Saturday, October 16, 2004


No, that's got nothing to do with how you look on TV, nor is it some wacko cult created by a hack sci-fi writer.

The journal "Nature" has published a report by a genealogical research team delving into the mysteries of human ancestry. Their findings state that everybody alive today - no matter where in the world - shares a common ancestor who lived 2-3,000 years ago.

Considering how much she got around, that ancestor's name is probably "Xena".

Team member Steve Olson said, "People are much more closely related to each other biologically than we've suspected in the past."

Another member of the team, Yale mathematician Joseph Chang, claimed that because a person's genes are diluted by half every generation, it's unlikely you share any of the same genes with a forebear who lived even tens of generations ago, Chang explained. But that person is still your genealogical ancestor, even if you are not genetically related.

Of course the scientific laws of the real world don't apply to Toobworld, and vice versa. Otherwise, there would be no secret bases on the moon and time travel in the TV Universe. And we would have manimals and automen roaming about in our midst, saying "Can you hear me now? Good."

In the TV Universe, characters not only share genetic material with ancestors tens of generations back, they can look exactly alike as well. We are used to seeing a character's parent and sometimes even grandparent looking like them, but this seeing double can go back even farther on the family tree. AJ and Rick Simon had carbon copies forebears dating back to the American Revolution.
('Simon and Simon')

And Samantha and Darrin Stephens are both genetic echoes of prehistoric ancestors who also shared the same names. And as if by kismet, these primeval twins also fell in love and married. Samantha's ancestor was even able to practice witchcraft.

[We know it couldn't be the modern-day Sam and Darrin on a magical pre-history tour of Bedrock. It has been stated with certainty that witches can't go beyond that point in time when they were born, or else they risk losing their powers. And the proto-Samantha had full use of her Neanderthal nose-twitch.]
('Bewitched' & 'The Flintstones')

"We make mistakes. Genetic manipulation or not, nobody's perfect."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard
'Star Trek: The Next Generation'


[This was based on an article by Paul H.B. Shin, which was originally published in the New York Daily News on October 3, 2004.]

Thursday, October 14, 2004


It's been a few weeks since I looked at the line-up of new shows from a particular network and tried to figure out what might be their best crossover options.

So we've tackled ABC and CBS; let's move on to that fair and balanced mothership of Rupert Murdoch's empire, FOX:

'The Partner'
'Renovate My Family'
'Next Great Champ'
'The Billionaire - Richard Branson's Quest For The Best'
'The Complex: Malibu'


You know, I was willing to play along and suggest a few links for a so-called "reality show" once in a while for each network..... But to have your line-up stocked with them?

Bleep that!

All save for 'House'. At least I'm looking forward to at least a few episodes of that; to test the waters. I'm a fan of Hugh Laurie and it sounds as if his character is meant to have the type of irascibility shown by Patrick McGoohan when he starred in the poorly received (and I admit it, poorly conceived) 'Rafferty'.

I just don't understand why he's being forced to adopt an American accent. Let the man revel in his natural British diction! Don't vocally castrate him like CBS did with Mark Addy!

Other than that, I'll wait to see a few episodes before I make a suggestion, but seeing as how they've loaded down the sked with so many reality shows, there aren't that many options for crossovers. Off the top of my melon, I'd say an hour in the day of Jack Bauer and '24' might be in order.

'House' - The title suggests it's either a home renovation program or another version of 'Big Brother'.

But it's a medical investigation series about Dr. Ian House.

This will never come up in the series, but I think Dr. House is related, albeit distantly, to Chief Inspector House, a British investigator. It's not exactly a relative Dr. House would be bragging about. (See 'Burke's Law' episode "Who Killed Supersleuth?")

I'd bet that except for my online allies at the Gene Barry website, I doubt that there's anybody else who would have remembered Chief Inspector House.

But as I am a great fan of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show', seeing Carl Reiner in the role of Inspector House made qute an impression on a fair-headed yet feather-headed young boy.

Yes! I'm talking about myself!!!!!!



Now that he's no longer running for President, Reverend Al Sharpton has a lot of free time for a more prominent position in TV Land. One week after Election Day, Reverend Al will debut as the host of a new reality series on Spike-TV: 'I Hate My Job'.

He'll be serving as a motivational coach to eight guys who quit their jobs and are given three months to pursue the dream job they've always wanted.

