Monday, December 31, 2018



At midnight Inner Toob begins its annual salute to ‘Doctor Who’ with the blogAthon, a new post every half hour.

But this post has a shelf life and it needed to be posted today.

My thanks to Doctor Who News for these screen caps from the restored “Enemy Of The World”.

Despite all of the discrepancies with the world as we know it (this is more like it came from “1984”), this actually happened in Earth Prime-Time, the main Toobworld.  

But this is not the world we would see in other TV shows set in 2018.  Not anymore.  This is the Toobworld in which Henry Talbot McNeil was the President of the United States during the 1970s.  (‘Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea’)  But this timeline was erased by Helen Cutter (‘Primordial’) who stepped through an anomaly into the far distant past and changed History.

So the Second Incarnation of the Doctor may have still bested Ramon Salamander, but Salamander may not have been in control of the world and there certainly would be no district zones like the misspelled “Australasion Zone”.

It’s either that or “Enemy Of The World” took place in another dimension.

Either way, the events of the adventure still have to end the same way – with Salamander clinging to the TARDIS and then falling off into the Void.

Why?  Because it’s my belief that Salamander was rescued by the entity known as House and “employed” to be his servant now known as “Uncle”.  (By the time we met Uncle, a lot of his body parts had been replaced, including the skin of his face.)

That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.

Anyway, 2018 only has a few more hours to go and I for one will be happy to see it kicked to the curb.  (I kind of died back in May.  But did I get a regeneration?  Noooo.)

In just a few hours, the “Who’s On First” annual blogathon launches 2019.  I hope you enjoy it!





Jacques Lassalle ("Luisa Miller", "Medee", "Dom Juan", "La Locandiera")
Milos Forman ("A Well-Paid Walk", 2 time Best Director Oscar)
Kirk Simon ('Masterclass', 'Coming Out Stories', 'Kindergarten')
Vivian Matalon ('Emergency -Ward 10', 'Rooms', 'Couples')
Nicolas Roeg ('Ghost Squad', 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles')
Bernardo Bertolucci ('La Via Del Petrolio', "L'inchiesta")
Danny Leiner ('The Mind Of The Married Man', 'The Sopranos', 'The Office', 'Arrested Develpment', 'Felicity')


Ursula K. LeGuin ("The Lathe Of Heaven", "The Wizard of Earthsea")
David Fisher ('Doctor Who', 'Crown Court', 'Mogul', 'Orlando')
Cynthia Heimel ('Dear John', 'Kate & Allie')
Steven Bochco ('NYPD Blue', 'Hill Street Blues', 'L.A. Law', 'Doogie Howser', 'Cop Rock')
Andy Lewis ('The Nurses', 'Hudson's Bay', 'Coronet Blue', 'Medical Center', 'The F.B.I.')

Ronald Chesney ('The Rag Trade', 'On The Buses', 'Sorry, I'm Single', 'The Bed-Sit Girl', 'Meet The Wife', 'Take A Letter, Mister Jones')
Reg Gadney ('Kennedy', "Goldeneye", 'Young Indiana Jones Chronicles', 'Forgive Our Foolish Ways', "The Bell")
Shinobu Hashimoto ("Jôiuchi: hairyô zuma shimatsu", "I Want To Be A Shellfish" & "The Seven Samurai" + "Rashomon")
Hugh Whitemore ("The Gathering Storm", "The Best Of Friends", 'Compact', 'My Cousin Rachel' & 'David Copperfield' adaptations)
Clive King ("Good Snakes, Bad Snakes")
Neil Simon ('The Odd Couple', 'Barefoot In The Park', "The Sunshine Boys")
Ray Galton ('Steptoe And Son', 'Hancock's Half Hour', 'Clochermerle', 'Citizen James')
Stephen Hillenburg (creator of 'Spongebob Squarepants')


John Dekker (British public affairs producer - 'Tonight', '24 Hours', 'The Money Programme')
Joan Konner ('Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth', 'The Dick Cavett Show', 'In Search of the Constitution', Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism)
Martin Bregman ('The Four Seasons, movie "Serpico" and "Dog Day Afternoon")
Craig Zadan ("Hairspray Live!", "Peter Pan Live!", "Bye Bye Birdie Live!", 'Drop Dead Diva', "Jesus Christ Superstar Live!")
Pamela Lonsdale (producer of 'Rainbow' & other BBC children's shows)
Gary Kurtz ('Friends and Heroes', "Resistance", "5-25-77")


Marlene VerPlanck (jingle queen, sang for Michelob, Campbell's, Nationwide, many more)
John Morris (composer 'Coach', 'The Adams Chronicles', 'Fresno', 'Scarlett', Mel Brooks)

Jóhann Jóhannsson ('Trapped', 'Svartir englar')Bob Dorough ('Schoolhouse Rock')
Patrick Williams ('The Bob Newhart Show', 'Lou Grant', 'The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd', 'Columbo')
Francis Lai ('Os Deuses Estao Mortos', 'Pig In The Middle')
Galt McDermot (composer - 'Tribeca', music from "Hair" used in many TV shows)
Norman Gimbel (lyricist - 'Laverne & Shirley', 'Happy Days', 'HR Pufnstuff', 'Wonder Woman', 'The Paper Chase')


