Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday I stated that there couldn't be any shows that might link to the upcoming AMC series 'The Walking Dead'. Turns out that I may be wrong. (Horrors! When has THAT ever happened here?)

Here's a press release for 'Zeroes':

"Zeroes" follows the "Zombie Extermination and Removal Operations," which must figure out how to keep the peace after zombies overcome the barrier preventing them from entering the city.

Their paths may never cross, but I would think that both shows operate in the same TV dimension.

And there's a third pozz'bility - if you want to include unsold pilots. Back in 2007, Amber Tamblyn and Kathy Baker were slated to star in 'Bablyon Fields', a small-town crime drama that just happened to also be about zombies. (And apparently, living humans were going to be able to have sex with the undead. Ewwwww.) CBS didn't pick up the option on that show.

If you want to include 'Babylon Fields' in the timeline for that TV dimension, then it was probably early in the stages of the rampant zombie-ism that seems to have taken hold in 'The Walking Dead'.


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