And he's been prepping himself by appearing on other shows around the dial as himself. Last December, he hosted 'Saturday Night Live' and proved himself adept at playing characters other than himself. (My personal favorite was his impersonation of Johnny Cochrane.)

But just in the last three weeks he's gone bi-coastal - first, he was practically accosted by Maya when he showed up at William's offices, but at least he got a free copy of her book out of the experience.

And then it was off to Boston where he made a surprise appearance in a court case dealing with a little black girl's chance to play the iconic figure of Li'l Orphan Annie in a roadshow production of the musical.

Reverend Al appeared as a favor to Denny Crane, acting as the "rabbit pulled out of the hat" to shake things up in the courtroom to swing opinion in the favor of Alan Shore's client.

[An interesting side note: the name of the 'Girlfriends' episode was "The Rabbit Died". I hope there's nothing ominous in that.....]
('Boston Legal')

These weren't the first times that Sharpton has appeared as himself in the TV Universe. Of course, there is always the talk show circuit, but we all know that's not the stuff that makes for exciting connections in the Great Link.

Still, here are a list of a few notable appearances in such forums:
"Real Time with Bill Maher" (2003) playing "Himself" 30 July 2004
"Tavis Smiley" (2004) playing "Himself" 29 July 2004
"Dennis Miller" (2004) playing "Himself" 15 & 20 July 2004
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (1993) playing "Himself" 14 July 2004
"O'Reilly Factor, The" (1996) playing "Himself" 1 July 2004
"Tavis Smiley" (2004) playing "Himself" 2 February 2004
"Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The" (1992) playing "Himself" 19 February 2003
"Chris Rock Show, The" (1997) playing "Himself" 21 November 1997
"Howard Stern" (1994) playing "Himself" 13 June 1996
"Howard Stern Show, The" (1990) playing "Himself" 27 April 1991
"Howard Stern Show, The" (1990) playing "Himself" 17 November 1990

[Thanks to the IMDb for the info.]

Al Sharpton has also appeared in that little corner of the TV Universe carved out by Dick Wolf with appearances on 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' and 'New York Undercover'. (Even though those two shows aired on different networks, they are linked by the appearance of Dr. Elizabeth Olivet, as played by Carolyn McCormack.)

I haven't seen either episode, but I think I know how they sussed out. The reverend probably led the protest when the reputation of a college was being protected to the detriment of an investigation into the murder of a female student, allegedly by two of the school's basketball stars.
('Law & Order: Special Victims Unit')

And he probably rose to the defense of a fellow minister, Reverend Hundley, who was being targeted by a cigarette manufacturer.
('New York Undercover')

But there's one appearance by Reverend Al Sharpton that has my curiousity piqued. In September of 1974, he appeared as himself on an episode of 'Soul Train'.

As he just turned fifty this month, he was not yet twenty when he was on the show. So I'm figuring that he was one of the kids dancing to the latest hits.

Now THAT would be something to see!

Charlie's loony next door neighbor, Rose, used the term "re-gifted" when talking about the fact that he gave his nephew a fake dog-poop toy which she had given him. (Actually, she broke into the house and left it on his pillow.)

Rose: "But you re-gifted. And I thought you were a classy guy!"

She jumped off the balcony to make her escape before she could reveal how she might have known of a term that was created by a character on 'Seinfeld'.

There was no mention or reference to the classic show about Nothing, so we're free to assume that this is not a Zonk. Instead, it's possible there might be a reason to be found in the show's inner reality.
('Two And A Half Men')

At some point in time, Rose must have known someone found in the 'Seinfeld' universe. And each of the four main characters could have used the term with her.

Jerry: As a comedian, he would have had plenty of opportunities to visit Los Angeles; they even built a season-ending cliff-hanger around such a trip. And as a single man with dating woes, Rose would have fit in perfectly with his personal rogue's gallery.
George: While he was working for the New York Yankees front office, George must have traveled with the team to the West Coast for any number of road trip series. Perhaps he met Rose while they were both going into a stadium.
Kramer: He's got a reputation for doing well with those ladies who have some kind of emotional problems or who are at least on the rebound. And as he is a quixotic sort, he may have been in the City of Angels on business. (He does have Kramerica, Inc. to run, after all.)
Elaine: Maybe once she got out of prison in 1999/2000, she decided to start her life anew. To accomplish that, perhaps California was the place she ought to be. And once she relocated to Beverly - Hills, that is (movie stars, swimming pools) - perhaps Elaine became friends with Rose.
('Two And A Half Men' & 'Seinfeld')

