Sunday, October 5, 2008


Back in 1970, all of the TV shows were going for the youth market in a big obvious way, and tossing "Young" into the title didn't hurt: 'The Young Lawyers', and 'The Young Rebels'.

Well, actually.... it didn't help much either.....

'The Young Rebels' dealt with young revolutionaries fighting for American independence against the British in the 1770s. And it had a lot of great guest stars in its short run - Brandon De Wilde, Will Geer, David Soul, Monte Markham, Eric Braeden, and Larry Linville, soon to be better known to the world as Major Frank Burns on 'M*A*S*H', as the Reverend Wells.

Based on this picture only, with that expression on Linville's face, I'm going to make the claim that Reverend Wells was the ancestor to Jack Donaghy, the GE vice-president working at NBC in '30 Rock'.

DNA echoes are strong in Toobworld; a character can look exactly like his/her ancestor (thanks to casting in our world, of course). But that doesn't mean it has to hold true in all cases. Here, it's just that they look remarkably similar....

Of course, Jack is from a long line of Irish-American Catholics, but that's not to say one of them married outside of the faith back in during the Revolutionary War. Or it could be that one of Reverend Wells' daughters married into the Donaghy family and converted to Catholicism.

As usual with many of my theories of "Relateeveety", I can't prove it.
But then again, it can't be disproved either!

Toby O'B

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