Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Another week, another shipment....

Here's what's new in the DVD library of Toobworld Central:

'The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot' - Volume 1

'The Buccaneers' - The Complete Series

Two collections that will help enhance the Toobworld timeline!

Also, after learning of the death of prolific mystery writer Edward D. Hoch, I ordered "The Velvet Touch" a collection of his Nick Velvet stories. The thief who only steals items of no value was a favorite of mine when I'd read Hoch's stories in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

The book arrived yesterday and I began reading it on the way to work last night. And already I'm getting an idea for whom I'd cast in the role of Nick Velvet, should they ever do a TV series about him. (Apparently the character has been under option forever!)

Not that anybody would ever ask me......

Toby OB

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