Saturday, March 20, 2010


Fess Parker's roles as 'Davy Crockett' and 'Daniel Boone' are the official televersions of Earth Prime-Time. Other portrayals - like Peter Graves' Boone and Tim Dunagin's Crockett - would be assigned their own Toobworlds in the TV Multiverse.

As such, you look at them side by side and you can't help noticing how similar the two men looked. (Remember, we're now looking at them from within the Toobworld perspective. The fact that Parker played both roles doesn't enter into it.)

Since telegenetics is so strong in Toobworld, there should be only one conclusion - Daniel Boone was the biological father of Davy Crockett.

Daniel Boone was 52 when Crockett was born. He'd be around for another 34 years and Davy would only outlive him by 16 years. So Boone was hale and hearty enough to have made a really solid Tennessee excursion in his fifties. And while there he could have sired the young cub Davy.

Now, there's no way either of these men could live up to their legends in the real world. Maybe Boone was uncouth and unfaithful in real life, but the rules should apply in this as well when it comes to Toobworld. The facts of the real world should not contradict what is established in the televised story. Therefore, the Toobworld Daniel Boone doesn't seem likely to have betrayed his betrothed, Rebecca.

Still, Toobworld does provide an exit strategy to get out of this situation.

The precedent can be found in a 1973 'Gunsmoke' two-parter, "Matt's Love Story". Marshall Dillon was in Arizona when a bullet grazed his head and caused him to suffer amnesia. He fell in love with the woman who tended to his wounds, but he left her behind once he regained his memories and returned to Dodge City.

It wasn't until the 'Gunsmoke' TV movies of the 1990's that we - and Matt - found out that he fathered a daughter. (I wrote about this just the other day in a theory of relateeveety to connect
'Gunsmoke' to 'Fury'.)

The same situation could apply to Daniel Boone. He could have traveled south to Tennessee from Kentucky, only to get a head wound, perhaps from a tomahawk. After losing his memory, he meets Rebecca Hawkins Crockett who takes him in to bring him back to health. Perhaps her husband John was away with his former mountain men cronies from the war, but there would still be four children underfoot. (There would be four more children after Davy.) Still, she might have taken a fancy to this big man (as he is described in the theme song.) She may have wanted to find out exactly how big a man he really was.

Maybe Boone was able to remember that he was supposed to be with a woman named Rebecca and so easily acquiesced to her advances. And pretty soon he had her spread wider than that tree he split in the show's opening credits. (Whoa, Nellie! Don't want this turning into slash-fic!) Daniel Boone's memory may have returned while he was away from Mrs. Crockett's company, and he might have returned to his own Rebecca without ever remembering what he had done. Nine months later, David Crockett would be born on a mountain top in Tennessee, the spitting image of his biological father, Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone was a man, alright!


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