Friday, August 27, 2010


In the latest episode of 'Warehouse 13' ("For The Team"), Claudia left Artie handcuffed to a pipe because he was under the spell of the artifact (a pair of Mata Hari's stockings that could bewitch men). After she left, Artie noted that he had been escaping from such situations since before MacGyver escaped from his first crib.

This was a reference to 'MacGyver', the action adventure series of the 1980s starring Richard Dean Anderson as Angus MacGyver, who could use ordinary household objects to create weapons and/or to help him escape from his enemies.

As there was no mention of the TV series, but only of MacGyver as an actual person, I'm taking my cue from Win Scott Eckert in his "Crossover" books about the Wold Newton Universe and stating that 'MacGyver' and 'Warehouse 13' share the same universe.


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