Illya Kuryakin and a scientist's daughter once watched a TV episode about a secret agent who takes the place of a sheik's daughter in the Arabian kingdom of Zalamar, in order to foil the plans of the evil Grand Vizier.
('The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' - "The Her Master's Voice Affair")

The problem is, the show they were watching was the second episode of 'The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.' ("The Prisoner Of Zalamar Affair"). Illya Kuryakin and April Dancer (the secret agent portrayed in the episode) worked for the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. He once teamed up with her partner Mark Slade, while she was working with Illya's partner, Napoleon Solo.

This wasn't the only time two TV series that are definitely proven to be in the same universe would later be Zonked by being shown on TV within each other's programs. It happened between 'Ally McBeal' and 'The Practice', as well.

There's a splainin for all of this, I'm sure of it.

Just haven't found it yet......

Mary, Delinda, and Nerissa got lost in the Nevada desert when they hunted for hidden treasure. But before they could be found by the local crime scene investigators (like THAT crossover will ever happen!), they were rescued by singer Clint Black who happened to be staying nearby. Clint Black always seems to have interesting encounters with the Ladies of TV Land; he was once stalked at a party in Boston by bar manager Rebecca Howe. ('Cheers')

The great thing about Toobworld: There's always a celebrity around when you need one!
('Las Vegas')

Tony Kleinman was told by his mechanic that he should borrow a Hummer while his own car was in the shop for repairs. What he failed to point out, however, was that the vehicle was owned by Dennis Rodman. And even after he found out, Tony still wouldn't give it up until his own car was ready.

The sportswriter might not have been so obstinate about the situation had he known that within TV's own reality, Dennis Rodman is not of this world. He is an alien, perhaps even one similar to those pseudo-humanoids to be found in Rutherford, Ohio.

Maybe that's the real reason Rodman is known as "The Worm".
('Listen Up!' & 'Third Rock From The Sun')

Both Black and Rodman are eligible for eventual induction into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame - and without any appearances on talk shows, music programs, or poker showdowns.

Dennis Rodman also has:
'North Shore'
'L.A. Doctors'
'Double Rush'

And Clint Black can also claim:
'King Of The Hill'
'The Larry Sanders Show'

"Avenue Q", the puppet musical which won the Tony Award this year for Best Musical, is now officially a part of the TV Universe in more than just promotional appearances on talk shows, commercials, or in musical snippets.

Chief Jerry Reilly discovered his wife had Alzheimer's when they went to see the show. (She told him that when her husband showed up, he'd have to give up his seat - for himself.)
('Rescue Me')

The first orchid hybrid was created in 1858, according to Dr. Barrett Moore.

The last time Joan Rivers graced the cover of 'People' magazine was in 1994.

Adrian Moore, totally messed up by his relationship with his "mother", Ava Moore (formerly a man named Avery Tanner), killed himself with a hunting knife plunged into his intestinal organs.

Sam Dorian, father of Dan and John ("JD"), was a traveling office supplies salesman. He may have died on the road doing business.('Scrubs')

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


"The majority of television caters to the majority of Americans,
And is, as a result, garbage."
Grace McCallister
'Jack & Bobby'


