Wednesday, January 30, 2008


From the New York Times:

Margaret Truman Daniel, the president's daughter who achieved renown in her own right as a concert singer, radio and television host, and author of best-selling biographies and mysteries, died on Tuesday in Chicago. She was 83 and had lived until recently on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Her death was announced by her oldest son, Clifton Truman Daniel. Mrs. Daniel died after a brief illness in an assisted living center, where she had been on a respirator, according to the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Mo. A library spokeswoman said Mrs. Daniel had been preparing to move from her Park Avenue home to Chicago to live near Mr. Daniel.

I may not have mentioned her passing had I only her appearances on talk shows, game shows, and variety programs from which to build her Toobworld presence. But I was surprised by the number of actresses who have played Ms. Truman over the years. (However, her character was always in the shadow of her father in these productions:

Amelia Campbell (Margaret Truman)
. . . Truman (1995) (TV)

Lee Kessler (Margaret Truman)
. . . Collision Course: Truman vs. MacArthur (1976) (TV)

Tasha Lee (Margaret Truman)
. . . Man from Independence, The (1974)

Nancy Morgan (I) (Margaret Truman)
. . . "Backstairs at the White House" (1979) (mini) TV Series

Leni Parker (Margaret Truman)
. . . Hiroshima (1995) (TV)

Beverly Washburn (Margaret Truman)
. . . "Jack Benny Program, The" (1950) {Jack Gets Robbed (#3.3)} TV Series

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