Tuesday, October 7, 2008


For this final tip of the hat to Paul Newman's career in television, here are a couple of pictures of the actor from two of his productions.

First up, here's Newman as George Gibb with Eva Marie Saint as Emily Webb as seen in "Our Town" on 'Producers Showcase'. I especially wanted to showcase this picture so that it would be available on the internet. Fans of "Our Town" might like to grab if for their own collections.

(I found it in "How Sweet It Is!", the very first book I ever bought for the library here at Toobworld Central, back in the early 1970s.)
And then from the 'Kaiser Aluminum Hour' and its production of "The Rag Jungle", Newman played Charlie Correlli. I can't be certain on this, but I think Charlie was trying to save his family business (in the fashion industry/ the garment district?) from mob infiltration.

The identity of the other man is unknown, but his character looks to be an uncouth lout, doesn't he? I'd like to say it's Francis L. Sullivan, but his IMDb profile doesn't list this credit.

(Sullivan is an interesting actor, by the way. In his later years he apparently became a criminologist while still being an actor.)

My thanks go out to another friend of mine, NYMarkie, Michael's partner and our fellow uncle to the next generation of Cleary kids. When certain projects are beyond the abilities of yours viewly, I can usually rely on Mark to get it done for me.

Toby O'B


Anonymous said...

Awesome - thanks man - and great post!


SeND said...

Can you post the photo credits for me? I am hoping to use it for a paper I'm writing. Thanks so much for making it available!


Toby O'B said...

SeND, if you check back in, email me. The book only lists the variety of sources in general, no specifics. But anything about the book itself, I'll be happy to provide the info.....