LucasFilms is now denying that there are any TV shows based on 'Star Wars' in development.
It doesn't matter. 'Star Wars' is already part of the TV Universe: 'Droids', 'Ewoks', the infamous 1977 Holiday Special......
The producers of 'Joey' are casting for another Tribbiani sister to join the fold by November. (I knew they would have been better off naming the series 'Tribbiani!'......)
NBC isn't saying, but a Bold-Face name could be playing the role.
To me, that sounds like an act of desperation, and could very well end up being a focal point on the "Jump The Shark" website. (Personally, I'm finding the show to be comedically bankrupt.)
But why not call on Marla Sokoloff to reprise her portrayal of Dina Tribbiani? Audiences know her from 'The Practice', where she played Lucy Hatcher. She's got the comedic chops, as displayed by her one-line zingers and asides in that role....
And she's got spunk. I LIKE spunk!
Hit 1980s TV action series The A-Team is to be remade as a movie, according to Hollywood trade paper Variety. It said James Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein was writing a more serious movie version of the popular US series for the Fox studio.
The TV show followed the fortunes of four Vietnam veterans on the run after escaping from a US military prison. It starred the late George Peppard and made a pop culture phenom out of Mr. T. [Peppard, who played The A-Team leader Hannibal, died in Los Angeles in 1994.] The series, which ran from 1983 to 1987, also starred Dirk Benedict as Faceman Peck and Dwight Schultz as Howling Mad Murdock.
Stephen J. Cannell, who created the original show and is co-producing the new film, said Mr. T could be bought back in a cameo role. He said: "Mr. T and I had lunch last week, and I'd really like to have him in the movie, although we haven't begun casting.
"I always think it's nice to see the stars of the old show in cameo roles in the movie. But obviously he won't be playing BA Baracus."
Cannell added that the remake would be "less cartoony" than the original. He told Variety: "Not to denigrate the TV show, but nobody ever died. We drove cars off cliffs and people got out and walked away. We're not going to do that in the movie. In this, the tone is more dangerous - you can really die. It's very tense and exciting."
Fred Thompson will do double duty on two 'Law & Order' shows. He will continue to play Manhattan District Attorney Arthur Branch on the original series, but he will also take the character to 'Law & Order: Trial by Jury', which is set to premiere next spring.
"Obviously, Fred is a welcome and quite necessary component of `Law & Order: Trial By Jury' since the action takes place inside the legal system and he is the district attorney," executive producer and series creator Dick Wolf told The Associated Press Wednesday in an e-mail.
'Law & Order: Trial by Jury' will star Jerry Orbach, also of the original 'Law & Order' series, as police Detective Lennie Briscoe. The series also will star Bebe Neuwirth, Kirk Acevedo and Amy Carlson.
'My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss', premiering Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. is a hybrid reality spoof that dupes contestants for laughs.
"What 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé' did for romance reality, 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss' will do for business reality," said Gail Berman, president of Fox Entertainment.
The show takes 12 contestants and puts them in the employ of N. Paul Todd (played by actor William August). As Mr. Todd, CEO of the fictitious IOCOR, August puts his charges through a series of ridiculous challenges. The last contestant standing will take home a real check for $250,000.
Depending on your way of counting, the new, animated version of 'The Fantastic Four' will be either the third or fourth television take on the first Marvel supergroup, beginning with the 1967 Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The 1978 'The New Fantastic Four' omitted the Human Torch.
[Very few fans are likely to count the 1979 Hanna-Barbera offering 'Fred and Barney Meet The Thing', which somehow managed to mix Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble with the rock-bodied 'Fantastic Four' character.
But of course, this televisiologist accepts the challenge - both the Flintstones and the Fantastic Four exist in the same TV dimension; it's just a matter of splainin away how they bridged the temporal gap!]
Marvel and Antefilms (which produces Cartoon Network's 'Code Lyoko' and 'Funky Cops') hope to give the series an all-ages appeal, to bridge the gap between fans of the original series and new viewers who flock to the coming feature film. Marvel hopes to use the series, as well as a new video game property, as a way to tide fans between the first movie and what the company hopes will be sequels.
Kirstie Alley is recruiting some old friends for her unscripted Showtime series 'Fat Actress'. John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Jeff Zucker and Mark Curry are set to appear in the show's first episode.
Set to premiere in March of 2005, 'Fat Actress' takes an only slightly fictionalized look at Alley's own experiences with looking for love and work in Hollywood while having to deal with endless media and tabloid speculation about her yo-yoing weight.
Warner Bros. has acquired remake rights to 'Hawaii Five-O', with George Nolfi set to write the script, reports Variety. George Litto, who was the agent of series creator Leonard Freeman, will produce the film.
