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I would never watch my show.
I'm not interested in it.”
Jerry Springer

As far as themes go, March used to be kind of a dull month for the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.  (Apologies to my brother who was born at the end of the month.)  So that’s why I try to liven it up now with the inductions of members from the League of Themselves.

This year it’s also a memorial ceremony, but I’m sure he would have worked the room to liven it up some more….


From Wikipedia:
Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer (February 13, 1944 – April 27, 2023) was an American broadcaster, journalist, actor, producer, lawyer, and politician. Born in London during World War II to German Jewish refugees escaping the Holocaust, Springer was raised in Queens, New York City. He attended Northwestern University School of Law, qualified as a lawyer, and first became actively involved in politics working for the campaign of Robert Kennedy in 1968.

A Cincinnati City Council member, Springer served as the 56th Mayor of Cincinnati from 1977 to 1978. He then worked as a local news anchor in Cincinnati where he won ten Regional Emmy Awards for commentary. Springer was best known for hosting the sometimes controversial tabloid talk show Jerry Springer from 1991 to 2018. He was also the host of ‘America's Got Talent’ from 2007 to 2008, and of the courtroom show ‘Judge Jerry’ from 2019 to 2022. Off television, he also hosted The Jerry Springer Podcast from 2015 to 2022. He was noted as a pioneer in the emergence of "trash TV"; his eponymous show was a "commercial smash and certifiable cultural phenomenon" in the 1990s.

Springer was hired as a political reporter and commentator on Cincinnati's NBC affiliate, WLWT, which had, at the time, the lowest-rated news program. Later, having been named primary news anchor and managing editor, he needed a broadcast catchphrase in the model of other great newsmen. With the help of some others at WLWT, he created his signature line: "Take care of yourself, and each other."

Within two years he was Cincinnati's number-one news anchor, along with partner Norma Rashid. For five years, he was the most popular news anchor in the city, garnering ten local Emmy Awards for his nightly commentaries, which were frequently satirized by Cincinnati radio personality Gary Burbank. Those commentaries would eventually become his "Final Thought" on Jerry Springer. Springer would remain commentator at WLWT until January 1993. He resided in Loveland, Ohio, during this time.

In 1997, the Chicago-based NBC-owned station WMAQ-TV hired Springer to serve as a news commentator. However, this proved to be unpopular among viewers, as it resulted in the resignation of long-time news anchors Ron Magers and Carol Marin due to Springer's talk show. After performing only two commentaries, Springer resigned as commentator.

'Jerry Springer' debuted on September 30, 1991. It started as a politically oriented talk show, a longer version of Springer's commentaries. Guests on the show included Oliver North and Jesse Jackson, and topics included homelessness and gun politics.

In early 1994, Springer and his new producer, Richard Dominick, revamped the show's format to garner higher ratings. The show became more successful as it became targeted toward tabloidish sensationalism. Guests were everyday people confronted on a television stage by a spouse or family member's adultery, homosexuality, trans-sexuality, prostitution, transvestism, hate group membership, or other controversial situations. These confrontations were often promoted by scripted shouting or violence on stage. The show received substantial ratings and much attention. By 1998, it was beating 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' in many cities, and was reaching around 8 million viewers.

On July 10, 2002, the sons of guest Nancy Campbell-Panitz – who was murdered by her ex-husband after they appeared on a May 2000 episode with his girlfriend – filed suit in Sarasota County against Springer, his producers, and his distributor, claiming he created "a mood that led to murder". Ultimately, the estate of Campbell-Panitz dropped all monetary claims against Jerry Springer and the show agreed to waive its claims for malicious prosecution against the personal representative of the estate of Campbell-Panitz and his counsel.

The British musical, "Jerry Springer: The Opera" was inspired by him and his talk show. For the New York City performances of the work at Carnegie Hall his character was portrayed by Harvey Keitel. The show won four Olivier awards for its run on London's West End.

In 2005, a UK version of the show aired on Britain's ITV network titled 'The Springer Show'. A subdued and more tongue-in-cheek version of the US show, it beat its talk-show rival Trisha Goddard five to one in the ratings.

The VH1 "celeb-reality" series 'The Springer Hustle', which took a look at how Jerry Springer is produced, premiered in April 2007.

In April 2015, Springer debuted "The Jerry Springer Podcast" on his website, He later partnered with Westwood One to stream the podcast. It was also broadcast in the UK on Talkradio, on Sundays at midnight. Springer was the second American talk show host to travel to Cuba, after Conan O'Brien, for "The Jerry Springer Podcast". The podcast ended in 2022.

On July 26, 2018, Jerry Springer aired its final episode in syndication after 27 seasons before it began airing reruns on The CW on September 10, 2018.

In most of his appearances in other shows (mostly sitcoms), his reason for crossing paths with the main character(s) usually was in connection to his own show.

Here is a rundown for most of those guest roles which qualify Jerry Springer for membership in the TVXOHOF.  (Most of the summaries are from the IMDb, but other sources as well.)