Isao Takahata ('Heidi: A Girl of the Alps', 'Rupan Sensei', 'Jarinko Chie')
Bob Bura (master puppetry animator - 'Camberwick Green', 'Trumpton', 'Chigley', 'Captain Pugwash', 'Frog & Toad')
Peter Firmin (puppeteer, co-creator of 'The Clangers', 'Bagpuss', 'Ivor The Engine', 'Noggin the Nog', 'Pingwing')
Will Vinton (claymation, the Pizza Noid, the California Raisins)


Željko Senečić (Croatian television production designer)
Dame Gillian Lynne (choreographer, 'The Muppet Show', 'De Mike Burstyn Show', 'The Val Doonican Show')
Yvonne Blake (costume designer, "James Dean", "Casanova", "Harem" & "Superman" + "The Three Musketeers")
Monica Sims (BBC Children's Programming, 'NewsRound')
Pedro Jimenez (production assistant, 'Power'



Marina Ripa Di Meana (TV personality - 'The Farm', 'I, Cesaroni' actress - 'Nebbie e Delitti')
Emily Dole (wrestler known as Mt. Fiji, 'Mama's Family', 'Hard Time On Planet Earth')
Carole Hart (writer/producer - "Free To Be... You And Me", 'Sesame Street', "It Happened One Christmas")
Hugh Wilson (writer/producer/direcor - 'WKRP In Cincinnati', 'Frank's Place', 'The Famous Teddy Z')
Lin Bolen (NBC VP of daytime programming, producer - 'W.E.B.')
Vic Damone (singer/actor, 'The Dick Van Dyke Show', 'The Joey Bishop Show', 'The Thin Man', 'The Hardy Boys')
Marty Allen (comedian teamed with Steve Rossi, 'Mr. Jerico', 'Hollywood Squares')
Bud Luckey (animation designer - Woody for "Toy Story", Eeyore for 'Winnie the Pooh' series, 'The Alvin Show', 'MAD TV' pilot for a special, Voiced Eeyore in the TV series.)
Lill-Babs (Swedish singer & actress - 'Bonusfamiljen', 'Rederiet', 'Pang I Bygget')
Art Bell (radio UFO advocate - 'Millennium', 'Dark Skies')
Harold Guskin (acting teacher, 'Tattinger's', "Out of the Darkness")
Anthony Ray (ass't director - 'Branded', 'Iron Horse', 'The Outcasts' & actor - 'The Twilight Zone', 'Dobie Gillis')
Miriam Nelson (choreographer - 'The Red Skelton Show', "Alice In Wonderland", 'Here's Lucy', 'Columbo'; actress - 'Mrs. Columbo', 'The Lucy Show', 'Mr. Ed', 'Death Valley Days')
Don Cherry (singer, voice of Mr. Clean)
Will Jordan (actor, impressionist best known for playing Ed Sullivan)
Denis Nordern (writer/presenter - 'It'll Be Alright On The Night', 'Looks Familiar')
Stan Lee (Marvel Comics power, writer, actor)
Roy Clark (self - 'Hee Haw', actor - 'The Beverly Hillbillies')
Ricky Jay (magician, actor - 'Deadwood', 'Flashforward', 'The Unit', 'Kidnapped', 'The X-Files', 'Simon & Simon')
Penny Marshall (director - 'Laverne & Shirley', 'The United States of Tara', 'According To Jim', 'Working Stiffs', actress - 'Laverne & Shirley', 'The Odd Couple', 'Happy Days')
John Ford Noonan (actor - 'Bay State', writer - 'St. Elsewhere', 'Comedy Zone')
Bill Sellars (producer/writer/director - 'All Creatures Great And Small', 'Compact', '199 Park Lane', 'United!', 'Newcomers', 'The Doctors', 'One By One', 'Triangle', 'Owen, M.D.', 'Five Red Herrings', 'Doctor Who')


Jim Shaw (CEO of Shaw Communications)

Thomas Chambers (Roman Catholic priest and televangelist)

Karel Makonj (Czech puppeteer)
Mort Walker (creator of "Beetle Bailey", longest run on one strip - 70 years, turned into at least a one-shot cartoon)
George S. Kaufman (real estate developer who revitalized Astoria Studios which was then used for 'Orange Is The New Black', '
Sesame Street', 'Onion News Network', 'Johnny and the Sprites', 'Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego', 'Judge Judy', 'The Cosby Show', 'Cosby', 'Law & Order', 'Spin City', and Mariah Carey’s 'MTV Unplugged')
Ensa Cosby (Bill Cosby's daughter, did a bit part in an episode of 'The Cosby Show')

