Thursday, January 31, 2008


Currently, Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber is appearing as himself in several episodes of the British soap, 'Hollyoaks'.

Summer Shaw basically stalks the composer in order to score an audition with him. Despite several setbacks, she makes such a good impression that Lloyd-Webber hires her for his next production. And that's how Summer gets written off the show.

The composer was a long-running obsession with Maxwell Sheffield on 'The Nanny'. And although he was played by an actor, Lloyd-Webber showed up in the "Yetta's Letters" episode. (He was seen in Paris wooing Fran's grandmother into signing over her letters so that he could mount a musical based on them.)

So the argument could be made that 'Hollyoaks' is now linked to 'The Nanny' in Toobworld.

Toby OB

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