Sunday, August 22, 2010



Good news, everyone!

Toobworld Central finally has proof that the H.G. Wells character of Dr. Moreau (from "The Island Of Lost Souls") existed in the TV Universe! So there's another common character between the Toobworld Dynamic and the Wold Newton Universe.....

This past week on 'Warehouse 13', the woman who claims to be H.G. Wells (As far as Toobworld Central is concerned, she's not.) revealed that she once worked with Dr. Moreau on experiments involving amino acids. This knowledge ended up saving Claudia Donovan's life.

As such, we now have a splainin behind that portrait of Gomez Addams' former business partner as seen on 'The Addams Family': a giraffe wearing a business suit.

Of course, he had to be a silent partner - despite what they show you in the Tooniverse, giraffes have no voice boxes!

See? TV can help you learn something everyday!


And as a reminder, check out Win Scott Eckert's excellent website about the Wold Newton Universe. You'll find the link there to the left, manimals!

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