Linda Brown (central figure in Brown v. Board of Education, "Separate But Equal")
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (portrayed in "Mandela and de Klerk", "Mrs. Mandela")
Barbara Bush (portrayed by Nora Dunn & Phil Hartman on 'Saturday Night Live', and by Mo Collins on 'MadTV')
Jean McFaddin (impresario behind the Macy's fireworks show and the Thanksgiving Day parade)
Steve Ditko (co-creator of Spiderman and Doctor Strange, both of whom have been adapted for television)
Douglas Grindstaff
(sound designer - 'Star Trek', 'Dallas', 'Midnight Caller', 'The Brady Bunch')
David Rothenberg (At age 6, his father set him on fire with kerosene.  Michael Jackson paid his medical bills.  He grew up to be a conceptual artist.  His story was told as a TV movie in which he was played by Matthew Laurence.)
Marilyn Johnson (casting director - 'The Sweeney', 'A Touch Of Frost', 'Vicious', 'Cracker', 'Widows')
Michael Pickwoad (set designer - 'Doctor Who', 'Kavanagh QC', 'The Prisoner', 'Class', 'Poirot', 'Marple')
Alan Johnson (choreographer - "Lambchop's Channukah', 4 Shirley MacLaine specials, the 42nd Tony Awards)



Frank Buxton ('The Garfield Show', 'All New Dennis The Menace', 'The Odd Couple' 'Bat-Fink')
Jerry Van Dyke ('My Mother The Car', 'Coach', 'Accidental Family', 'The Judy Garland Show', 'The Middle')
Doreen Keogh ('Coronation Street', 'Fair City', 'The Royle Family', 'Inside Out', 'Cold Feet')

Marián Labuda ('Czech Family Saga', 'The Village Green', 'Arabela se vrací', 'Bubu a Filip', 'Der kleine Vampir - Neue Abenteuer')
Münir Özkul ('
Ay isiginda saklidir', 'Uzayli Zekiye') 
Joseph Gunduza Magigwani ('Wenera')
Greta Thyssen ('Perry Mason', 'Bachelor Father', 'Dragnet', 'Frontier Doctor')
Jon Paul Steuer ('Grace Under Fire', 'Little Giants', 'Star Trek: The Next Generation')
Jakub Zedníček ('Skoda Lasky', 'The Labyrinth')
Wilbur Plaugher ('Daniel Boone')
Tareka ('Sentimentos', 'A Outra', 'Dei Te Quase Tudo', 'Amenhacer', 'Todo o Tempo do Mondo')
Guida Maria ('A Unica Mulher', 'Doida por Ti', 'A Sagrada Familia', 'Baias de Mulheres')

Bella Emberg ('The Benny Hill Show', 'Les Dennis Laughter Show', 'The Russ Abbott Show')
Jean Porter ('Sea Hunt', '77 Sunset Strip', 'The Red Skelton Hour', 'The People's Choice')
Peter Wyngarde ('Jason King', 'Department S', 'The Avengers', 'The Prisoner')
Bradford Dillman ('Court Martial', 'Dr. Kildare', 'Falcon Crest', 'King's Crossing')
Dorothy Malone (Oscar winner, 'Peyton Place', 'Rich Man, Poor Man', 'Condominiums')
Olivia Cole ('Roots', 'Guiding Light', 'Backstairs At The White House', 'Szysznyk')
Robert Dowdell ('Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea', 'Stoney Burke', "Outrage")
Connie Sawyer (105 - was oldest working actor. 'Lou Grant', 'Get Smart', 'Seinfeld', 'CSI')
Mark Salling ('Glee', "Rocky Road", 'Walker, Texas Ranger')
Louis Zorich ('Mad About You', 'Brooklyn Bridge', 'Ryan's Hope', 'Columbo')
Ann Gillis ('The Saint', 'Out There', 'Espionage', 'Man of the World', 'Studio One in Hollywood')
John Mahoney ('Frasier', 'H.E.L.P.', 'Hot In Cleveland', 'In Treatment', 'The Human Factor')
Mickey Jones ('Home Improvement', 'Justified', 'Flo', 'Something Is Out There')

John Gavin ('Destry', 'Convoy', 'Fantasy Island', 'Mannix', 'The Doris Day Show')
Reg E, Cathey ('House of Cards', 'Oz', 'The Wire', 'The Corner')
Jan Maxwell ('Billy & Billie', 'BrainDead', 'Gossip Girl', 'The Divide', 'One Life To Live')
Kenneth Haigh ('The Twilight Zone', 'Man At The Top', 'The Search For The Nile')

