.

At any rate, since there were only three episodes aired, 'CHAOS' didn't have much of a chance to lay down any major Zonks which could have prevented them from remaining in Earth Prime-Time. As a separate division of the CIA, the team wouldn't clash with any other established TV characters working for the intelligence organization (as could be found in shows like 'Chuck' or 'Covert Affairs'. I'm not counting 'The Agency' because that took place in an alternate universe, which also included 'The District' and maybe 'Prison Break' and 'The Breakout Kings' as well.)

Even Director H.J. Higgins can co-exist with those in charge at the CIA in other shows. In the last episode aired, he did mention that he had "superiors" in the Agency. So more than likely his title of "Director" dealt only with the ODS department.

It wasn't a great show, but it made enjoyable TV viewing for me on a Saturday morning once I got home from work. And it featured a cast who were a pleasure to hang out with (especially Carmen Ejogo and Christina Cole!) but also James Murray, a favorite from 'Primeval'.
I'm sorry to see it go, but at least my Toobian faith reassures me that those characters live on...... LOL



Down in Florida, Michael Podniestrzanski “got into a verbal altercation” with his cousin over which character in the HBO series 'Game Of Thrones' would win in battle. The argument became so intense that Podniestrzanski eventually threw the cousin through the front window.

I get the feeling they never even considered checking the internet; there's at least one Wiki out there dedicated to the fantasy novel series by George R.R. Martin......

It's like Arthur Dales (the one played by Darren McGavin) said in an episode of 'The X-Files':

"Everything weird ends up in Florida."

For more........


* I'm not the first to use that pun.  I won't be the last....


Rob Buckley, major MINEr of "The Medium Is Not Enough" (link to the left, Team Toobworld!), offerd up a couple of posts that should be of interest to the visitors at Inner Toob.

First up, somebody out there in the world of the Net used a Toobworld sensibility in this photo M*A*S*H-up. But I suppose it could also be seen as a blend of the fictional universes for comic books and literature (or some sub-dimension if the idea of the "Twilight" books as literature makes you gag.)

And then, while on a short holiday trip to Wales, MediumRob and the Missus discovered that Cardiff and Barry Island are enjoying their connections to Toobworld......

It's been thirty years, so with my "Swiss Cheese memory", I can't remember who was the betrothed couple, but it reminds me of when two fictional characters got engaged.....

The parent company (I think it was Marvel Comics) received a toaster as a wedding gift from some fan!




'Edward The King'

Virginia Clarke

Earth Prime-Time

From Wikipedia:
Nellie Clifden was an Irish actress who slept with Edward, Prince of Wales, prior to his marriage to Alexandra of Denmark. They met when Prince Edward was spending ten weeks at Curragh Camp in Ireland with the Grenadier Guards in summer 1861. Prince Edward had previously been a sexual novice, so his fellow officers arranged for Nellie to bed the Prince.
Information about the incident reached the Prince's parents. His father Prince Albert later visited his son at Cambridge, where Prince Edward was a student, and they took a long walk in the rain, presumably to discuss the Prince's personal life. Albert died soon after, and Queen Victoria blamed her husband's death on worry over Prince Edward's philandering. He had been "killed by that dreadful business", she said.

The Prince of Wales's affair with Nellie soon ended. He married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863, but continued to have affairs with other women.

Gee, I have no idea why I should have posted that today..........


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In "Paradigms Of Human Memory", 'Community' took a few jabs at one of the biggest losers on their parent network, and I don't mean "The Biggest Loser". I'm talking about the super-hero series 'The Cape'.

From Wikipedia:
'The Cape' is an American superhero drama series. It premiered on NBC during the 2010–2011 television season as a mid-season replacement beginning with a 2-hour pilot episode on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 9 PM Eastern and Pacific Time, with follow-up episodes continuing on Monday evenings in the 9 PM time slot beginning on January 17. NBC subsequently cut the total number of episodes to be aired from 13 to 10 as a result of low ratings. On March 2, 2011, NBC announced that the series finale would only be aired on the network's web site.

