Thursday, March 31, 2011


I watched tonight's (3/31/11) episode of 'The Mentalist', "The Red Mile" and had a few Toobworldly thoughts.....

1] The murder victim, Timothy Hartley, could have been a cousin to Dr. Bob Hartley from 'The Bob Newhart Show'. He couldn't have been a brother as Bob only had a sister, Ellen. And Tim couldn't be a nephew as he was too old to have been born after we met Ellen on the sitcom. Besides, I doubt she would have had a child out of wedlock; I'd like to think she eventually married Howard Borden.

2] The Cook Family made its fortunes in sugar beets, via the grandfather. I'm going to say it was the maternal grandfather's business and that he was descended from Hans "Potato" Brumbaugh, who established his agricultural empire in 'Centennial', Colorado. The reason why the Cooks attribute only so far back as to the grandfather is because he began his branch of the family business near Auburn, California.

3] One of the mortuaries investigated by CBI Agents Rigsby and Van Pelt was Pine Valley Mortuary. It'll be my contention that it was part of a nation-wide chain with the original mortuary to be found in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, as seen in 'All My Children'.

4] And this really doesn't involve Toobworld as such. I just wanted to say that I've always enjoyed the work of George Wyner, but that he's come to be such a dependable character actor in everything he does that I'm guilty of taking him for granted. Well, tonight, he really knocked it out of the park with his portrayal of Dr. Steiner the coroner, and I was truly moved by that last scene in the episode between Steiner and Patrick Jane......


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