Sunday, December 31, 2017


Francine York ('Burke's Law', 'Days Of Our Lives', 'Jason of Star Command', 'Lost In Space', 'Batman', 'The Wild, Wild West', 'Columbo')
Om Puri (Indian actor - 'Jewel In The Crown', 'White Teeth', 'C.I.D.', 'Kirdaar', Safar')
Tony Rosato ('Saturday Night Live', 'SCTV', 'Night Heat', 'Amanda's By The Sea')
Dick Gautier ('When Things Were Rotten', 'Mr. Terrific', 'Get Smart')

Miguel Ferrer ('Twin Peaks', 'NCIS: LA', 'Lateline', 'On The Air', 'Broken Badges')
Gordon Kaye (''Allo, 'Allo', 'Coronation Street', 'Born And Bred', 'Mansfield Park')
Mary Tyler Moore ('The Mary Tyler Moore Show', 'The Dick Van Dyke Show', 'Annie McGuire', 'Mary', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Hour', 'Richard Diamond, Private Eye', 'New York News', 'The Naked Truth', 'That's 70s Show', "Happy Hotpoint")
Mike Connors ('Mannix', "War And Remembrance", 'Tightrope', 'Today's FBI')
John Hurt ('I, Claudius', "The Naked Civil Servant', 'The Storyteller', 'Merlin', 'Doctor Who')
Frank Pellegrino ('The Sopranos', 'Law & Order')
Emmannuelle Riva ('Venus And Apollo', 'Les Dossiers De L'ecren', 'Enigmes de l'Histoire')
Alec McCowan ('Mr. Palfrey of Westminster', 'Love And Mr. Lewisham', 'Angel Pavement')

Richard Hatch ('Battlestar Galactica', 'Battlestar Galactica' reboot, 'Streets of San Franciso', 'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman', 'Dynasty', Santa Barbara')
Warren Frost ('Twin Peaks', 'Seinfeld', 'Matlock')
Bill Paxton ('Big Love', 'Training Day', 'Agents Of SHIELD', 'Hatfields and McCoys' 'Texas Rising')
Neil Fingleton ('Game Of Thrones', 'Doctor Who')

Miriam Colon ('How To Make It In America', 'Streets of Laredo', 'The Edge of Night')
Tony Haygarth ('Kinvig', 'Where The Heart Is', 'Rosie', 'The Borrowers', 'El C.I.D.')
John Forgeham ('Crossroads', 'Catwalk', 'L For Lester', 'Making Out', 'All In The Game')
O'BSERVATION: Haygarth & Forgeham, co-stars of 'Ivanhoe', died on the same day.
Christine Kaufmann ('Mission d'amore', 'If The Neighbors Were Knowing', 'Monaco Frenze')
Darlene Cates ('Picket Fences', 'Touched By An Angel', "Wolf Girl", 'Sally Jesse Raphael')
Chelsea Brown ('Laugh-In', 'Number 96', 'E-Street', 'Mission: Impossible', 'Match Game')
Tim Pigott-Smith ('Jewels In The Crown', "King Charles II", 'The Chief', 'The Vice')
Peter Hansen ('General Hospital')
Linda Hopkins ("King", "Purlie", 'Roots: The Next Generation', "Go Tell It On The Mountain")
Clifton James ('Texas', 'Dallas', 'Lewis & Clark', 'Gunsmoke', 'Murder, She Wrote')
Erin Moran ('Happy Days', 'Joanie Loves Chachi', 'The Don Rickles Show', 'Daktari')
Kathleen Crowley ('Waterfront', 'Maverick', 'Perry Mason', '77 Sunset Strip', 'Climax!')
Michael Mantenuto ("Dirtbags")
Dali Lavi ('Sez Les', 'Hallo Peter', other music variety shows, better known for movies)
Michael Parks ('Then Came Bronson', 'Twin Peaks', 'The Real McCoys')
Curt Lowens (played German officers & scientists - 'GH', 'The FBI', 'The 6 Million Man')
Ken Miller ('B.L. Stryker', 'Dragnet', 'The Cisco Kid', 'Flash Gordon', 'Public Defender')
Geoffrey Bayldon ('Catweazle', 'Worzel Gummidge', 'Magic Granddad', 'Devenish')

Powers Boothe ('Philip Marlowe, Private Eye', 'Deadwood', 'Agents Of SHIELD', 'Nashville', '24', "Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones" - won the Emmy for it)
Oleg Vidov ('Secret of the Black Dragon', 'Alias', 'Criminal Minds', 'The West Wing')
John Cygan ('The Commish', 'Bob!', 'NYPD Blue', 'Regular Show In Space')
Dina Merrill ('Hot Pursuit', 'Hotel', 'The Love Boat', 'Batman', 'Murder, She Wrote')
Sir Roger Moore ('The Saint', 'The Persuaders', 'Maverick', 'The Alaskans')
Jared Martin ('Dallas', 'Fantastic Journey', 'How The West Was Won', 'War Of The Worlds')
Elena Verdugo ('Meet Millie', 'Marcus Welby, M.D.', 'Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law', 'Mona McCluskey', 'Redigo', 'The New Phil Silvers Show', 'Many Happy Returns')
Wendell Burton ('Mathnet', 'The New Dick Van Dyke Show', "East of Eden", 'Kung Fu')
Roger Smith ('77 Sunset Strip', 'Mr. Roberts')
Peter Sallis ('The Last of the Summer Wine', 'Wallace & Gromit', 'The Wind In The Willows')
Glenne Headley ('ER', 'Encore! Encore!', 'The Night Of....', 'Monk', 'Lonesome Dove')
Andy Cunningham ('Bodger & Badger' 'On The Waterfront')
Stephen Furst ('St. Elsewhere', 'Babylon 5', 'Have Faith', 'Misery Loves Company', 'Delta House'/"Animal House")
Bill Dana ('Make Room For Daddy', 'The Bill Dana Show', Steve Allen show, Jose Jimenez)
Michael Nyqvist ('Millennium' 'Zero Hour', '100 Code', 'Madiba')
Skip Homeier ('Star Trek', 'Dan Raven', 'The Interns', 'Studio One In Hollywood')
Carol Lee Scott ('Grotbags', 'Emu's World')
Ji-Tu Cumbuka ('Roots', 'Murder, She Wrote')
Joe Robinson ('The Avengers', 'The Saint')
Sam Beazley ('Casualty', 'Kingdom', 'Foyle's War', 'Midsomer Murders', 'Doctors', 100 years)
Nelsan Ellis ('True Blood', 'Elementary', "Warm Springs", 'The Inside', 'Veronica Mars')
Randy Schell (vocal artist - 'GEICO', for 'Fear The Walking Dead')
Elsa Martinelli ('Atelier', 'Astuzia per astuzia', 'The Rogues, 'Return of the Saint')
Trevor Baxter ('Doctor Who', 'Maestrom', 'Lorna Doone'(2x), 'The Politician's Wife')

