Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm always checking the background scenes in TV shows - yes, I'm looking for theoretical connections that can be made to other TV series, but I'm also searching for friends in the business.

While watching the latest episode of 'Person Of Interest', I saw this guy in the background:

Here's the actual CBS clip from the episode "Risk". If you have no interest in watching the whole thing, jump ahead to about the 2:48 mark.....

'Person Of Interest' is a show produced by JJ Abrams of 'Alias' and 'Lost' fame. He's also the producer of 'Fringe' over on FOX. And on that show they have these characters called Observers.....

The Observers are a mysterious association of males who appear at Pattern-related events and other important moments in modern human history. At first sight, they appear to be ordinary citizens, although bald and lacking eyebrows. On closer inspection, they frequently display socially peculiar behavior, along with physical and mental abilities beyond that of typical humans. They may age very slowly and live for many centuries. Their true identity, motives and overall mission remain almost completely unexplained. They oversee odd situations, both observing individuals, and events... then report to an unknown party through a cellular phone-like communication device. They also employ couriers (non-bald) to transport briefcases and imagery.

The Observer known as "September", who is/was played by Michael Cerveris, has also appeared in other TV shows, all on FOX and all "reality"-based. This is why he was inducted into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame last October. (I guess I should have done so in September, considering his code name....)

But even though all the character - no matter which Observer it should be - has to do is to cross the screen in the background behind the principle actors, I have a feeling FOX wouldn't like seeing one of their characters just showing up on other networks - even if it's on a show produced by the guy who's also supplying them with 'Alcatraz'.

So outside of the Box, that would be why this Observer is dressed in a blue overcoat rather than the dullish gray one normally seen.

And as for the missing fedora? I knew someone would spot that, but not so quickly once I posted my claim to Facebook....

Brian Leonard: I'd let you have your fantasy if he had a hat on...

But I was prepared with a splainin!

Even though Toobworld is full of outlandish people, creatures, creations, and locations - such as witches and genies, talking horses, alien cook books, and "a little hotel called the Shady Rest at the junction ('Petticoat Junction')" - it's still supposed to be as much like the real world as possible. The President of the United States should be the same as the current POTUS in our world and the same goes for other high-profile positions as the Mayor of New York City and the Queen of England.

ut allowances can be made like the above examples plus different subway lines and alterations to the lay of the TV Land like new rivers and mountains, etc.

And the weather can be tweaked as well.

Because the episode aired on Thursday night, February 23, 2012, I'm thinking it took place on Friday, February 24. It had to be a work day rather than a weekend, since so many people were in the vicinity of the Time-Warner building on Sixth Avenue dressed in business wear.

Here was the February 24 weather forecast for the NY region, provided by FEMA:

Friday February 24, 2012
From the FEMA National Weather Updates
Numerous Watches and Warnings are in effect for the region. Tonight, westerly winds of 20 to 35 mph with gusts up to 60 mph are forecast for New York City and Long Island; the strongest winds will be from midnight tonight into Saturday.

That's the real world.

It will be my contention that the Toobworld timetable had been "fast-forwarded" and that those gusts of winds had already begun by Friday during the day. And although we didn't see it happen, one of those high-force gusts had blown the Observer's hat off his head. When we saw him, he was walking quickly to retrieve it.

"My hat!"
Just another example of life during prime-time happening off-screen.....


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