Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Peter Graves passed away this weekend at the age of 83. His most famous role may end up being that of Captain Clarence Oveur in 'Airplane', but for Toobworld it has to be that of Jim Phelps, leader of the IMF teams on 'Mission: Impossible'. He first made his mark as the star of 'Fury' (well, technically the horse was the star, but you know what I mean) and also starred in 'Whiplash'. He played a major role in the two mini-series 'The Winds Of War' and 'War & Remembrance' (which may have to be placed in two different TV dimensions because of significant recasting).

He had a recurring role as the grandfather on 'Seventh Heaven' and was the host for a lot of specials and the TV series 'Biography', which honed his serlinguistic ability. His last guest star role was in the Tooniverse, in an episode of 'American Dad'.

Peter Graves also played televersions of himself in two series, and perhaps even a third time in a Steve Martin TV special, which would then qualify him for membership in the League of Themselves wing of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.

Here's a clip of Peter Graves as himself - playing the lead role of 'Dr. Danger', a TV show within a TV show, which of course means that it's the real deal in Toobworld. Reruns may still be playing in syndication over there.....

Peter Graves had a long career in television, and I expect there will be more posts to come about the various characters he contributed to its population. Good night, and may God bless.


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