Martin Landau ('Mission: Impossible', 'Space: 1999', 'Entourage', 'The Twilight Zone')
Harvey Atkin ('Cagney & Lacey', 'Law & Order')
Molly Peters ('Armchair Theatre', 'Baker's Half Dozen', "Das Experiment", Bond Girl)

Joe Robinson ('The Saint', 'The Avengers', 'Theatre 625', 'Pardon The Expression', Bond)
John Heard ('The Sopranos', 'The Client', 'Prison Break')
June Foray (Queen of Voice-Overs: Rocket J. Squirrel, Talky Tina, Granny, Cindy Lou Who, Witch Hazel, Nell Fenwick, Natasha Fatale)
Willie Payne ('The Larkins', 'The Bill', 'Rumpole of the Bailey')
Patti Deutsch ('Laugh-In', 'Grandpa Goes To Washington', 'Capitol Critters', 'Match Game')

Marcello Perracchio ('Inspector Montalbano', 'The Octopus')
Jeanne Moreau ('Belle Epoque', 'A Cursed Monarchy', 'Le tourbillon de Jeanne', Catherine the Great")
Robert Hardy ('Hot Metal', 'All Creatures Great And Small', 'Elizabeth R', TV's Churchill)
Hywel Bennett ('Shelley', 'Return of Shelley', 'The Bill', 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy', 'EastEnders', 'Malice Aforethought')
Ty Hardin ('Bronco', 'Riptide', 'Sugarfoot', 'Cheyenne', 'Maverick')
Haruo Nakajima ('Ultraman', 'Urutora Q', the man who played Godzilla)
Joseph Bologna ('Top of the Heap', ;Superman' cartoon, 'Married With Children', 'Rags To Riches', 'Sins')
Claude Rich (''A Cursed Monarchy', 'Radetzkymarsch', 'Le grand secret')
Sonny Landham ('Call To Glory', 'Miami Vice', 'The Fall Guy', 'BJ and the Bear')
Jay Thomas ('Love and War', 'Cheers', 'Mork & Mindy', 'Murphy Brown', 'Ink')
Mireille Darc ('Frank Riva', 'Les yeux d'Hélène', 'Burnt Hearts'. 'Terre indigo')
Richard Anderson ('The Six Million Dollar Man', 'The Bionic Man', 'Perry Mason', 'Dan August', "The Night Strangler", 'Dynasty', 'Cover Up', 'Kung Fu: TLC', 'Zorro')
Novella Nelson (
'The Starter Wife', 'Army Wives', 'New York Undercover', 'The West Wing', 'Chiefs', 'Law & Order: SVU', 'Damages', '30 Rock' [as herself])
Mark LaMura ('All My Children', 'As The World Turns', 'One Life To Live', 'LA Law')

Frank Vincent ('The Sopranos', 'NYPD Blue', 'Law & Order: SVU', AFLAC)
Gastone Moschin ('Don Matteo', 'Melodramma', 'I Miserabili', 'Il Mulino del Po')
Harry Dean Stanton ('Big Love', 'Twin Peaks', 'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman')

Bernie Casey ('Bay City Blues', 'The Martian Chronicles', 'Harris and Son')
Liz Dawn ('Coronation Street', 'Emmerdale', 'Play For Today', 'Z Cars')
Jan Triska ('Mystery of the Conundrum', 'F.I. Vek', 'Hunter', 'Evergreen')
Anne Jeffreys ('Topper', 'General Hospital', 'Port Charles', 'Baywatch', 'Finder of Lost Loves', 'Falcon Crest', 'Love That Jill', 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Fantasy Island')
Tony Booth ('Til Death Do Us Part', 'Emmerdale')

Benjamin Whithrow ('Pride and Prejudice', 'Tom Jones'', 'The New Statesman')
Bobby Nutt ('It's A Nutt House', 'The Comedians', 'The Wheeltappers', 'Benidorm')

Chuck Low ('Tribeca', 'The Sopranos', '100 Centre Street', 'Law & Order')
Anna Wiazemsky (
'Le pain noir', "Don Juan", "Le grand inquisiteur", "La passion")
Trevor Martin 
('Z Cars', 'Orlando', 'Coronation Street', 'Three Golden Nobles', 'Doctor Who')

Tom Alter ('Rishton ka chakravyuh', 'Zabaan Sambhal Ke', 'Hatim', 'Siddhant', 'Daraar', 'Junoon', 'Sheila', 'Barood', 'Upanayas', 'Agwaah', 'Param Veer Chakra')
Elizabeth Bauer ('Ironside', "Return Of Ironside", 'Lancer', 'Batman')
Roy Dotrice ('Beauty and the Beast', 'Misleading Cases', 'Picket Fences', 'Going To Extremes', 'Dickens of London')

