Monday, January 5, 2009


In "Chuck vs. The DeLorean", Morgan bought himself a DeLorean; and even though it was a piece of junk that died out when it went over 20 miles an hour or so, he just had to have it. After all, it was the car from "Back To The Future"!

This poses a bit of a Zonk, even though "Back To The Future" was a movie. Because Christopher Lloyd appeared as Doc Brown in live-action bumpers during the animated version of 'Back To The Future', and in a live-action segment at the end of each episode with Bill Nye, teaching kids about science.

So even though most of that show belongs in the Tooniverse, Doc Brown still ends up a citizen of Earth Prime-Time as well. In fact, because of a great sketch on 'Saturday Night Live' when Michael J. Fox hosted, he's in Skitlandia as well. Hrmmm.... I think we have a multi-dimensional candidate for the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame!

And at any rate, we do have a bit of a Zonkish problem on our hands.

So here's what has to happen - the events in Marty McFly's life, in which he went back in time to when his parents were dating, became known to the general public and were eventually turned into at least one motion picture (so far as Toobworld is concerned). Later in that 'Chuck' episode, Morgan had another shot at a famous car; this time it was the "General Lee" of 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' fame.

This Zonk is a little easier to deal with. The car came from the movie about the "real-life" Dukes of Hazzard County. Boss Hogg crossed over to 'Alice'; I'm not about to risk losing that connection just for a one-off visual joke on 'Chuck'!

So those two Zonks are run off the road!

Toby O'B

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