Saturday, January 10, 2009


Joost is now showing the complete run of 'Popetown' episodes, which I think is coming out on DVD (if it's not already). You probably don't remember, but this was an animated series from the UK a couple of years ago, which was about a different take on the Vatican (hence, "Popetown"). It got a lot of pre-broadcast brickbats from the all-powerful publicity department working for the Pontiff, and so it was pulled from the schedule before ever airing.

So now you've got a chance to see it

But the thing Jay Sherman would say on 'The Critic', it STINKS!
And I'm not saying that because I was offended. Lapsed Catholic that I am, I can enjoy a good laugh at the Church's expense.

No, the cartoon is just bad. Very grade-school humor with no sense of intelligence about it. And it's not like you can't balance both - 'The Simpsons', 'South Park', and 'Family Guy' proved that. This had me checking the counter to see how much longer I had to suffer through it; never a good sign.
And it's a shame too, since so many talented people were involved in making this, and Jerry Hall as well. (Hey, they can take cheap shots, so can I!) Mackenzie Crook, Matt Lucas, Ben Miller for a quick live-action sequence at the beginning.

In fact, I think they missed the mark and should have gone with that for a series, because it did look like it had potential.....

The worst was Ruby Wax as the high-pitched, psychotic, childish Pope. Again, I wasn't offended, it just seemed to be a cheap shot, not based on anything. And it was far too annoying to stay with. I would have preferred the Pope impersonator to have remained with the series!

Your mileage may vary. Maybe it's just me. But if you're so inclined to see it through, that episode does have links for the remaining batch.
Toby O'B

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