Nanette Fabray ('Caesar's Hour', 'One Day At A Time', 'Hollywood Squares', 'Westinghouse Playhouse', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', 'One Day At A Time', "George M!")  
Sridevi ('Malini Iyer', 'Vicente Ferrer')
Emma Chambers ('The Vicar of Dibley', 'How Do You Want Me?', 'Martin Chuzzlewit')
David Ogden Stiers ('M*A*S*H', 'Lilo & Stitch', 'Love & Money', 'The Dead Zone', 'Perry Mason' movies, 'North & South', 'Doc', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', 'House of Mouse')
Shammi (Indian actress, 'Dal Mein Kala Hain', 'Zabaan Sambhal Ke', 'Dekh Bhai Dekh')
Jim Bowen ('Bullseye', 'Jonathan Creek', 'Phoenix Nights', 'Muck And Brass', 'Grimleys')
Mike MacDonald (comic, 'The Ripping Friends', "Super Dave's Vegas Spectacular")
Scott Ambler ("Nutcracker!", "The Car Man", "Swan Lake", "Little Red Riding Hood")
Frank Avruch (Boston area Bozo the Clown)
Debbie Lee Carrington ('The Drew Carey Show', 'Bones', 'ER', 'In Living Color', "Ewoks")
Sammy Williams ('Day of the Triffids', 'Kojak', 'The Take', 'Harley Street')
Dushon Monique Brown ('Chicago Fire', 'Prison Break', "Public Housing Unit")
Oleg Tabakov ('Diversant 2: Konets Voyny', 'Esenin', 'D'Artagnan & The 3 Musketeers')
Stephane Audran ('Brideshead Revisited', 'TECX', 'Mistral's Daughter'')
Carmen McSherry ('Beryl's Lot', 'In Sickness And In Health', 'The Love of Mike', 'Liver Birds')
Bill Maynard 
('Heartbeat, Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggit, Selwyn, The Life Of Riley, The Gaffer)
Susan Anspach ('The Slap Maxwell Story', 'The Yellow Rose', 'Space', 'Murder, She Wrote')
Chuck McCann ('Let's Have Fun!', 'All That Glitters', 'Far Out Space Nuts', 'Cool McCool', 'Turn-On', 'Boston Legal', 'Iron Man', 'The Garfield Show', 'Santa Barbara', 'Pac Man', 'The Drac Pack', 'Columbo', 'Rockford Files', 'Kojak', 'Fantastic Four', 'All New Dennis the Menace', Right Guard & Cocoa Puffs commercials)
Tim O'Connor ('Peyton Place', 'Buck Rogers In The 25th Century', 'Dynasty', 'The Defenders')
R. Lee Ermey ('The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., 'Action', 'Cracker: Mind Over Murder')
Verne Troyer ('Jack Of All Trades', 'Shasta McNasty')
Roger Llewellyn ('Lorna Doone', 'The Bill', 'Inspector Morse')
Gertrude Jeanette (103!  'The Defenders', some movies)
Edith Macarthur ('Take The High Road', 'The Borderers', 'Life Support')
John Stride ('The Main Chance', 'Wylde Alliance', 'Growing Rich')
Margot Kidder ('Nichols', 'Boston Common', 'Shell Game', 'Smallville', 'Robson Arms')
Peter Byrne ('Dixon of Dock Green', 'Time Trumpet', 'Bread')
Joseph Campanella ('Mannix', 'One Day At A Time', 'The Colbys', 'The Bold Ones: The Lawyers', 'The Doctors And The Nurses')
Patricia Morison (103! 'The Cases of Eddie Drake', 'Cheers', 'Have Gun Will Travel')
Allyn Ann McLerie ('The Tony Randall Show', 'WKRP In Cincinnati', 'The Days And Nights of Molly Dodd')
Robert Mandan ('Soap', 'Three's A Crowd', 'Edge Of Night')
William Phipps ('Boone', 'Santa Barbara', 'The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp')
Russell Nype ('Dorothy', 'Fantasy Island', 'The Cosby Show')

