Tuesday, November 27, 2012


"The First Men In The Moon" is the original source for the term "cavorite" which was an alloy created by Professor Cavor which could negate the effects of gravity. However, as sometimes happens in the Toobworld Dynamic, its use in the 2010 TV movie based on that novel was not its first mention in the TV Universe.

By the 24th Century, it is listed in the Table of Elements as a chemical element in the Transonic series. It had the symbol of "CO" - both letters capitalized to distinguish it from cobalt ("Co").

The madwoman of Warehouses 12 & 13 named Helena G. Wells believed herself to be THE H.G. Wells the author. Since H.G. Wells - as a man! - has played a strong role in Toobworld in various series, her claim to that identity must be discounted. At best, I believe she could be one of Herbert's sisters.

At any rate, she claimed to have either created it or discovered the alloy, and then used it to trap Warehouse agents Bering and Lattimer against the ceiling.

This is a good example of how the TV Universe is always in a state of flux, constantly being re-written. Until the TV movie based on Wells' novel was broadcast a few months later, this claim stood as being true. But once "The First Men In The Moon" aired, then Professor Cavor had to be credited with being its creator.

Cavorite has a greater presence in the comic book world (including a 'Doctor Who' story!), but that is of no use to Toobworld......

  • "The First Men In The Moon"
  • 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' - "Rascals"
  • 'Warehouse 13' - "Time Will Tell"

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