Friday, February 1, 2008


In this week's episode of 'Torchwood' ("To The Last Man"), Team Torchwood claimed that their organization developed cryogenic technology before 1918. I think it's more likely that they stole it - or rather, "appropriated" it - for the security of the Empire, just as they did with the mind probe used in last week's episode "Sleeper".

So who had cryogenic technology back in the Edwardian Age? The Face, archenemy of Adam Adamant as seen in "Adam Adamant Lives!"

The Face left Adamant in suspended animation, and then subjected himself to the same treatment so that he could bedevil his foe in the Future.

After a run of 29 episodes, Adam Adamant disappeared from notice in Toobworld. It could be that he was recruited into the London branch of Torchwood.

Toby OB


Rob Buckley said...

Nice theory!

Toby O'B said...

Thanks, Rob!

When I watched the episode last night with my bit torrent squad, the idea came right away - not that I've ever seen the show over here. And my friends had no clue about it at all.

I'm guessing it probably doesn't hold up too well so many years later....