Saturday, October 22, 2016


Another Saturday, another look at a TV character in the comic book universe.....

For forty years, my favorite TV show had been 'The Prisoner'. But it has finally slipped to become "the new Number Two" after 'Doctor Who'. 

Number Six is a Multiversal, existing in the fictional universes of Toobworld, the Tooniverse, BookWorld, the comic book dimension, and a world of audio dramas. 

There was a four part comic book sequel gathered as "Shattered Visage" and only recently the internet got to see Jack Kirby's vision of 'The Prisoner'. 

Here are some examples of Number Six in a four color world.....

Be seeing you......

Thursday, October 20, 2016


John Canfield was a retired Congressman who took Aunt Bee Taylor out on a series of dates. After going out dancing every night, they both discovered that neither of them had the energy for such a whirlwind romance.

Congressman Canfield had been previously married but his wife died some years earlier. Not having her there at his side in Washington that last term in office to advise him may have been a contributing factor in Canfield's decision to retire. 

They had a son, Benjamin, who was the head physician at the Eastman Medical Center in Los Angeles.  Dr. Canfield served as a mentor back in the 1980s to a child prodigy doctor named Doogie Howser at Eastman. 

Congressman Canfield's older brother had a daughter who went to university in Wisconsin. She liked the area so much that she decided to relocate there after graduating with her teaching degree in 1956.  She spent only one year at the Grant Avenue school before moving on.  (I'd like to think she taught for awhile in the third Rome, Wisconsin.)

Miss Canfield was a young and attractive, no-nonsense schoolteacher who taught a second grade class for the first time at Grant Avenue Grammar School in Mayfield, Wisconsin. 

Unfortunately, we don't know what the first name of Miss Canfield was. 

At any rate, Congressman Canfield and Aunt Bea didn't continue their relationship and he eventually moved to California in order to be closer to his son Ben. 

It's my contention that John Canfield  died in 1970....