Trevor "Ziggy" Byfield ('The Bill', 'Ghost Hunter', 'The Knock', 'The Broker's Man', 'Rides', 'Chancer', 'Yesterday's Dreams')
Danielle Darrieux (reached 100! 'Miss', 'Le misere des riches', 'Jalna', 'Dangerous Liaisons')
Federico Luppi ('En Terapia', 'El Pacto', 'Swindlers', 'Casa Natal', Luces y Sombras')
Robert Guillaume ('Soap', 'Benson', 'SportsNight', 'The Robert Guillaume Show')
Rosemary Leach ('The Jewel In The Crown', 'Coronation Street', 'My Family', 'Down To Earth', 'Berkeley Square', 'The Tomorrow People', 'Growing Pains', 'The Charmer', 'Life Begins At Forty', 3 Ronnie Corbett series)
Jack Bannon ('Lou Grant', 'Trauma Center', 'St. Elsewhere', 'Petticoat Junction')

Patrick O'Connell ('We'll Meet Again', 'The Brothers', 'Fraud Squad', 'Frontier')
Brad Bufanda ('Veronica Mars', 'Days Of Our Lives', 'Co-Ed Confidential')
Don Pedro Colley ('The Dukes of Hazzard', 'Daniel Boone', 'The A-Team', 'Nichols')
Sandy Neilsen ('Taggart', 'Winners and Losers', 'Brond')
Judith McGrath ('All Saints', 'A Country Practice', 'Prisoner Cell Block H', 'Neighbours')
Iain Rogerson ('Coronation Saints', 'Bloomin' Marvellous', 'Sketch Pad', 'Emmerdale')
John Hillerman ('Magnum PI', 'The Adventures Of Ellery Queen', 'The Betty White Show', 'Valerie', 'One Day At A Time')
Harry Landers ('Ben Casey', 'Star Trek', 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', 'Quincy M.E.')
Karin Dor 
('Ironside', 'Rosamunde Pilcher', 'Das Traumschiff', 'Die große Freiheit')
Keith Barron 
('Duty Free', 'Coronation Street', 'The Good Guys', 'Haggard', 'DCI Bans', 'Holby City', 'Doctors', 'Dead Man Weds', 'The Chase', 'Where The Heart Is', 'NCS Manhunt', 'Take Me', 'All Night Long', 'Leaving', 'Room At The Bottom', 'The Adventures of Lucky Jim', 'The Odd Man' & 'It's Dark Outside' [same character])  And this show didn't even take into account all of the one-shots roles I actually got to see him in!
Ann Wedgeworth ('Evening Shade', 'The Edge of Night', 'Another World', 'Three's Company')
Earle Hyman (
'The Cosby Show', 'Thundercats', 'Seier'n er vår')
Della Reese ('Della', 'Touched By An Angel', 'Chico And The Man', 'The Royle Family')
Rodney Bewes ('The Likely Lads' and its sequels, 'Just Liz', 'Albert!')
David Cassidy (;The Partridge Family', 'David Cassidy - Man Undercover', 'Ruby & The Rockits')
Rance Howard ('The Waltons', 'Gentle Ben', 'The Andy Griffith Show', 'Babylon 5', father of Ron & Clint, grandfather of Bryce Dallas)
Shashi Kapoor ('Gulliver's Travels', 'Kissa Kathmandu Kaa')
Heather North (Daphne in 'Scooby Doo', 'My Three Sons', 'Ironside', 'The Monkiees')
Heather Menzies-Urich ('Logan's Run', 'Dragnet 1967', 'The Farmer's Daughter', 'Vega$', best known for being one of the Von Trapp children in "The Sound Of Music".)
Rose Marie ('The Dick Van Dyke Show', 'Hardball', 'The Doris Day Show', 'The Garfield Show', 'My Sister Eileen', 'The Bob Cummings Show')
Richard Venture ('Law & Order', 'The Boys', 'Street Hawk', 'Falcon Crest', 'Mary Hartman')

Roberta Peters (opera singer - 'Hotel', 'The Jack Benny Program', many variety shows)
Judge Joseph Wapner ('The People's Court', 'Sliders')

Robert Osborne (TCM host)
Brian Matthews ('Saturday Club', 'Easy Beat', 'Thank Your Lucky Stars')
Christopher "Big Black" Boykin ('Rob & Big')
Dr. Brandon Rogers ('America's Got Talent')
Barry Norman (film critic, 'Film 72-98', 'Omnibus')
David E,H, Jones (aka "Daedalus", 'Kopf um Kopf')
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (WWF Wrestling shows)
Monty Hall ('Let's Make A Deal')
Tom Petty ('The Larry Sanders Show', 'It's Garry Shandling's Show', 'The Simpsons')
Mychael Knight ('Project Runway')
Frits Bom (Dutch presenter - 'De Dik Voormekaar Show', 'Elke Nederlander Wordt Geacht de Wet te Kennan')

Antonio Carlucci ('Two Greedy Italians', 'Italian Feast', 'Southern Italian Feast', 'Food & Drink', ''Antonio Carlucci's Six Seasons')
Keith Chegwin ('Cheggers Plays Pop', 'Multi-Coloured Swap Shop', 'Saturday Superstore')
Wendy Pepper (Contestant on first season of 'Project Runway')