Hugh Dane ('The Office', 'Roc', 'The Mayor')
Glyn Edwards ('The Minder' 'Please, Sir!', 'Some Mothers Do Have 'em')
Jackson Odell ('The Goldbergs', 'iCarly, 'Modern Family')
Jerry Maren (last of the Munchkins)
Deanna Lund ('Land of the Giants', 'Batman', 'General Hospital')
Liliane Montevicci ('It Takes A Thief', 'T.H.E. Cat', 'Mr. Broadway', '77 Sunset Strip', 'Adventures In Paradise')
Dennis Akiyima ('Carter', 'Taken', 'Suits', '12 Monkeys')
Derrick O'Connor ('Trauma', 'Monk', 'Carnivale', 'The Royal')
Mai Tai Sing ('Hong Kong', 'The New Adventures Of China Smith', 'Sam Benedict')
Gary Beach ('Saved By The Bell'/'California Dreams' crossover, 'Murder She Wrote', 'Cheers')
Roger Perry ('Harrigan & Son', 'Falcon Crest', 'The Facts Of Life', 'Arrest & Trial')
Mai Skaf ('Akher Ayyam Al Yamamah', 'Al-Ababeed')
Bernard Hepton ('Colditz', 'Secret Army', 'The Squirrels, 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy', 'Smiley's People', 'The Charmer')
Rick Genest (Zombie Model, Lady Gaga’s "Burn This Way", 'Silent Witness')Carolyn Jones ('Crossroads', 'The Pallisers', 'Within These Walls', 'Family Affairs')
Charlotte Rae ('Diff'rent Strokes', 'The Facts of Life', 'Car 54, Where Are You?')
David Landsburg ('CPO Sharkey')
Janet Hargreaves ('Crossroads', 'Compact', 'The Doctors')
Brian Murray ('Another World', 'Kojak', 'The Good Wife', 'Emergency-Ward 10', 'Third Rock From The Sun')
Barbara Harris ("The Doonesbury Special", 'Naked City', 'The Defenders', 'Channing', 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', Oscar nominee)
Vanessa Marquez ('ER', shot by police)
Susan Brown ('General Hospital')
Carole Shelley ('The Odd Couple', 'Hercules')
Jacqueline Pearce ('Blake's 7', 'David Copperfield', 'Couples', 'Doctor Who')
Gloria Jean ('Annie Oakley', 'Lock-Up', 'Death Valley Days')
Winston Ntshoma ('The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency', '2nd House', 'The Good Fight', 'Sizwe Bansi Is Dead')
Liz Fraser ('Citizen James', 'Wack-O!', 'Fairly Secret Army')
Fenella Fielding ('The Avengers', the Village Voice of 'The Prisoner')
Bill Daily ('The Bob Newhart Show', 'I Dream Of Jeannie', 'Aloha Paradise')
Burt Reynolds ('Evening Shade', 'Dan August', 'Gunsmoke',, 'Riverboat', 'Hawk', 'B.L. Stryker', 'In Sanity, Florida')
Barbara Gould (model in commercials for Toni, Ivory, the Ritz Thrift Shop - which ran for fourteen years)
Frank Parker ('Days Of Our Lives', 'Quincy, M.E.')
Zienia Merton ('Space: 1999', 'Casanova', 'Doctor Who')
Peter Donat ('The X-Files', 'Time Trax', 'Flamingo Road')
Dudley Sutton ('Lovejoy', 'Emmerdale', 'EastEnders')
Marin Mazzie ("Passion", "Camelot", 'Still Standing')
Peter Benson ('Heartbeat', 'Doctor Who', 'The Royal', 'Blackadder')
Morgana King ('All My Children', 'Jigsaw John', "Deadly Intentions")
Roger Robinson ('Rubicon', 'ER', 'Friends', 'How To Get Away With Murder')
Sheila White ('I, Claudius', 'Poldark', 'Albert!', 'Gone To Seed')
Scott Wilson ('The Walking Dead', 'CSI', 'The OA', 'Damien')
Celeste Yarnell ('Star Trek', 'My Three Sons', 'Columbo', 'Melrose Place', 'Hogan's Heroes')
Peggy McCay ('Days Of Our Lives', 'The Young Marrieds', 'Lou Grant')
Douglas Rain ('Festival', 'Playdate', 'Encounter', HAL - '2001')
James Karen ('First Monday', 'Ned And Stacy', 'The Larry Sanders Show')
Kitty O'Neil (stunt double for 'Wonder Woman' and 'The Bionic Woman')
Katherine MacGregor ('Little House On The Prairie', 'Mannix')

James Greene ('The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd', 'Parks & Recreation', 'Alien Nation', 'Men Behaving Badly')
Jennie Stoller ('Grange Hill', 'Sapphire & Steel', 'Shrinks')
Jane Wenham ('An Age Of Kings'. 'By The Sword Divided', 'Testament of Youth', 'Bergerac', 'Inspector Morse', 'Downton Abbey')
Hugh Dickson ('Elizabeth R', 'The Infinite Worlds of HG Wells', 'Poldark', 'Canterbury Tales', 'Jesus of Nazareth')
George A. Cooper ('Doctor Who', 'Grange Hill', 'Son of the Bride', 'Crime Of Passion', 'Z Cars', 'Coronation Street')
Philip Bosco ('Damages', 'Law & Order: SVU', 'Tribeca')
Peter Armitage ('Coronation Street', 'Sam Saturday', 'Lucky Feller')
Alvin Epstein ('Law & Order', 'Naked City', 'Mr. Broadway')
Sondra Locke ('Amazing Stories', 'Cannon', 'Kung Fu', 'Niight Gallery')
Ethel Ayler ('The Cosby Show', '7th Heaven', 'Ryan's Hope')
Donald Moffat ('Logan's Run', 'Bull', 'Tales of the City', 'The Word', 'The Chisholms', 'Dallas')
Charles Weldon ('St. Elsewhere', 'Sanford & Son', 'The Rockford Files', 'The Women of Brewster Place', 'Kojak')
Nancy Wilson (singer/actress - 'The Sinbad Show', 'The Parkers', 'That's Life', 'Burke's Law', 'I Spy', 'The Cosby Show', 'Room 222', 'Hawaii Five-0')
Don McKay ('Jackanory', 'Showtime', 'Bell Telephone Hour')
Dame June Whitford ('Absolutely Fabulous', 'Terry and June', 'Cluedo', 'Last Of The Summer Wine', 'Doctor Who')


