Monday, August 23, 2010


FBI Agent Peter Burke and con man/consultant Neal Caffrey were discussing a woman they had arrested, comparing her to Carol Brady but without the mullet.

When it was pointed out that Carol Brady had a fling with Greg Brady, they agreed that everybody had a dark side.

Mentions of 'The Brady Bunch' are not Zonks. Toobworld TV is a great maw, always looking for new material to use for TV shows; and the story of a widower with three sons marrying a widow who had three daughters was the perfect property to develop. But besides a sitcom that would be somewhat similar to the real world version, the Brady variety show was shown in Toobworld as well.

Those theatrical movies are in the movie universe and their TV movie sequel belongs in some other TV dimension, if it hasn't been totally absorbed by the "Cineverse". And whereas Peter and Neal were probably talking about the date that Florence Henderson had with Barry Williams, within the reality of the scene, they were actually talking about Carol and Greg. It looks like it must have been a big scandal on par with Woody and Soon-Yi: a once-popular housewife (not unrealistic - look at Kate Gosselin!) and her step-son had a torrid affair that made the scandal sheets across the country. ('The Brady Bunch' lived in California; Peter and Neal - as seen in 'White Collar' - live and work in New York City.)

Now we just have to wait for the porno tapes surreptitiously recorded by Bobby to finally surface!

Or we can just assume the "Not The Bradys XXX" video was about the actors of the Toobworld version of the show.....

"Mom always said, don't ball in the house."


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