Alan Colmes ('Hannity & Colmes', 'The O'Reilly Factor', 'Happening Now')
Paul Kangas ('Nightly Business Report')
John Andriese  (MSG basketball announcer)
Ceceiia Alvear (NBC journalist, opened doors for Latinos in news business)
Kate O'Beirne (National Review editor, 'Hardball with Chris Matthews', 'Meet The Press')
Frank Deford (Sports Illustrated, 'Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel', 'ESPN SportsCentury', 'ESPN 25: Whos #1?)
Jim Piersall (pitcher, game commentator, appeared as himself on 'The Lucy Show'
Gabe Pressman (WNEW, WNBC reporter - 71 years in the business, 'The Last Word')
Bob Wolff (News12 sports (LI), World Series pre-game host 1962-65, ESPN SportsCentury)
Bill Smith (reporter/anchor for KTLA & KTTV's "Metro News - Metro News")
Liz MacKean ('BBC Breakfast Today', 'Newsnight')
Tommy Hawkins (former b-ball player, KNBC sportscaster, talk show host on KHJ/KCAL)
Mike Neville (news presenter for BBC's 'Look North' and Tyne Tees' 'North-east Newsview')
Ray "Moosie" Turnbull (curling analyst for The Sports Network, CBS in 1988 at Nagano)
Michelle Marsh (anchorwoman from WCBS & WNBC)
Ferdie Pacheco (ringside commentator, doctor for Muhammed Ali)
Stephen "Snapper" Jones (
Basketball color commentator for CBS, TNT, TBS, USA Network, NBC, NBA TV)
Chuck Will (CBS golf impresario behind the scenes)
Dick Enberg (all-around sports commentator)

Philip Saville ('Boys From The Blackstuff', 'The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil')
Bill Webb ('ABC Wide World of Sports', the Triple Crown, MLB All-Star Games)
Christopher Morahan ('The Jewel In The Crown', 'Emergency Ward 10', 'Theatre 625')
Jonathan Demme ('Columbo', 'The Killing', 'Enlightenment', 'Trying Times', 'SNL' segments)
Tobe Hooper ('Nowhere Man', 'Amazing Stories', 'Tales From The Crypt', 'Freddie's Nightmares')
Sir Peter Hall ('The Wars Of The Roses', 'The Camomile Lawn', "Orpheus Descending")

Alan Root (African wildlife documentarian)
Kundan Shah 
('Parsai Kehate Hain', 'Nukkad' 'Intezaar')
Umberto Lenzi ("House Of Lost Souls", "House of Witchcraft")
Paddy Russell ('Compact', 'Doctor Who', 'Emmerdale', '3-2-1', 'Z Cars')

Peter Baldwin ('Dick Van Dyke Show', 'Gomer Pyle: USMC', 'The Andy Griffith Show', 'The Doris Day Show', 'The Partridge Family', 'The Brady Bunch', 'The Bob Newhart Show', 'Happy Days', 'Chico and the Man', 'The Love Boat', 'Carter Country', 'Benson', 'Family Ties', 'Webster', 'ALF', 'Full House', 'Family Matters', 'WKRP in Cincinnati', 'Dream On', 'Blossom', 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', 'Sanford and Son', 'Murphy Brown' and 'The Wonder Years')
Anthony Harvey ("The Glass Menagerie", "The Disappearance of Aimee", "This Can't Be Love")

William Peter Blatty ('Insight', "The Exorcist")
Alan Simpson ('Hancock's Half Hour', 'Steptoe & Son', 'Frankie Howerd', 'Casanova '73')

Colin Dexter (creator of 'Inspector Morse' which led to 'Inspector Lewis' and 'Endeavour')
Jean Rouveral, ('Guiding Light', Search For Tomorrow', 'As The World Turns', blacklisted)
David Storey ('Home', 'Early Days', 'The Contractor')
Trish Vrandenberg ('Designing Women', 'Everything's Relative', 'Family Ties', 'Kate 'n' Allie')
Chris Bearde ('Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In', 'The Gong Show', 'The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour')
Michael Bond (Creator of Paddington Bear)
Tom Elliott ('Coronation Street' and its biggest story - the pub fire at Rover's Return)
Richard Gordon (doctor who wrote the books which were the basis for 'Doctor In The House', 'Doctor At Large', 'Doctor In Charge', 'Doctor At Sea', 'Doctor On The Go', others)
Bernard Pomerance ('The Elephant Man')
Peter Whalley ('Coronation Street', 'Angels', 'Albion Market', 'Revelations', 'Castles')
Len Wein ('Swamp Thing', 'Justice League', 'Teen Titans', 'Wolverine', 'Robo-Cop Alpha Commando')
JP Donleavy ('Personal Reflections', "New York-idyl")
Albert Innaurato ('Happy Birthday, Gemini', 'The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd')
Bob Schiller ('I Love Lucy', 'The Lucy Show', 'All In The Family', 'Flip', 'Sanford', 'The Red Skelton Show', 'Maude', 'Pete & Gladys', 'Archie Bunker's Place', 'He's The Mayor')
Donald Bain (prolific author who ghost-wrote 45 mystery novels for Jessica B. Fletcher)
Frank Barron (Hollywood Reporter editor, created 'The Man From Blackhawke', H-B)
Pat Hutchins (children's book author - 'Titch', 'Rosie & Jim' also its presenter)
Sue Grafton ('Nurse', 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers', 'Rhoda', "A Killer In The Family")

Sam Lovullo ('Hee Haw')
Bruce Lansbury ('Mission: Impossible', 'Murder, She Wrote', 'The Wild, Wild West', 'Knight Rider')
Jack Harris ('Obras maestras del terror', "The Blob")
Albert Freedman (producer who rigged 'Twenty-One')
Brad Grey ('The Sopranos', 'The Larry Sanders Show', 'Real Time with Bill Maher', 'Just Shoot Me', 'Politically Incorrect', 'NewsRadio', 'It's Garry Shandling's Show')
Jerry Perenchio ('Monsanto Presents Mancini', 'Andy Williams Special', Univision)
Marilyn Hall ("A Woman Called Golda" [Emmy winner], 'Lights, Camera, Monty!')
Marion Goldin ('60 Minutes')
Jeffrey Tuchman ("Man From Hope", 'Investigative Reports', 'Real Sex')