The Jerry Springer Show (1991–2018)

O’Bservation – As this talk show serves as the basis for so many of the plotlines in other series in which Springer guest-starred, it is also being inducted this month as a tribute to yet another show which exists in Earth Prime and Earth Prime-Time.  (And The Tooniverse as well!)

‘Married… with Children’ was way ahead of what would eventually become a major TV trend of the ’90s. Jerry Springer made his scripted TV debut playing a talk show host with the same name but a totally different game. The Jerry Springer of ‘Married… with Children’ was also known as the Masculine Feminist, and Al Bundy’s men’s right’s group NO MA’AM had a bone to pick with him on live TV.

NO, MA'AM (1993)
When Al and his friends get fed up with the women taking over their Giggly Room and their bowling night, thanks to both Jerry Springer and Marcy D'Arcy, they form a secret organization called No MA'AM and hold Springer hostage in his own show in an audience filled with men donning the No MA'AM shirts. They intend to perform television's first sexorcism, which includes them forcing him in watching hours of pro-wrestling. They'll also force him to wear a stinky, yellow undershirt and a pair of boxers with the words "It's All Me" until the women who took over their Giggly Room and their bowling night comply to their demands.

Jerry Springer: [on TV]
Okay, let's take some phone calls now.
Al Bundy:
Well, believe you me, this outrage shall not go unavenged.
Marcy D'Arcy:
Now, Al, don't you think women deserve...
Al Bundy:
Peggy Bundy:
Just don't embarrass us, honey.
Jerry Springer:
Is the caller there?
Al Bundy: [on the phone with Jerry Springer]
Al Bundy here!
Peggy Bundy, Kelly Bundy, Bud Bundy:
Too late.
Al Bundy:
Now listen here, Jerry. Bowling is a man's sport. If God had wanted women to bowl, he would have put their breasts on their backs so we would have something to watch while waiting our turn.
Jerry Springer:
And where are you calling from, sir? 1952?
Al Bundy:
I wish. Ike was in the White House, women were in the kitchen, and you were in the closet.
Jerry Springer:
And you forgot to mention where you were, sir. I suspect in a zoo someplace throwing your feces at a passing tourist.
Al Bundy:
Once again, I wish.

(Later, after he was kidnapped and the police came to rescue him….)

Officer Dan:
Hey, aren't you Jerry Springer, that masculine feminist?
Jerry Springer:
Yes, I am.
Officer Dan:
Tie him back up!
Jerry Springer:
What the...
[the police tie Jerry back up]
Officer Dan:
I hate that guy.

Jerry Springer: [on TV]
Now we've gotta get the bowling alley to enlarge the size of the women's restroom. And what about mothers who wanna nurse? I propose a lactation lounge.
Al Bundy:
I propose a dairy farmer.



3] GETTING EVEN (1996)


While sitting around the dinner table with her family, talking about their lottery winnings, Roseanne daydreams about herself and the family being on "The Jerry Springer Show", her and Jackie posing for "Playboy", and winning the Miss Universe contest.

AFLEVERING 216 (1997)
Mariët verkeert in een tweestrijd: wil ze Harm of Nick? Een droom waarin Jerry Springer haar voor die keuze stelt maakt het er niet makkelijker op...

[Mariët is in a conflict: does she want Harm or Nick? A dream in which Jerry Springer presents her with that choice does not make it any easier]

Jerry Springer:
Say hello to our first two guests – Mariët Zomers and Harm van Kloppenberg.  It’s great to have both of you with us!

So let me start with you, Marietta….  There's something you want to tell Harm.  Well… she has some decisions to make.

Let's say hello to Nick!


O’Bservation – This was a Dutch soap opera.  I don’t know where Springer taped his cameo; he doesn’t really share a shot with the three actors from the show.  He is only seen with the studio audience.

Steve and his students are stranded in the airport where they meet Springer.

Jerry Springer appeared as himself, in clips supposedly from The Jerry Springer Show (1991) but in fact created for this show.

This classic X-Files episode has so much going on in it that the Jerry Springer cameo is totally overshadowed. There’s a two-headed mutant that loves peanut butter and jamming out to Cher, a whole lot of sexual assault underneath fumigation tents, a town of people that may or may not be part farm animal, and also there’s a bit where Jerry Springer interviews the mother of a werewolf baby. Jerry is part of the most normal part of the episode.

Dana Scully:
I think what we're seeing here is an example of a culture for whom daytime talk shows and tabloid headlines have become a reality against which they measure their lives. A culture so obsessed by the media and a chance for self-dramatization that they'll do anything in order to gain a spotlight.
Fox Mulder:
I am alarmed that you would reduce these people to a cultural stereotype. Not everybody's dream is to get on Jerry Springer.

The House of Soul is haunted by ghosts. No surprise, given its name. Jerry Springer guest stars.

Shawn and Marlon go on "The Jerry Springer Show" and end up battling over Marlon's girlfriend.


UP CHUCK (1998)
A financially strapped Chuck (guest star Fisher Stevens) returns with a crazy scheme to exploit Gary's (Kyle Chandler) newspaper heroics. Jerry Springer also guest stars.

