Sunday, March 27, 2011


My all-time favorite Britcom was from the late 1980's - 'Hot Metal', about the salacious transformation of the Press by the likes of Rupert "Pruneface" Murdoch. He may be held as a villain by the governing board of Toobworld Central, but at least he inspired one of the greatest sitcom antagonists ever - Sir Twiggy Rathbone.

The following clip was a part of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day over in Britain in 1989.

Because of the participation of Geoffrey Palmer, I'm not sure if it aired after the first season of the series, or after the series ended - but was to be considered as being situated between the two seasons.

At any rate, I see no reason why this couldn't be considered as part of the actual series instead of being cast off into Skitlandia.

I just wish the series would be released on DVD here in the States.....

My thanks to MediumRob of the fourth most popular TV blog in Great Britain, "The Medium Is Not Enough" for finding that clip! (You'll find the link to his blog over there to the left, Team Toobworld!)


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