Don Ohlmeyer ('Monday Night Football')
Jack Good ('Six-Five Special', 'Oh Boy!', 'Shindig')
Pat Lewellyn ('Two Fat Ladies', 'The Naked Chef', 'Hell's Kitchen', 'Police, Camera, Action!')
Martin Ransohoff (Producer who founded Filmways TV)
Stuart Evey (Helped to found ESPN)

Chuck Berry (first entrant into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, song on board Voyager, many TV shows)

Daniel Licht ('Dexter', 'Deception', 'The Blacklist', 'Body of Proof', 'Jake In Progress', 'Kitchen Confidential', "Hendrix")
Walter Becker (1/2 of Steely Dan)
Fats Domino (played himself in 'Treme', music all throughout Toobworld history)
Dudley Simpson ('Doctor Who', 'The Tomorrow People', 'The Brothers', 'Sally', 'Blake's 7')

Joe Harris (illustrator created Trix Rabbit, Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo, King Leonardo)
Bob Givens (one of the creative team behind Bugs Bunny)

Professor Irwin Corey (comedian, Happy in 'Doc', died at 102)
Al Jarreau (singer - R&B, Jazz, Pop; actor - 'Touched By An Angel' & 'Promised Land' crossover; Self - 'Touched By An Angel', 'Soul Man', 'New York Undercover', 'SCTV')

Patty Dworkin Freedman (publicist, actress - 'Three's Company', 'The Love Boat', Fantasy Island, 'Eight Is Enough', 'Dynasty', 'Happy Days', 'One Day At A Time', 'Delta House')
Jimmy Breslin (Pulitzer winning writer, 'Lateline', 'Ink', 'The Critic', 'Saturday Night Live')
Chuck Barris (game show creator and producer, host of 'The Gong Show')
Don Rickles (insult comic and actor - 'CPO Sharkey', 'The Don Rickles Show', 'Comedy Roasts')
Charlie Murphy (writer/actor - 'Chappelle's Show', 'Power', 'Boondocks', 'Are We There Yet?')
Joan See (commercial actress, taught "Acting in Advertising")
Martha Lavey (artistic director of Steppenwolf Theatre, actress - 'Missing Persons')
Edwin Sherin (director - 'L&O' franchise, 'H:LOTS', 'L.A. Law', actor - 'Brenner', 'L&O')
Roger Ailes (producer 'The Merv Griffin Show', founder of FOX News, political consultant)

Elinor Bunin Monroe (creative director @ WNET 13, title designer, art department)
Marsh McCall (writer/producer - 'Just Shoot Me', 'Fuller House', 'Last Man Standing', 'I'm With Her')
Gregg Allman (country/blues rocker, actor - 'Family Guy', 'Tales From The Crypt')
John Noakes (presenter - 'Go With Noakes', 'Blue Peter', actor - 'The Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau')
Brian Cant - presenter ('Play School', 'Play Away'), narrator ('Trumpton', 'Camberwick Green'), actor ('Doctor Who', 'The Girl In A Black Bikini', 'Z Cars', 'Dixon of Dock Green')
Suzanne Wasserman (producer/director - 'Independent Lens')
Red West (stuntman 'Wild, Wild West', actor 'Black Sheep Squadron', 'Magnum PI')
George A. Romero (horror director, Zombie godfather, produced 'Tales From The Darkside')
Sam Shepard (playwright - 'True West', actor - 'Bloodline', 'Klondike', 'Streets of Laredo')

Glen Campbell (singer/host - 'The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour', 'The Glen Campbell Music Show', actor - 'The FBI', 'Players', "Strange Homecoming")
Barbara Cook (singer/host - 'The Bell Telephone Hour', 'Match Game', actress - 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', 'Studio One', 'The Chevy Show')
Sir Bruce Forsyth (one of the last longest running performers on TV.  Actor - 'Slinger's Day', "The Canterville Ghost", presenter - 'Strictly Come Dancing', 'Saturday Night At The Palladium', quizmaster - 'Play Your Cards Right')
Dick Gregory (actor - 'Reno 911', 'Wonder Showzen', 'The Ed Sullivan Show', 'Laugh-In')
Jerry Lewis (actor - 'Wiseguy', 'The Simpsons', 'Mad About You', comedy genius - MDA Labor Day Marathon, 'The Jerry Lewis Show', 'Thy Pains', 'Law & Order', 'The Sopranos')
Shelley Berman (comedian, actor - 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'LA Law', 'The Twilight Zone')
Jake LaMotta (personality/actor - 'Trials of O'Brien', 'Car 54, Where Are You?')
William G. Stewart (host, '15 To 1', producer - 'Bless This House', 'Family Fortunes')
Ralphie May (stand-up comic, actor - 'Inside Amy Schumer', 'Squidbillies', 'Whoopi')
Sean Hughes (stand-up comic, actor - 'Sean's Show', 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks')
Richard Gordon (Gemini & Apollo astronaut, technical advisor & actor - 'Space')
Mel Tillis (C&W singer, actor - 'Love, American Style', 'The Love Boat', 'Mel Tillis Time')
Ken Shapiro (writer/director/actor - "The Groove Tube", 'Texaco Star Theater', 'The Great Machine')
Jim Nabors (singer, actor - 'The Andy Griffith Show', 'Gomer Pyle, USMC', 'The Jim Nabors Show', 'The Lost Saucer', 'Valentine's Day')
Jim Burns (writer/producer - 'MTV Unplugged')
Danny Breen (producer - 'The Wayne Brady Show', 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', actor - 'Not Necessarily The News')