With its lush Oahu setting, popular theme song and signature lead detective character Steve McGarrett, 'Hawaii Five-O' is perhaps the most remake-friendly TV series not previously under studio control, says the trade. CBS broadcast the series from 1968 to 1980.
Nolfi has begun writing, and filming is expected to start next spring in Oahu for an early summer 2006 release. There is even a time schedule for sequels. Nolfi is reportedly sticking close to the original 'Five-O' series plot.
Personally, I just wish they'd leave the original characters alone and do a continuation with new characters. Perhaps they could bring in James MacArthur to reprise his signature role of Dan-O.
Going in the opposite direction (from film to TV), Ricky Tomlinson is in talks to reprise his big screen role of the hapless England football manager Mike Bassett for a TV series. ITV is producing the spin-off of the British movie 'Mike Bassett: England Manager' to be screened next year.
Actress Amanda Redman - who starred in the film - is also in negotiations to play Bassett's long-suffering wife.
The TV series will see Bassett down on his luck and in charge of a third division club.
The sitcom will follow his exploits trying to manage fictional Wirral County Football Club while struggling to keep his marriage on track.
[In the 2001 film Bassett was promoted from the manager of Norwich City to become England supremo, mainly because nobody else could be found to fill the position.]
"Mike Basset was a huge hit in cinemas and we are thrilled to be bringing these great characters back in this new incarnation," said ITV's controller of comedy Sioned Wiliam.
"It's wonderful to be working with such great actors and talented writers."
The series will be made by Artist Independent Television and Smiling Films, and executive produced by the film's writers Rob Sprackling and John Smith.
"We can't wait to bring Bassett to the small screen. His hapless antics at the bum end of the football league are the perfect antidote to the super cool glamour of the Premiership," Sprackling and Smith said in a statement.
This was from Hercules, the TV guy at the Ain't It Cool News? site:
"I’m trying to stay off the pipe, but I've got one so good my sponsors - my Spoiler Anonymous sponsors - are encouraging me to drop a hint.
Here's the 2004 edition, as we head into the big fall season: Two – count ‘em – two regular characters on one of Herc’s very favorite TV series of all time will die before the 2004-05 season staggers to completion.
Regulars, I say. Regular regulars. We're talking title credits. Die forever. And completely. Not back at all. Ever. Not a trick, hoax or imaginary story. Really gonna happen.
For those new to the site, just some of the Herc’s all-time favorite series:
Gilmore Girls
The O.C.
The Simpsons
The West Wing
For the record, I do not regard 'Smallville' as one of my all-time favorite series, though it still stands head and shoulders above 'Lois & Clark.'
That's all you get, bitch. Hug it out, and if you think I lie, we'll talk after Memorial Day. "
I'll be curious to see who it is. I'm figuring it's either the parents on 'Gilmore Girls' or two from 'West Wing'.
[I did like the allusion to 'Entourage'. I think Ari once said, "Hug it out, Bitch." to E.......]
Perhaps the second time will be the charm for 'American Idol' wannabe, Donnie Williams. Williams, 20, was chosen last winter to appear on 'Idol', but was arrested for drunk driving after partying the night before he was to fly to Los Angeles to take part in last season's show. When producers learned what he had done, he was disqualified and replaced by George Huff, a likable and talented singer who made it all the way to the finals.
But now the three judges from the popular talent-hunt show have given Williams the green light to go to Hollywood for a rare, second shot at the fame and fortune. Williams got the second chance last week during tryouts in San Francisco when he sang "Happy Birthday" to Simon Cowell, who was celebrating his 45th birthday. "I just decided to sing in honor of his birthday and it worked," Williams says. "Then they all told me I was going to LA"
Cowell says it was Williams' talent, not his song choice, that landed him a slot on the show. "Another singer did the same thing and I booted him," Cowell said. "Donnie was chosen for his singing ability."
"He took care of it," judge Randy Jackson says of the arrest. "And now he's back where he should be, he's got the whole package: great voice, good attitude."
Classic comedy 'Fawlty Towers' has been voted the top BBC sitcom by foreign viewers - including those in Germany.
The show, starring John Cleese as a hapless hotelier, topped a poll carried out internationally by BBC Worldwide. Germany was among the countries which voted for the 1970s sitcom despite the famous scene in which Basil Fawlty cries: "Don't mention the war!"
'Keeping Up Appearances' was second, closely followed by 'Blackadder Goes Forth' in third. 'Absolutely Fabulous' came fourth.
'Yes, Minister' and 'The Vicar of Dibley' also featured prominently in the poll. 'Coupling' was the most up-to-date offering in the poll, in seventh place, although 'The Office' failed to make the top 10.
'Only Fools and Horses' may have topped a recent poll of British viewers, but international audiences are not as fond of the show, only rating it eighth.
The sitcoms are shown in over 100 countries on the BBC Prime entertainment channel, which is part of BBC Worldwide. BBC Prime boss David Weiland said: "Classic comedy is a big winner internationally and we are delighted Fawlty Towers has come up trumps yet again."


