Tuesday, March 29, 2011


'The Partridge Family' lived in the Toobworld town of San Pueblo, California. I've seen online that the location of San Pueblo was supposed to be somewhere near San Francisco. This seems strange to me because the term pueblo is usually associated with the Native Americans of the Southwest. But okay, I'll accept it. Dr. Marcus Welby was a general practitioner who lived and worked in Santa Monica, California, which is about 400 miles south of Frisco. And yet, Shirley Partridge must have known the physician, because when her son Danny expressed concerns about her health, she said "Why thank you, Dr. Welby." Now, I know other TV shows have made references to 'Marcus Welby, M.D.' in the past, and I suppose some of them will have to depend on the splainin that a TV show was created about Dr. Welby's life. But whenever possible, I'd like to resort to a more Toobworld-intrinsic splainin for a reference. In this case, I think Shirley Partridge was once a patient of Dr. Welby's. Before she married Mr. Partridge* and moved to San Pueblo, I think Shirley lived in Santa Monica. So there's another Zonk cured! BCnU! * I don't know if we ever learned the first name of the late Mr. Partridge. But it is a tradition to name the first-born son after his father, isn't it? So he could have been Keith Partridge, Sr......

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