Paula Dell, (stuntwoman - 'Charlie's Angels')
Edward Tipper (Easy Company soldier, portrayed by Bart Ruspoli in 'Band of Brothers')
Christian Evans (ex-husband of Ricki Lake)
Dr. Mildred Dresselhaus (GE commercial to spur women scientist, alternate Toobworld)
Ward Chamberlin, Jr. (pioneered the 
decentralized network model of independent public stations)
Bernie Wrightson (artist & incredible comic book illustrator, co-creator of 'Swamp Thing')
Francine Hughes Wilson (inspiration for "The Burning Bed", played by Farrah Fawcett)
Sandy Gallin (talent manager)
Ian Brady (unrepentant "Moors Murderer" portrayed on TV in five different productions)
Manuel Noriega (Panamanian dictator played by Bob Hoskins and Jon Lovitz)
Bruce McCallum (camera operator - 'The Sopranos', 'Tribeca', 'The Night Of...' 'Blacklist')
Miriam Marx (editor, 'You Bet Your Life', daughter of Groucho)
John Bernecker ('The Walking Dead')
Margo Chase (logo designer, 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer')
Lois Laurel Hawes (Stan Laurel's daughter)
Clara Douglas (editor, 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy', 'Smiley's People', 'Cold Lazarus', 'Bleak House')
Marty Sklar (Disney imagineer)
Christine Whittaker (BBC film researcher for documentaries - 'Bird's Eye View', 'Pandora's Box', 'People's Century', 'For All Our Working Lives')
John Mollo (Oscar-winning costume designer for "Star Wars", 8 "Hornblower" & 2 "Sharpe" movies)
Raul Davalos (editor - 'Empire', 'Gilmore Girls', 'Dreamcatcher')
Charles Manson (cult leader involved in Tate-LoBiano murders, played by many actors)

Saturday, December 30, 2017



Recently for a round of my daily "Who Dat?" game on Facebook, I submitted this picture as the contest.  It was quickly guessed as being John Larroquette, seen as Jenkins in 'The Librarians'.

I had written about the expanded picture in the past, talking about the TV connections for some of the items listed - like how the notation of "Tesla's Death Ray" would be a link to an episode of 'Murdoch Mysteries'.

So while looking at this close-up shot, another notation caught my eye as to being worthy of research:

"The Black Mask"

Here's what the wiki for 'The Librarians' had as its entry:

The Black Mask was mentioned by Jenkins among the immortals that could be injured, but not killed.[1].

In "And the Fables of Doom" it is implied the Black Mask can do strange things, possibly reality-warping, as one of the options for what could be causing fairy tales to be coming to life 
[which] Jenkins writes on the board. However, Jenkins quickly dismisses it, saying that "the Black Mask is not worth mentioning at this point."

I was curious as to whether or not there was some basis for the Black Mask in fantasy or mythology, so I conducted a Google search and I came across two pozz'ble entries:

The Black Mask is a key item in Final Fantasy II. It is obtained on the Tropical Island, and along with the White Mask, is necessary in obtaining the Crystal Rod.


Black Mask's most prominent ability is his utilization of an ebony black mask which he wears. Per the events of the New 52, the mask possesses hypnosis-like mind controlling abilities that extend through the material of the masks that his henchmen wear, rendering them under his direct control. He has also killed his victims by applying toxin-filled masks to their faces, poisoning them to death and leaving their faces hideously shriveled and blackened.

If I'm not mistaken, "Final Fantasy" has been adapted for a movie, but it has not been used for TV.  The second Black Mask is from the comics world of "Batman" and that is well-ingrained in Toobworld, in fact in several of its alternate dimensions as well.  So even though "Final Fantasy" probably suits 'The Librarians' better, I'm going with the 'Batman' option since that Black Mask was also a person.

The official 'Batman' for the main Toobworld is the 1966 TV series starring Adam West, plus the movie spin-off during its run.  Every other series relating to the Caped Crusader would be trundled off to other TV dimensions - 'Gotham', 'Birds of Prey', those TV specials with the "celebrity" roasts....  Plus all of the animated 'Batman' shows would be bundled together into the Tooniverse.

Although 'Batman' of Earth Prime-Time ended in 1968, the lives of its characters continued off-screen.  And based on mentions made by characters in other TV shows, Batman continued in his work fighting crime.  But the general public now knew that Batman was in fact millionaire Bruce Wayne and that he worked out of a subterranean facility dubbed the Batcave.

Eventually, the original Batman was forced to retire, perhaps due to injury, at some point in the mid-1970s.  (In the TV dimension for 'Birds of Prey', it appears that their Batman had died.)  Yet TV characters continued to speak of him as still being active, even today.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

I love this!  We're like Batman and Alfred!

You'd rather be Alfred than Robin? 
He has access to the batcave, 
plus, he gets to drive all of Batman's girlfriends home and dish.

See?  Spoken of in the present tense.

It's my theory (just in terms of Toobworld; doesn't have to be applied everywhere) that after Bruce Wayne was so severely injured in battle with one of his arch-nemeses he retired and Dick Grayson took his place as the new Batman.  In the meantime, Bruce Wayne revealed his secret identity in a tell-all book, which is why there are mentions in other shows of Wayne as Batman.  

Along with that autobiography, the shadow ops group known as UNREEL produced a TV show during the 1960s (starring Adam West) to convince the general public that Batman and Robin were fictional characters.  And that's how Jake and Charles knew about Alfred Pennyworth being the butler at stately Wayne manor. 

But in that book, Bruce Wayne never let on that he was no longer the Batman.  He wrote it as though he was still in action, thus taking the focus off of Dick Grayson as he continued on with the tradition.  (Of course, Wayne manor had to become a highly fortified compound with modern technology to ward off any intruders.  I'm thinking force field.)

Eventually, Grayson was taken out of action as well and since then there have been a slew of new Batmen serving Gotham City, each one taking on the identity of Bruce Wayne in much the same way as each new generation's Phantom was known to be Kit Walker.

So.  Where were we?  Oh yeah.  The Black Mask.