Multibillionaire Eric Collier, who made his fortune in arms, hires VIP to protect him while practicing extreme sports. Once the team is under contract, they see him on TV offering $10,000,000 to whoever kills him within 48 hours. After they ward off a few attempts on his life and join him in a fortress complex, a rough surprise follows.

MRS. KRAFT (1999)
Zelda, Hilda, Sabrina, Lucy, and Mr. Kraft go on 'The Jerry Springer Show'.

Springer returned to his guest star roots in 1999, making his TGIF debut on an episode of ‘Sabrina’. Just think: if Springer-mania had hit a few years earlier, we could have seen Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle fight over Laura! Instead, Springer pops up as a sort of talk show host/warlock used by the witches council to solve disputes. If you’ve been waiting to see Jerry Springer use magic powers, this is the episode for you.

EPISODES 560 – 562 (1999)
O’Bservation – According to Soap Opera Network, Jerry played a census taker named Jerry Fellar.  Apparently – because he resembled Jerry Springer – Annie had a fantasy about Jerry as Jerry.


EPISODE 1.10620 (2007)
Nick loses badly at roulette, until he takes (bogus) advice from Jerry Springer.

O’Bservation – The IMDb lists his character as “Pete”.  So the episode summary maybe should have read “Nick loses badly at roulette, until he takes advice from (bogus) Jerry Springer.  (Whoever wrote that summary also used the word "looses" instead of "loses".  I couldn't leave that.)

EPISODE 1.18 (2010)
Michelle sends an audition tape to be on MTV's 'Jersey Shore' and Jerry Springer guests on 'A Slice of Pizzi'.

Lindsay is tripping on some drug and begins hallucinating, with Todd Bridges as her guide.

Jerry Springer?  What are you doing here?
I don’t know.  You’re the one who’s high.  Hey!  Would you like to be on my show about drug-addicted teen moms?
I’m not a teen mom!
Not yet….

O’Bservation – Springer appeared as an hallucination of himself to a badly beaten Nick Sax.

Jerry Springer:
Well, we're gonna find out who hit what and from what end, but first, here's another winner at life who claims the kid ain't his. Give it up for Nick Sax.
Nick Sax:
I got no idea why I'm even here.
Jerry Springer:
Well, you're not really here. This is a metaphor. You've experienced a near-death bodily trauma.
Nick Sax:
Jerry Springer:
After hearing the best news any guy can ever hear. Let's give a nice hand to the new papa.
Nick Sax:
Sorry to disappoint. I ain't nobody's daddy.
Jerry Springer:
How can you be so sure? You shooting blanks?  Which is pretty funny, considering your line of work.
Nick Sax:
Now, look, any alleged incidents of erectile dysfunction, that I am in no way admitting to, would be a fairly recent development from me, and totally beside the point. I'm telling you I don't belong here. The only thing I am a father to is a baseball-sized colonic impasse that's getting worse every minute of this conversation.

Other shows, while not with truly fictional plotlines in which Springer appeared as himself include:


(Looks like Norman Lear with that hat.)


[Movie presentation - "The Ghost of Frankenstein"]
Springer showed up after a parody of his own show.



Springer also happens to be a multidimensional....



Lady in Audience:
Yeah, I got a question for that gross thing, whatever it is.
Jerry Springer:
Lady in Audience:
Nah, the green dude.

[For more, stay tuned... below.]

But this, from a group called Animunch, was a spoof and not voiced by Springer.  I'm not sure if it should be included in the main Tooniverse or some alternate animation dimension.  (But he did meet Miss Piggy during taping of 'Dancing With The Stars'.)

Toobworld Central doesn't get to visit this alt-Toobworld very often....


Not a joke!  This opera has been performed in London, New York (with Harvey Keitel as Jerry), and Sidney, Australia (with David Wenham.)  But for the production taped for posterity, David Soul got the nod.

Thanks to the Muppet Wiki, I learned about one reference to Springer which certifies that he does exist on Earth Prime-Time:

In the ‘Farscape’ episode "Family Ties," John Crichton describes the Moya crew as a "Jerry Springer kind of family."

Springer is one of those individuals in the League of Themselves who must be mentioned in dialogue in plenty of other TV shows.
  And there will probably be lots of archival footage from his talk show which could be playing in the background, even now after he’s no longer with us. (This will especially be true when a flashback wants to establish itself as being set in the 1990s.  What better video representation for that decade than ‘The Jerry Springer Show’?)

As usual, I figured I had plenty of time to induct Jerry Springer while he was still alive.  One never knows, do one?

But better late than never, I guess. 

By the way, because so many of his appearances in other series were inextricably linked to his talk show, 'The Jerry Springer Show' is being inducted as well into the TV On TV wing of the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.

Welcome to the Hall, Jerry!  And to your show!


And we're clear.
Space Ghost:
Well, that wasn't very good.
Jerry Springer:
I'm sorry.
Space Ghost:
Oh, no, it's all right, really.
You're just not very good.
'Space Ghost: Coast To Coast'