I had the two-hour pilot for 'The Cape' in my DVR queue, but I kept putting off actually watching it until it was too late - the DVR died. (Some claim I worked it to death, but I think this time, it was suicide....)

So everything I had saved on there was lost. But I'm told by reliable sources (Hi, Rob!) that the pilot was okay, but that the series quickly went downhill with the second episode.

Nevertheless, even without having seen any of it, I feel confident that 'The Cape' can remain in the main Toobworld. A few attempts to Zonk it by the student body of Greendale Community College isn't going to prevent that.

What helps the case is that 'The Cape' is such a generic title that even if we were to adhere to it being in the superhero genre, it still doesn't mean it had to be about the exact same guy whom we - well, some of you - were watching on the TV show in the real world.

And the Toobworld version of 'The Cape' still doesn't have to be about a superhero at all, if all we have to go by are the references in the 'Community' episode. Abed was running around the cafeteria in a cape, but it wasn't like he was doing super-heroic things. It looked more like his version of 'The Cape' was about some caped clod who caused problems because he liked to wear a cape that always got in his way. (In the example shown, the cape ended up knocking Jeff's food tray to the floor.)

Here are the Zonks about 'The Cape' offered up during the episode:
Jeff yelled after the fleeing Abed - "It won't last three weeks!" Ever the optimist, Abed shouted back - "Six years and a movie!"

Britta barged in on Abed and Troy just as they were about to watch the premiere of 'The Cape' and switched the TV over to the news reports coming out of Tunisia. (And if the premiere of the Toobworld version was the same as in the Trueniverse, the bitch just picked a random night to pull this stunt - the revolt didn't actually happen for another five days.)

In a more conciliatory mood, Jeff allowed that maybe 'The Cape' would find new life on cable.

As you can see, none of those are specific enough to actually be Zonks against the real TV series.

My work here is done. Up, up, and away!



A 9-year-old boy who saved his baby sister's life after she fell into a swimming pool said he learned CPR from watching television.

Tristin Saghin was visiting his grandmother in Mesa, Arizona, with his family when his 2-year-old sister was found floating in the backyard pool.

For Tristin, imitating what he had seen on TV was enough. The boy, who is being hailed as a hero, said he would do anything for his sister.

"She's really beautiful and I love her really much," he said.

Click here for the full story.

I've always said that television can be a wonderful teaching tool....



On this date in 1759, Mary Wollstonecraft, who would marry Percy Bysshe Shelley and write the classic novel "Frankenstein", was born..........


'Saturday Night Live'

Dame Helen Mirren


Or click here.....


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Singer and songwriter Phoebe Snow passed away today at the age of 60. She had suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2010. Ms. Snow was best known for her song "Poetry Man" which reached #5 on the charts back in 1974.

Ms. Snow appeared as herself on plenty of variety shows and talk shows and was a featured profile on 'CBS Sunday Morning', which told the tragic circumstances that followed the birth of her daughter in 1975. (My favorite appearance of hers on TV - singing "The Married Men" with Linda Ronstadt on 'Saturday Night Live' back in 1979.)  I'll feature a couple of videos from her TV appearances during the coming Video Weekend.

But Phoebe Snow also contributed a couple of Toobworld citizens as well.

In 1988, she played Rebecca, who may have been the host of a cable talk show on which 'Throb' employees Sandy and Meredith were asked to appear so that they could promote a self-help book which they had not even finished writing.
More than twenty years later, she appeared as Mrs. Schablansky, who appears to have been a teacher who caught Jackson Stewart cheating on an exam. (Jackson is the brother of Miley Stewart, AKA 'Hannah Montana'.)

As I'm always on the lookout for ways to "tidy up" Toobworld and combine various TV characters, I don't see any argument against why in those twenty years Rebecca could have left the low-paying world of local cable TV and become a teacher. Maybe it paid even less, but the rewards would have been greater.

She could already have had the last name of Schablansky, or she got married at some point after doing that cable talk show.

I'd like to think Mrs. Rebecca Schablansky lives on in Toobworld.....

