Sunday, August 22, 2010


While I was away on vacation, the Inner Toob blog posted a marathon of 'Maverick' essays that were pre-programmed into the system. But just because I wasn't posting to the blog while I was up at the Lake, that doesn't mean I stopped writing.

When I got back, I began posting those stories, either choosing those with TV Western themes or the ones that interested me the most (like the one using Raymond Coulthard characters named "Mark" to connect three very different shows.)

Now I wish I posted this one right away.

Here's how it looked exactly in my waiting file:

Have you been watching 'Eureka'?

They've brought new life to the series in its fourth season by basically rebooting certain aspects of the show. In the season premiere, five of the cast members - Sheriff Carter, Allison, Fargo, Henry, and Jo - were shunted back in Time to Eureka, 1947. Besides whatever else they may have done individually to the timeline, they also brought back Dr. Trevor Grant to the present, thus removing him from his place in History. When they returned to Eureka 2010, they found a lot of changes to the world they once knew: Allison's son was no longer autistic; Jo was no longer dating Zane; Henry was married to a woman he barely knew in the previous timeline; and Carter was living with Tess, the woman who broke up with him last season to move to Australia.

This past week, Carter went to Harvard to revisit his daughter, whom he hadn't seen since before he went back in Time. He found that basically she was still the same, but it got me thinking about how the altered timeline might have affected another, former, resident of Eureka - Nathan Stark.

Stark was absorbed into Time itself in an episode more than a season ago. But with the new adjustment because of the interference, what if the events of that particular episode didn't play out in the same way... or what if it never happened at all?

Allison asked Carter if he had checked on his daughter Zoe since they got back from the Past, just in case something had changed about her. But did she ever stop to do the same in regards to Nathan? In the old timeline, they were just about to get remarried when the tragedy struck, but for awhile Nathan was living apart from Allison; in fact, he was living away from Eureka itself. What if in this new timeline Nathan was off on assignment elsewhere?

We've just started the August sweeps (as I write this.) What if the producers are planning on bringing back Nathan to gum up the works in the relationship long-delayed between Carter and Allison.....?

If it happens, I called it. If not, I'll just say they wasted a great opportunity!


And as it happens, the previews for next week's episode of 'Eureka' do feature the return of Nathan Stark to the series. And I'm now kicking myself in my rather plump ass rather than doing the victory dance that would have burned off a few calories on that forementioned butt.

Oh well. Somewhere out there in some blog's comments section, as well as being buried in my Facebook updates, I know I mentioned the pozz'bility that Nathan Stark would return to 'Eureka'. I'll just have to settle for that.....

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