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For the month of October, it's tradition for the TV Crossover Hall of Fame to induct a Toobworld monster, or a TV character who can be considered monstrous. In the past, this has included the Witch Doctor, Dr. Bombay, Tribbles, Jack the Ripper, Sweet the Demon, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the Frankenstein Monsters (including Herman Munster). Of course, we've also inducted others during October who had special occasions to mark during that month, like Captain Kangaroo, Dr. Emil Szoda, Frank Barone, and Jed Clampett and Granny Moses.

This October, we're sticking with the Halloween tradition. But this time we're inducting two TV characters, a father and daughter in memory of two actors who passed away in the last few years: "Grandpa Munster" Dracula and his daughter Lily Munster, in honor of Al Lewis and Yvonne DeCarlo.
Both of them spent two years on the sitcom 'The Munsters', as well as appearing in the theatrical release "Munster, Go Home!". This can be considered one of those movies from the "Cineverse" which are also a part of Toobworld. Nearly twenty years after the show went off the air, they were reunited in a TV movie entitled "The Munsters' Revenge". And Grandpa had an additional credit to his tally with the "Grey Skies" episode of 'Hi Honey, I'm Home', in which he "slid" from Toobworld to an alternate TV dimension which watches the same TV shows we watch and yet is still a TV show itself.

Two years ago, I wrote about
Vlad Dracul of Brooklyn and how he became a vampire. I still stand by my theories even though parts of it have been challenged, but I will admit some of it could still be tweaked.

As for Lily Munster, here are the basics in her biography (gathered by Vincent Terrace for his book "Television Character and Story Facts":

"Lily, Herman's wife, is a vampire whose maiden name is Dracula. She is 304 years old and married Herman in 1865. Her favorite charity is Bundles For Transylvania'; her and Herman's favorite food is Bat Milk Yogurt."

I'm going to take exception with what many would consider to be established fact - I don't think Lily Munster was a vampire. In the opening credits, we see Brooklyn Vlad, now known in the family as "Grandpa Munster", attempt to tap into his own daughter's vein for a little sip. Why would a vampire want to drink the ichor of another vampire?

But what if she wasn't a vampire? What if Grandpa's daughter looked that way and was as old as she was because she was some other kind of supernatural being? I'm thinking - especially as her name was Lily, which could be short for Lilith, and because she could go out in the daytime with no ill effects - that Lily Munster was a witch instead of a vampire.

It's worth an argument over a beer sometime if you're so inclined to meet up with me at the Corner Bar - and so long as you're paying! - but it's not worth the destruction of Toobworld's structural integrity. (When it comes to vampires, it's wise to never stick your neck out over anything!)
And so, for October of 2008, Toobworld Central is paying tribute to the memories of Vlad Dracul, formerly of Brooklyn and later Transylvania, and his daughter Lily Munster by inducting them into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.

Toby O'B

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