Rest in peace, Phoebe Snow. Good night and may God bless.



The latest episode of 'Community' is a contender for a 2011 Toobits Award as Best Contribution to the Toobworld Concept.

"Paradigms Of Human Memory" was a take-off on that old TV cliche of the clip show, in which a series would save money by putting together a lot of clips in the form of flashbacks.

But in this case, most of the clips seen were from episodes of 'Community' that never happened - at least on our TV screens.

However, we in the audience of the Trueniverse never see everything that happens to our favorite TV characters, and as Martha Stewart would say, that's a good thing. Did you really want to see Hurley taking a bleep in the jungle on 'Lost'?
The classic example has always been the fact that in 'Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan', Khan Noonian Singh says that he remembers Pavel Chekov from his time on board the Enterprise. But in the episode "Space Seed", their paths never crossed as far as we could see. In fact, Walter Koenig wasn't even in that episode!
So the 'Community' episode of "Paradigms Of Memory" is a worthy example because of how many examples it serves up.



Two previously featured historical figures from the early years of Queen Victoria's reign.......

Noel Willman

Patience Collier

'Edward The King'

Both roles have been featured in the ASOTV showcase before: Baron Von Stockmar and Baroness Lehzen were shown as they appeared in the two-part TV movie "Victoria & Albert", played by David Suchet and Dame Diana Rigg, respectively. And so the links will provide the previously posted information on their roles in the Court of Queen Victoria.

Since the Wikipedia info-nuggets usually found in the showcase can be found elsewhere, we can instead examine the role of historical recastaways in the TV Universe......

The problem of recasting an historical figure causes the most problems for Toobworld Central when it comes to their appearances in regular TV series. As a good example, consider one of the main characters in both 'Edward The King' and "Victoria & Albert" - Queen Victoria. It would be the desire of Toobworld Central to keep all of the following shows in Earth Prime-Time:

'Doctor Who'
'Red Dwarf'

And yet each of them featured a different actress playing the part of Queen Victoria.

We finally had to make like Slartibartfast, where "the only thing to do is to say, 'Hang the sense of it' and accept them all, with the proviso that for the most part, the differences between portrayals of historical figures in TV series was due to the audience seeing them through the filter of Time as well as the memory of some character. For the most part.....

It's not the most perfect solution, but 'twill serve.

By the way, it would be the portrayal of Queen Victoria by Prunella Scales in three different TV productions which is the official version for Earth Prime-Time.

As for the many recastaways for characters like Queen Victoria, Marilyn Monroe, Presidents Kennedy, Lincoln, and Washinton, etc. that can be found in TV movies and mini-series, there are plenty of alternate TV dimensions, thanks to the basic premise of 'Sliders' for each of them to find a home away from Earth Prime-Time.

But TV characters, even the historical ones, are like digital Colorforms - to be moved from one diorama to another, especially when it comes to populating the perfect Toobworld.

For instance, in this example we're going to use "Bertie", the son of Queen Victoria who had to wait so long to become King. We're accepting Timothy West's portrayal of 'Edward The King' to be the official version of the royal role. We also accept Francesca Annis as Lillie Langtry to be the official portrayal of the actress* and Bertie's mistress, since she not only played the role in 'Edward The King', but in her own mini-series as well. However, in 'Lillie', the role of Bertie was played by Dennis Lill, so he would be sent off to an alternate TV dimension.

As for our featured historical figures of today? There it is a mandate based on personal preference. I'm a big fan of David Suchet and - Homina Thrice! - Dame Diana Rigg, and therefore it is their portrayals of Baron Von Stockmar and Baroness Lehzen which are the "official" portraits in the main Toobworld gallery.

Like I said, it's not the perfect solution, but since the Toobworld concept is my sandbox, I get the final say on the action figures. (I learned at an early age never to get sand on my Colorforms.....)

Anyhoo.... Two for Tuesday!


*While she was alive - for Lillie Langtry as the undead vampiress in the TV series "Kindred: The Embraced", we also accept Stacy Haiduk in the role. (The splainin is that she was somehow physically altered by her "embrace" into the Kindred......)