Doreen Tracey ('The Mickey Mouse Club', 'Annette', 'The Donna Reed Show')
Bob Smith ('Tonight', 'Politically Incorrect', 'Def Comedy Jam', 'The Late, Late Show')
Hannah Hauxwell ("Too Long A Winter", "Hannah Goes To Town", "A Winter Too Many")
Reverend Billy Graham ('Hour of Decision', 'Texaco Star Theatre', 'The Jack Benny Program', 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In', 'The Woody Allen Special', "The Homecoming")
Sir Ken Dodd ('Doddy's Music Box', 'Ken Dodd Show', 'Ken Dodd Laughter Show')
Stephen Hawking ('The Big Bang Theory', 'Futurama', 'Star Trek: The Next Generation')
Katie Boyle ('Eurovision Song Contest', 'Juke Box Jury', 'Quite Contrary', 'The Goon Show', 'The Name's The Same')Zena Skinner ('Cookery Club', 'Home at 1:30', 'Years Alone', 'Indoors Outdoors')
Mitzi Shore (owner of The Comedy Store, "Pauly Shore Is Dead")
Dale Winton ('Supermarket Sweep', 'Touch The Truck', 'Pet Watch', 'The Other Half')
Blake Painter ('Deadliest Catch')
Anthony Bourdain ('A Cook's Tour', 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations', 'Parts Unknown')
Teddy Johnson ('Music Shop', 'Crackerjack!', 'Two Of A Kind')
Richard Harrison ('Pawn Stars')
Alan Longmuir ('The Bay City Rollers Show', 'Cos')
Ryker Gamble - These three "vloggers" for 'High On Life'  
Alexey Lyakh - found on YouTube were swept over a
Megan Scrape - waterfall to their deaths.
Matt Capotelli - WWE wrestler
Madeleine Kamman ('Madeleine Cooks', 'The Mike Douglas Show')
Nicholas "Duffy" Fudge ('Wicked Tuna' first mate)
Barry Elliott (part of the Chuckle Brothers - 'Chuckle Time', 'ChuckleVision', 'ChuckleHounds')
James "L.B." Bonner ('My 600-LB Life')
Jessica Vogel (Hell's Kitchen')
Lorrie Collins (rockabilly star - 'Ozzie & Harriet', 'Ranch Party', 'The Jackie Gleason Show', 'Hollywood Palace')
Robin Leach ('Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous', 'Space Ghost: Coast To Coast', 'Boy Meets World', 'Roseanne')
Senator John McCain ('Saturday Night Live', 'Parks & Recreation')
Trevor Heitman (18 y.o, YouTube star known as McSkillet)
Geoffrey Hayes ('Rainbow')
Karre Mastanamma (107 year old YouTube celebrity chef)
Jael Strauss ('America's Next Top Model')
Sister Wendy Beckett (Nun who became BBC art critic)
Christine McGuire (oldest McGuire sister, 'Arthur Godfrey & Friends', 'The Phil Silvers Show')

Janice Budd ('On Assignment' for TVJ, journalist for Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation,  CVM Television, RJR Communications Group)
Keith Jackson (the Voice of College Football - ABC, ESPN)
John Coleman (weatherman who founded The Weather Channel)
Robert Parry ('Frontline')
Lawrence K. Grossman (producer 'McNeil/Lehrer Report', 'Frontline', also NBC News)
Betty Ann Bowser (CBS, 'PBS NewsHour')
Bob Beatttie (skiing analyst for 'Wide World of Sports')

John Pitman ('40 Minutes', 'Man Alive', 'An Inspector Calls', 'Tonight')
Doreen Simpson (NHK sumo commentator)
Dwight Clark (football player)
Murray Fromson (CBS reporter)
Joe DeNardo (WTAE weather forecaster)
Richard Valeriani (NBC reporter, 'Today' host)
Charles Krauthammer (FOX conservative pundit - but with a brain and conscience)
Ed Schultz (MSNBC host, 'The Ed Schultz Show', 'RT')
John Shirley (ITV reporter for 'This Week')
Clark Booth (WCVB5)
Randy Tieman (CTV Montral sportscaster)
Lee Leonard (first voice on ESPN, 'Sports Extra')
Chris Burrous (KTLA news anchor)
Bre Peyton (conservative guest commentator on FOX)

Sunday, December 30, 2018


Goodbye 2018... and good riddance!

Even on a personal level, it was a bad year.  But I'm like everybody else - I look hopefully to the Future.  And the same holds true in Toobworld (and the Tooniverse.)

And for the kids.....

All the best for you and yours in 2019!

And 2018?  Fade to black already....

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Maybe it’s true what my loving family says about me.  It’s not that I watch too much TV; it’s that I read too much into what I watch,

This is especially true with the commercials.

Take for example that holiday blipvert up top for the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica…..

For me, this is the story behind the scenes:

Kathryn Hahn is playing a scorned ex-wife whose husband left her and their two teen-aged children for another woman who was already well-to-do.

The ex-wife struggled for awhile in trying to do her best for her son and her daughter and eventually, she did succeed in finding her path to a better life.  And the first thing she purchased to celebrate her good fortune was a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica.

But it was her eldest child, the daughter, who came up with the idea to stick it to the father who betrayed the family.  (Did you see how eager she was to pull off the stunt?  “Let’s do this!”)

They drove to his new home and put on that “caroling” display as a seasonal in-your-face to their Dad.  As they performed, showing him that they were going to be just fine without him, he was getting into the scene.  Perhaps he was remembering what he once had and started to realize that – like Dorothy Gale – if he wanted to be truly happy, he didn’t need to look any further than his own back yard.

Meanwhile, the new Missus is O’Bviously pissed by their joyous dance on her property.  And the fact her husband is enjoying it has certainly turned down her thermostat.  Hubby ain’t getting any tonight…

Ho Ho Ho!