The Black Mask first appeared in the "Batman" comic books in the 1980s.  And since Toobworld's Batman was off-screen since 1968, I see no reason why the incarnation of the Caped Crusader in operation at that time couldn't have fought the televersion of the Black Mask.  We just weren't able to witness it on-screen from the Trueniverse.  

And although it seems that Batman's Black Mask was not an immortal, that doesn't mean it has to be the same situation in the TV Universe.  We've seen liberties taken before in the adaptations of 'Batman' to the small screen, especially in 'Gotham'.  Or it could be that the criminal somehow got the immortal's mask and used it for his own purposes.

Since that time when the Black Mask battled the Batman of the 1980s, the immortal/criminal is still at large in Toobworld, which is why Jenkins added him to the list of reasons why fairy tales were coming to life.  Ultimately the Library would like to acquire that black mask for its archives, if they don't get beaten to it by the agents of 'Warehouse 13'.

Sadly, Bruce Wayne finally passed away just this past year, as did Adam West who portrayed him on Toobworld TV....


Friday, December 29, 2017



‘The Librarians’ series is back for its fourth season, opening with two back-to-back episodes. 

With this first episode, the showrunners made a major shift by bringing back my favorite character from the original TV movie “The Librarian: The Quest For The Spear” – Library Guardian Nicole Noone.  However… we have a recastaway.

 Nicole was originally played by Sonia Walger, one of the bright shining lights of ‘Lost’ as Penny.  But now the role is being assayed by Rachel Nichols.  And there is no confusing the two….

As Team Toobworld should know, I don’t like recastaways.  Toobworld is a visual shared universe and so splainins must be found to cover up such discrepancies.  Standby splainins include the mundane plastic surgery, but also quantum leaping, magical transformations including shape-shifters, clones, replicant androids, and alien glamour devices.

Luckily ‘The Librarians’ wallows in magic, so finding a reason as to how Nicole’s appearance was altered is not only easier, but the wilder the better and still plausible.

Here’s a quick run-down of her return:

While trying to retrieve H.G. Wells’ time machine, Flynn had fixed it to explode should anyone tamper with it, until they were ready to return it to their own time and/or to the Library.  However, he didn’t expect Nicole to trigger the device and he thought she had died in the explosion.

But what happened was that she found herself hurled back in Time five hundred years to the 1500s. 

Ezekiel Jones:
Pardon me? 500 years?
How are you still alive?

Immortality artifact, which she stole.
Along with countless others.

In order to survive so that she could live long enough to get back to the man she loved (although Jenkins was convinced that she did it to get revenge on those people in the future she blamed for abandoning her), Nicole raided the Library of that time for an immortality artifact. And that means we can rule out any non-Library reasons for her immortality.... unless it came from another TV show before the Library’s acquisition.  (But it definitely rules out seeking Endora or some other witch for a magic spell.  Then again, maybe she made a deal with Mr. Cadwallader or some other representative from “the other place”.)

Like I said, the immortality artifact could have come from some other TV show before becoming part of the Library’s collection.  So what could it have been?

Here are the most popular sources for immortality to be found in world mythology:

  • Eating a Mermaid-like creature: Japanese Mythology.
  • Cinnabar: Taoist Mythology. ...
  • Ambrosia: Greek Mythology. ...
  • Peaches of Immortality: Chinese Mythology. ...
  • The Philosopher's Stone: Medieval Mythology.
  • Amrit: Hindu Mythology. ...
  • Buckthorn-like Plant: Sumerian Mythology. ...
  • Holy Grail: Christian Mythology.
There was a tenth way of gaining immortality, but it involved taunting Jesus to his face.  As Nicole only went back in Time to the 1500s, that isn’t a viable option.  A shame, because the legend says that it happened during his ordeal of walking to the site for his crucifixion. And that has been depicted several times in television.  And of course, it’s hardly considered as an artifact.)

The Peaches, the Golden Apples. and Ambrosia have all seen their origin mythologies depicted on TV – ‘Journey To The West’, ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’, and ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’ as major sources.  Perhaps a mixture of cinnabar and the buckthorn-like plant were all used in the elixir that was mixed for Walter Jameson by the mysterious alchemist.  I’m not sure if Taoist mythology figures in any TV series but the plant is from the legends of Gilgamesh and he showed up in an episode of ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’.  As for amrit, mostly I found that listed as a feminine first name for both characters and actresses, but there was a documentary in 2012 called “Amrit, The Nectar Of Immortality”.  The go-to reference for the philosopher’s stone is the ‘Harry Potter’ mythos, but that as yet is not part of the TV Universe, save for Skitlandia which doesn’t suit our purposes here.  On the other hand, the Holy Grail was the Maguffin of “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade” and even though it is part of the Cineverse, it has been absorbed into Earth Prime-Time thanks to ‘The Indiana Jones Chronicles’.

But most of those don’t address Nicole Noone’s physical transformation.

I watched that episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ about Walter Jameson again.  He tells his potential father-in-law about the mysterious alchemist who conducted experiments on him over 2,000 years before, which resulted in him gaining immortality.  Who could have been on Earth Prime-Time during the 1500s who could have “experimented” on Nicole to not only grant her immortality but to alter her appearance as well?

There could have been a priestess from the Sisterhood of Karn on Earth at that time…..

From the TARDIS Data Core wiki:
The Sisterhood of Karn was a female society dedicated to protecting the Sacred Flame, which produced the Elixir of Life. They originally came from Gallifrey, but resided on the planet Karn.

Karn was once a colony planet of Gallifrey. It was later the home of the powerful Sisterhood of Karn and bolt-hole of the Time Lord criminal Morbius.

The Sacred Flame, or Flame of Life, was the heat source that created the life-prolonging Elixir of Life, guarded by the Sisterhood of Karn.

The Elixir of Life was a product of the Sacred Flame, used by the Sisterhood of Karn to give them extended life.