Tuesday, October 12, 2004


With the news that Kid Flash will soon appear in the alternate TV dimension shared by 'Smallville' and 'The West Wing', my thoughts have been on superheroes of late. Particularly of an emerald-clad ringbearer and champion of the universe.

But until such time as I get my thoughts tracked down, stunned, roped, branded, and corralled into order, I'd like to share with you another email from my colleague in the study of the TV Universe.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's Hugh:

Are you familiar with the cartoon Static Shock? Unfortunately, it was cancelled this past year, but it made many televerse connections.

Produced for the WB, it was an animated adaptation of an Icon Comics character named Static. It told of Virgil Hawkins in Dakota, a teen who got electricity based powers after "the Big Bang", an explosion at the docks. His best friend Richie was the only one with his secret, and, starting in season three (of four total), he started dressing as Gear, using his high IQ to fight crimes as well.

From a real world standpoint, the show featured Shaquille O'Neal as himself in season one (the "Static Shaq" episode), A.J. McLean from Backstreet Boys (in "Duped," also season one), and Lil' Romeo (in "Romeo in the Mix" from season three), and the final season featured Karl Malone (voicing himself) with Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash, and Yao Ming (voiced by other actors) in "Hoop Squad," which had the NBA all-stars becoming a super-team (reminiscent of the Power Rangers).

One late season three episode, "Blast from the Past", introduced Soul Power (the plan to use Black Lightning from the comics fell through), a retired black super hero who came out of retirement to help Virgil. The show also put together a pair of superbly written episodes, "Static in Africa" for season 3 then the sequel "Out of Africa" for season 4, which featured the heroic Anansi and the villainous Osebo, bringing African (and island) legends to animated form, and making a superhero out of folktale figure Anansi. Potential crossover here: the Gargoyles cartoon, when it featured Goliath and company wandering the earth, had an Anansi episode, "Mark of the Panther", where the great spider was a monster/villain instead of a magical hero.

It's greatest crossovers, however, began with the first season of episode two, "Big Leagues," in which Static teamed up with Batman and Robin to beat the Joker (all voiced by their actors from the WB's Batman, the animated series). It turns out Static is firmly in the world of those animated series, as season three began with "Hard as Nails" and found Static in Gotham, helping Batman, Comm. Gordon, Alfred and Harvey Bullock stop Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

Then, in the two-part "A League of Their Own," Static and Gear helped most of the Justice League (Batman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Flash, and Hawkgirl) defeat Brainiac. Static finally met Superman in "Toys in the Hood", a direct sequel to the "Obsession" episode of the Superman animated series, as the kids in Dakota teamed with the Man of Steel against Toyman. Season four then offered both "Future Shock", with Static thrown forward to the future of Batman Beyond. And finally, Virgil and his old hero, the John Stewart Green Lantern, fought Sinestro in "Fallen Hero."

The Paul Dini/Bruce Timm Batman: The Animated Series, later The Advs. of Batman & Robin, later part of the Batman/Superman Advs. hour, later Batman: Gotham Knights, but basically all one show) directly ties into Superman: The Animated Series (also part of that hour with Batman), the sequel series Batman Beyond, and Justice League, which is now called Justice League Unlimited (and looks to be an omnibus of the entire DC universe of characters). It also ties to some of the Webtoons from the WB, with women of Gotham City, such as Harley Quinn, Zatanna, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. Batman Beyond spun off the Zeta Project, but Batman's most remarkable cross (in my mind) was when Mark Hamill's voice was used for the Joker on the live-action Birds of Prey, a rare cartoon to live-action link up.

Also, there's a debatable point as to whether or not Teen Titans fits into this world. It's in a different style anyway. However, in "Hard as Nails," Static asks about Robin, and he's told "he's with the Titans--you'll know about them soon enough," suggesting a crossover was planned.

Another possible cross--the villain Sinestro, from "Fallen Hero", and who has been on JL and Superman, appears in the "Green Loontern" episode of Duck Dodgers (which also has a Samurai Jack cameo); it's a different actor, but all are by WB animators.

Anyway, just info for you.

And always welcome, thanks!

Any interesting cross-over/spin-off stories you'd like to share? Send them along! We're always hungry for ways to expand the TV Universe!