Monday, April 25, 2011

1969 v. 1482

In the season premiere of 'Doctor Who' ("The Impossible Astronaut"), the Doctor mentioned that 1969 would be a fun time to visit, but that was not always the case with other years. For example, 1482 was full of glitches.

Being the good little (okay, not so little) televisiologist that I am, I checked out the Wikipedia entry for the year 1482. And not very much happened during those particular 365 days: 
  • The Portuguese erect the Fort Elmina near the mouth of the River Benya on the Gold Coast.
  • Tizoc rules the Aztecs.
  • Diogo Cão, a Portuguese navigator, becomes the first European to sail up the Congo.
  • Ivan III renounces the Mongol Khanate rule over Russia.
  • The Kingdom of England captures Berwick from the Kingdom of Scotland, resulting in the only permanent change to the Anglo-Scottish border from the signing of the Treaty of York in 1237 to the present day.
Maybe it was one of those glitches that caused other major events to disappear, only to re-occur at some later date?

But getting back to 1969, the Doctor and his Companions weren't the only ones to travel there via time travel - Dr. Sam Beckett quantum leaped back to the Gulf of Mexico in time to help out during the devastation of Hurricane Camille.
The Stargate team did it as well, going back to Woodstock to bring about a required historical change for one of their team.

Also at Woodstock was an "extension" of the Q Continuum, who saved the festival by getting the sound system fixed.

A G.I. was murdered at the Woodstock festival, but it would be just over forty years before a Philadelphia-based team of "cold case" investigators were able to solve the crime.

As sort of a cosmic balance, a WGEO-FM radio technician named Daryl was conceived at Woodstock.
David Fischer and his sister-in-law Brenda Chenowith were both born in 1969, as was Blair Sandburg and police detective Sam Tyler. Carl Winslow graduated from high school, and two hippy chicks were butchered by vampires John Mitchell and his mentor William Herrick.

So it's understandable that the Doctor would love to visit the Nixon White House in that year - if it hadn't been for the fact he had no clue as to Who was behind the summons to visit.....

'Doctor Who'
'Quantum Leap'
'Stargate SG-1'
'Star Trek: Voyager'
'Cold Case'
'Six Feet Under'
'Family Matters'
'Life On Mars'
'The Sentinel'
'Being Human'



In 'The Impossible Astronaut', the Doctor got himself inserted into the Laurel and Hardy movie "Flying Deuces" in order to attract the attention of his Companions Amy and Rory.

This must have been a special print of the film, because he doesn't show up in actual copies of the movie; and the director and editor of "Flying Deuces" would never have allowed that footage into the final print as it ruins the storyline and detracts from the two main stars.

I'm guessing that the Doctor sought the help of Billy Shipton sometime after Billy's arrival in 1969, once he had established himself as a video/DVD publisher. So not only did he insert those Easter Eggs into the disks meant for Sally Sparrow, he also put together this rarest of Laurel and Hardy movies.

Over at, they quickly took notice of the intrusion of the Doctor into the world of the Sons of the Desert and they also offered up a picture of what might have happened when Stan and Ollie did meet the Doctor.....



"Beyond The Blackboard"

Emily Van Camp

Earth Prime-Time

"Nobody Don't Love Nobody" is the story of young Stacey Bess's first teaching assignment, the only job she could find, at The School with No Name. In a small shed behind a community homeless shelter Stacey Bess taught Kindergarten through sixth grade to children with no homes and little hope, an experience that effected a profound change in the teacher as well as her students. Stacey discovered that by teaching and modeling love, self-worth, personal power, and courage she could reach children who had previously been labeled "unteachable". These children have grown into living proof that Stacey's methods work. Her memoir "Nobody Don't Love Nobody" inspired the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie "Beyond the Blackboard."


Sunday, April 24, 2011


Thanks to Retroland.....



A riff on an old Emo Philips routine.....

Start at 3:30 to see the original version of the joke....






This aired in the UK after the season premiere of 'Doctor Who'........

Damned Toobworld Central. There must be dust in the air......