Here is the link to the TARDIS Data Core entry for the Sisterhood of Karn.  From there you will find hyperlinks to articles on Karn, the Sacred Flame, and the Elixir of Life.

That’s just my opinion, of course.  But it carries some weight among the members of the Toobworld Central Council – especially as I am the only member.

Jenkins did say that she stole an immortality artifact from the Library.  Perhaps that artifact was a sealed vial of the Elixir of Life, good for one use and it extended Nicole’s life for the next 500 years.  But it also might have caused something akin to the regeneration of the Time Lords so that her appearance and even her personality underwent a radical change.

Or maybe not.  I suppose the Golden Apples would be a better choice; it would certainly have made for a great fanfic story in which Idun – now working in the Library as its gardener – joined with Jenkins (at that time going by the alias he used before Jenkins, if not his actual name of Galahad still) to track down Nicole.  But it would be 400 years before she would be captured and by then she had finally eaten all of the apples she stole.

And as for the alteration to her appearance?  Maybe she did undergo a magical transformation thanks to a witch.  Maybe not Endora, certainly not Aunt Clara!  But perhaps a young witch by the name of Samantha who believed Nicole’s story and so gave her a means to escape detection from Galahad and Idun by giving her a new face.

Just sayin’, is all……

Thursday, December 28, 2017




Father & Son

Allow me to introduce a former railroad man, Mr. Janus.  We don't know his first name, but I'm going to put forward the suggestion that his name was Milo.  That's because I'm proposing a theory of relateeveety for him - that he is the father of Milo Janus the physical fitness advocate, making him Milo Janus, Jr. (although it never came up in his TV showcase.)  Milo Janus Jr. gave his name to a franchise of owner-operated fitness centers and made a very substantial side profit from bilking those owners from the overpriced equipment he forced them to buy.

One of those owners, Gene Stafford, balked at this arrangement and began to investigate the financial paper trail.  He was going to cause trouble for Janus and so Milo Junior put into motion an elaborate plan to kill Stafford.

As neither character mentioned their relationship, I also believe that they had been estranged for many years.  This would be evident just from the fact that the elder Janus was living in a building recently condemned by the city of Los Angeles and he only had a month in which to move out.  Had he and his son been on better terms, Milo Junior would surely have helped him out long before this change in his life.  But by this point in Mr. Janus' life, his son had been in prison for about three years already.  And most of the fortune he had accrued had been spent on his defense at the trial.

(O'BSERVATION: According to the Ultimate Lt. Columbo Site, Milo Janus would have had the case dismissed due to insufficient evidence.  However, I think Columbo nailed him dead to rights.)

Sadly, Milo Janus, Sr. died not long after the medical examiner Dr. R. Quincy had interviewed him about an old friend of his, nicknamed Browny.  It was probably his heart that gave out because of the stressful exertion during his forced relocation.

Janus was played by Frank Faylen, best known in Toobworld for the role of Herbert T. Gillis, the father of Dobie Gillis.  For movie-lovers, perhaps he is most recognized by the many fans of "It's A Wonderful Life" in which he played Ernie (which is why I'm running this today, as part of the Christmas season.)

Robert Conrad played Milo Janus in the 'Coumbo' episode.

The 'Quincy' appearance was Frank Faylen's last role; he died seven years later.  Because that eviction from his home provided a plausible splainin for Janus' death, I figured this would be one case where the TV character didn't live as long as the actor who portrayed him.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Voice on Speaker: 
Welcome to Burger Barn; 
How may I help you?

Someday when I put more places into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, this will be an end-of-year Multidimensional - Burger Barn!

Burger Barn has been seen in at least four shows so far, three of which are found in Earth Prime-Time.  The other one is from Skitlandia.  It's O'Bviously a national chain, but probably not connected to any real Burger Barns in the Trueniverse.

'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody'
Comedy about identical twins living at the Tipton Hotel with their single mother who is a lounge singer at the hotel.

Zack Martin: 
It says, this is the same stuff used by the CIA!
Cody Martin: 
Cool! Where did you get it?
Zack Martin: 
Burger Barn!

'My Secret Identity'
The adventures of a superpowered teen and his scientist friend.  14-year-old Andrew Clements, who while looking one day for his friend, Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate (McGrath), trips and is hit by a photon beam, causing him to develop superpowers. He uses these abilities to fight crime, to solve personal problems, and to help others. He hides his powers from his mother, sister, and friends with the exception of Jeffcoate. Andrew initially called himself Ultraman, but this was later dropped.

Look, I have to walk home from school,
And you have to walk home from school.
Why don't we walk home together?
I can't do that....
But I can meet you at the Burger Barn at five o'clock.

'Days Of Our Lives'
Barney's Burger Barn was mentioned in May 2000. Alice wanted to take Shawn Douglas there so they wouldn't intrude on Bo and Hope's romantic dinner.

Although we never saw Buddy's Burger Barn, we saw Vivian and Ivan's costumes when they got jobs here during the summer of 1997. Vivian was dressed as fries while Ivan was a burger. Ivan had to say, "Bigger Better Beefy Buddy Burger," while Vivian said "Free French fries" as she handed out discount coupons for fries. The Burger Barn is mentioned often when people talk about grabbing a quick meal. Apparently when Jenn was in Africa, she craved Buddy's food, especially the "double deluxe explosion" burgers (1/2 beef, 1/2 pork, cheeseburger with a mountain of fries)

I think both establishments were the same business but which underwent a name change once the ownership.

And the fast-food franchise also exists in the sketch comedy dimension.....


'Saturday Night Live'
This restaurant was featured in a sketch titled "Burger Barn Drive-Thru", which aired during the May 18, 1991 episode hosted by George Wendt.

If you ever find yourself in Toobworld and feeling a bit peckish, why not drive up to the window at Burger Barn?