Monday, January 5, 2009


As fans of 'Doctor Who' all know by now, 26 year old Matt Smith will be the Eleventh Doctor. He will be the youngest actor to assay the role.

As such, I think the Doctor should take on an older woman to be his Companion in the TARDIS, one who at the very least will give him some needed gravitas when trying to convince people in danger that they ARE in danger. (You know they're just going to ignore him even more than they did when the other Doctors tried to sound the alarm. But this time it's more than just the fanciful nonsense he'd be spouting; it'll be because he's just so damned young to have such authority!)

And so, here's my suggestion for his Companion:

Annette Crosbie!

Wouldn't you like to see her tsk-tsking him for language, or reminding him to buckle up should he ever find old Bessie and decide to take her for a spin during an adventure (even though a Rutan is about to attack them?) And he would constantly be reminding her that he is older than her; he's not a little boy!

Toby O'B

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