Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's a good thing I didn't condone using pictures from other TV shows to illustrate fanfic crossovers when I was running the "Fanficcer's Friend" last year. Otherwise those who write 'Doctor Who' fanfic would be having a field day with images like this from 'Secret Diary Of A Call Girl'.
It features Billie Piper as Hannah the morning after she picked up a young shop salesman played by Matt Smith.

Matt Smith will be the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor. Billie Piper was Rose Tyler, the Companion when the show returned in 2005; she traveled in the TARDIS with Doctors Nine (Christopher Eccleston) and Ten (David Tennant).

Toobworld Central frowned on using pictures of TV characters previously established on other shows as stand-ins for other characters. The actions portrayed - especially like the one posted above! - already occurred in the TV dimension. It's okay to pull in images of the actors you need from movies or theatre, but TV shots should be right out!

Ahhhhh, who am I kidding? You crazy kids! You know you're gonna use it!

Toby O'B

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