Friday, December 28, 2018


From Variety:
Bill Daily, the affable TV actor who starred as Major Roger Healey in “I Dream of Jeannie” as well as on “The Bob Newhart Show,” died Sept. 4 in Santa Fe, N.M., his son J. Patrick Daily confirmed. He was 91.

“He loved every sunset, he loved every meal — he just decided to be happy about everything,” said his son.

The longtime New Mexico resident was a staple on series of the 1960s through 1980s, notably as Bob Newhart’s daffy neighbor, airline pilot Howard Borden, on CBS’ “The Bob Newhart Show” sitcom from 1972 to 1978.

Last week we celebrated the late Bill Daily’s television career by inducting Major Roger Healey into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.  This week it’s Howard Borden’s turn.

In 1972, two years after Jeannie was canceled, Daily was back on television in another aviator's uniform, as Howard Borden in ‘The Bob Newhart Show’. Borden, a commercial airline navigator who later became a co-pilot, lived across the hall from Bob Newhart's Bob Hartley character, and would frequently pop into the Hartleys' apartment to borrow things, mooch a meal, or have the Hartleys take care of his son when he had custody of him.

In 1990, he reunited with Bob Newhart as a new, overbearing neighbor in the ‘Newhart’ episode "Good Neighbor Sam". Also in 1991, he reprised the role of Howard Borden in “The Bob Newhart Show: The 19th Anniversary Special”, which aired in November of that year.

On that Bob Newhart show reunion he told of his dream of being Dick Loudon, Vermont Innkeeper. Then neighbor Howard Borden (Bill Daily) told about dreaming of being astronaut Roger Healy and the Jeannie in the bottle.[From various sources]

So those are the three qualifications for Howard Borden’s entry into the Hall. 

‘The Bob Newhart Show’ – 140 episodes

O'Bservations - I would not be surprised if there's somebody out there who writes fanfic about 'The Bob Newhart Show'.  (The best I ever came up with is the theory that Dr. Hartley is the reincarnation of Emperor Claudius Nero.)

But Howard would provide plenty of fodder for such stories.  That's because his personal life was more developed than most of the other regular characters (excluding Carol Kester).  He has a brother (Game Warden Gordon Borden), a son (Howie Borden, who would be 54 today), and Howard hopefully ended up marrying Bob Hartley's sister Ellen.

‘Newhart’ – “Good Neighbor Sam”

O'Bservation - 'Newhart' was a series long dream of Dr. Hartley's, caused by eating Japanese food just before going to bed.  Many of the characters in that dream were based on people from Bob's waking life.  However, some of the major people in his life - like Howard Borden - only play small parts in that dream.  His college roommate, Cliff "The Peeper" Murdoch, does play a major role in the dream however as George Utley.

By the way, the structure of the dream is apparently influenced by the "true life" story of a New York lawyer named Oliver Wendell Douglas, who gave up his career to run a farm.  In the case of "Dick", however, he gave up his career to run an inn.  But he was surrounded by eccentric townsfolk like Douglas had in Hooterville. 

“The Bob Newhart Show: The 19th Anniversary Special”

O'Bservation - To this we can add a theory of relateeveety.  Howard mentions that he had a dream in which he was Roger Healey and he knew about Jeannie. 

‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ does have a version seen in Toobworld; some episodes mentioned the same episodes which we’ve been able to see in the Trueniverse.  But there are probably other references to things we never got to see.  (The TV show was created by the shadow ops group known as UNReel to provide plausible deniability should the secret of Jeannie be revealed to the general public.)

But there could be another reason why Howard dreamed about being Roger.  It could be that he had only just learned that the two of them were “identical cousins” (a term which could mean that they were half-brothers who shared half a set of genetics from a common father – either Healey Senior or Borden Senior was the cheatin’ Lothario.)  Having found that out would be enough to influence his REM sleep dreams.

Welcome to the Hall, Howard Borden!

Thursday, December 27, 2018


I've been writing posts for Inner Toob since August 2004.  This is the 11,354th one.  Every so often one of my posts resurface in my Google searches and I don't even recognize them; it's been that long and there have been that many!

One of my FB friends (and one who shares my birthday), Steve Skayman, is also a big fan of 'Columbo'; we're members of an English-based 'Columbo' page on Facebook.  And for Christmas he shared a couple of frame grabs from the episode "Uneasy Lies The Crown" in which a building could be seen in the background.  It's the same building that was identified as Nakatomi Plaza in the movie "Die Hard";

Turns out I wrote about this high-propane action film movie twice over the years, in connection to the TV series 'The Middleman', and 'Chuck'.

For more on those posts, click here and here.
In Toobworld, "Die Hard" is a movie, but it was based on an actual event which took place in Toobworld before 1987.  (The movie, as it did in the Real World, came out in 1988, thirty years ago.)

For most of the points I made in those two articles, I still stand by them.  Al Powell of the actual event was the cousin of Big Mike of BuyMore.  In the movie he was played by an incredible lookAlike named Reginald VelJohnson, whose televersion was established in the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' episode "Bachelorette Party" when Detective Jake Peralta got to meet the actor and discuss the movie with him.

One thing I would change would be that scene in 'The Middleman" which provides the caption "Vandelay Industries" to a shot of Nakotomi Plaza. 

