Thursday, March 18, 2010


I watched the 'Justified' pilot Wednesday morning. Really liked it. Who knew you'd have to come back East to get a good Western?

I'm not sure how committed I'll be to the show, however, once 'White Collar' comes back for its second season. But since both shows are on cable networks, there'll be a later opportunity that same night to record one or the other if they overlap.

I watch TV differently than most folks, always with the mind working the various Toobworld angles. And that can affect my enjoyment of even a great series. For example, a show could lose interest for me quickly if it has to be considered in its own TV dimension with no hope of being linked to the rest of the TV Universe. There has to be a major draw to keep me coming back to those shows - like the excellent writing and acting of 'The West Wing', for example.

I don't see anything about 'Justified' that's going to banish it to some other TV dimension. The setting of Harlan, Kentucky, is real; I'm sure the President is Obama, just as he is for all of the main Toobworld.

About the only thing that fired up my Toobworld brain cells was the opening scene in Miami, when Raylan Givens gave "Tommy Bucks" the opportunity to surrender. Seeing him in action made me wonder why Givens hadn't crossed paths with Michael Weston of 'Burn Notice' yet. And now that I'm thinking of it, did 'Dexter' come in after the shootout to analyze the blood spatter on the patio?

At least Crockett and Tubbs must be retired by now....


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Rob Buckley said...

I liked Justified, too. It's Walker: Texas Ranger but, well, good.