Monday, March 15, 2010


Every so often a scrap of paper rises from a deep strata of detritus here at my desk in Toobworld Central, with some TV quote I scribbled down for one of my blog riffs someday.

That day has arrived for this one:

"Joy can tell how a 'CSI' episode will end by the 45 minute mark."
Crabman (probably)
'My Name Is Earl'

'My Name Is Earl' was rife with Zonks. Remember that episode where they acted out 'Friends'? The girl in Earl's class with a mustache, whom Earl tagged as 'Magnum, P.I.'?

Luckily, this Zonk is easy to cross off the list.......

'CSI' is such a generic title that in Toobworld it could be a reality series about crime scene investigations. If the location or the characters on that show are mentioned in any other series, then it's a reality show about the Las Vegas crime lab officers.

And an O'Bservation? I don't think figuring out the ending by the 45 minute mark is all that spectacular. Try figuring out a 'Monk' episode before the opening credits!


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