That caption has no bearing on any Toobworldling unless they are tele-cognizant.  That is still Nakatomi Plaze, but Vandelay Industries are to be found within the tower.

Thanks again, Steve for the 'Columbo' connection to "Die Hard"!

Mah jong......

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At first glance, one might think these were Terrans who were miniaturized and held captive by Santa.  (Or maybe it was Cosmo Scam, impersonating his twin brother.)  But here's the actual story:

For Toobworld, they had come under the guardianship of Santa after the death of his "next door neighbor" Superman. (Superman had been exposed to vaporized Kryptonite radiation when saving two gangsters at a Nevada test bomb site.  He died within months back at his North Pole Fortress of Solitude.)

These residents of all the snow globes were Kryptonians, originally from the bottle city of Kandor.  They had been kidnapped before the destruction of Krypton by Brainiac.  They were miniaturized and kept in a large glass bottle under the artificial rays simulating a red sun, which kept them from utilizing the super strength they would have had under the rays of a yellow sun.

Eventually, the population of Kandor had overgrown their enclosed city and so Santa Claus built these snow globe "colonies" to house the more adventurous. Eventually, Santa enlisted the help of the Gallireyan Time Lord known as the Doctor to transport them all to their own uninhabited planet under a red sun where there were no native predators.

There they flourished until Earth finally had the technology to travel the stars. An astronaut discovered "The Little People" and tried to set himself up as their dictator, only to be dispatched by a race of beings who were even larger than Terrans.  (I believe they were from that alternate dimension which was a land of giants.  They would be the Brobdingnagians.

A lot of these connections are theoretical but I feel they are valid.  Not everything has to be actually seen on our TV screens.  It's like Macy's tells us during their televised Thanksgiving Day parade.....

Merry Christmas!


Coca Cola commercial
'The Adventures of Superman'
'Crime Story'
'Doctor Who'
"The Great Santa Claus Switch"
'The Twilight Zone' - "The Little People"
'Land Of The Giants'
"Gulliver's Travels"

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t’s Christmas Eve!  I hope it’s a joyous holiday season for all of Team Toobworld and for all of our readers and that you all have a great 2019!

In keeping with our usual Minutiae Mondays, we’re going low-key today with a simple Super Six List.

Last week, I had some splainin to do about serlinguism.  And every so often, ordinary citizens of Toobworld gain this ability to converse directly with the audience watching them back in the Trueniverse.  It’s not always a permanent condition and it appears to “afflict” TV characters only during the Christmas season.  Perhaps it’s similar to the myth that the animals can talk at midnight on Christmas Eve.

At this point, I’d like to give a big thanks to my fellow members of the Classic TV Lovers’ Haven on Facebook.  I had four examples of the main TV characters in TV shows turning to the cameras and wishing the home audience a Merry Christmas, but I needed two more for my Super Six List.  And the CTVLH members came through with more examples than I needed. 

Here are the examples I’ve chosen for my Super Six List:

1]  ‘Doctor Who’
The First Incarnation of the Doctor turned to the camera and wished the home audience a very happy Christmas.

2]  ‘The Honeymooners’
As Ralph and Alice Kramden experienced their own version of O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi”, a stage curtain started sliding across the screen, but Ralph pulled it back to wave to the audience.  And then Jackie Gleason and his co-stars broke character and gathered on stage to address the audience. (But that first moment was definitely Ralph, being both a serlinguist and a tele-cognizant.)

3]  ‘The Doris Day Show’
Having her family come down from the farm to her apartment in San Francisco to celebrate the holiday with her co-workers at the magazine.  At one point as the episode ended, she turned to peer through the fourth wall and graced the Trueniverse audience with a smile full of holiday cheer.

4]  ‘The Patty Duke Show’
The episode ended on a cliff-hanger as Martin Lane’s twin brother Kenneth, Cathy’s father, was fired as a globe-trotting journalist at the same newspaper where Martin was employed as the city editor.  Patty turned to the audience and expressed concern over her uncle’s fate, but she also remembered to wish a Merry Christmas to everybody on Earth Prime.

5]  ‘Make Room For Daddy’
Sitting with his family and their friend Alfie Wingate around their Christmas tree, Danny Williams, holding his step-daughter Linda close to his side, wished the home audience a very Merry Christmas.  (I’m not really sure Linda could sense that there was another dimension beyond the fourth wall.)

6]  ‘I Love Lucy’
The Ricardos and the Mertzes were all dressed as Santa Claus (probably depleting the supply of Santa suits in the City’s costume shops) in order to please Little Ricky.  It turns out that all four of them were in the kitchen with the real St. Nick, who promptly vanished from sight.  That’s why they look so scared here as they say “Merry Christmas, Everybody” in unison.

And they did a variation of that scene as well:

Other suggestions that were offered up were from ‘The Partridge Family’, ‘Moonlighting’, ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’, and the various variety show hosts in their Christmas specials.

Once again, my thanks to fellow members of the Classic TV Lovers’ Haven page – John, David, Dan, Brad, Linda, William, Jane, Michael, Sally, Tina, Cheryl, Donald, and Mark.