Thursday, March 18, 2010


We always watched what she wanted to watch.
I hate 'Glee'

"I hate 'Glee' too."

"I hate it; I don't understand the appeal."

On this, I have to agree with Jeff. I've seen two episodes, and I just don't get why the show has buzz. (I'll probably go back again, however, when Neil Patrick Harris guests on the show.)

Nevertheless, the show will probably gain more popularity and thus get referenced more often on other shows. This won't do, as they should all be sharing the same TV dimension.

So far, only 'Community' has made the reference to 'Glee', and that because they share the same production stages. For the time being then, we can claim that "Glee" can be just about any TV show except for the actual one seen in the real world. A comedy variety program. A sci-fi series about an alien named "Glee". An infomercial about a household cleaning product.

As time goes by and other shows make more specific references to 'Glee', then we'll have to work up a more detailed splainin to disable the Zonks. But until then, this will do.


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