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From 1928 to 1930, Josephine Baker embarked on a twenty-five-country tour, which included both the United States and Argentina.

I think the televersion of Miss Baker returned to Buenos Aires to perform in October of 1934 (the same year in which she made the movie "Zou Zou"), as seen in the 'Poirot' episode "Yellow Iris".
This character is only identified in the credits for the episode as a "Singer", so who's to deny that it could be the televersion of Josephine Baker?

Josephine Baker was also played in Toobworld by the following actresses:

Jenny Alpha (Old Josephine Baker)
. . . "Une femme, une époque" (1978) {Josephine Baker} TV Series

Katy Amaizo (Young Josephine Baker)
. . . "Une femme, une époque" (1978) {Josephine Baker} TV Series

Maddly Bamy (Josephine Baker)
. . . Vie rêvée de Vincent Scotto, La (1973) (TV)

Emilie Benoît ((episode "Josephine Baker"))
. . . "Une femme, une époque" (1978) TV Series

Quitéria Chagas (Josephine Baker)
. . . "JK" (2006) (mini) TV Series

Victoria Gabrielle Platt (Josephine Baker)
. . . Winchell (1998) (TV)

Natalie Rose (IV) (Josephine Baker)
. . . "Nova" (1974) {The Most Dangerous Woman in America} TV Series

Lynn Whitfield (Josephine Baker)
. . . Josephine Baker Story, The (1991) (TV)

Maybe not a Baker's Dozen, but plenty to go around for the many TV dimensions.

Toby OB

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