Sunday, November 9, 2008


In the Halloween episode of 'Knight Rider (2008)', Charles Graiman asked Billy Morgan about his costume at work. Billy jumped up in his army-issue duster and grabbed the holsters by his sides. "I'm Captain Jack Harkness!" he declared.
"The time-travelling bisexual?" asked Charles. But he just couldn't see the resemblance.

Captain Jack Harkness is the main character of 'Torchwood', the spin-off (and anagram) of 'Doctor Who', on which he first appeared. And bisexual isn't exactly correct; "omni-sexual" would be more like it. But that was probably something that Graiman didn't want to wrap his head around.

There was no mention of the show 'Torchwood'; Captain Jack was referred to as the actual man. And as someone with high national security clearance, Charles Graison and Billy Morgan would know who he was and who he worked for.

Not that it was a secret any longer anyway. Even the ordinary citizens of Cardiff knew about Torchwood, as witnessed in the opening minutes of the second season premiere. ("Bloody Torchwood," groused an old lady as the gang raced after a fish-headed criminal.)

Of more interest was the disembodied hand that skittered about the console which Graison was hoping could be used to scare Mike Traceur. My first reaction was that it was reanimated, like Thing of 'The Addams Family' (perhaps even Thing itself, since we haven't seen any of them since the 1970s - at least in the main Toobworld.

But I'm thinking now that it was a cybernetic construct with its own micro-brain, the end-product of years of experimentation with androids and cyborgs (of which Hymie from 'Get Smart' and Steve Austin, 'The Six Million Dollar Man', were original prototypes.

But I still like the idea that it was a guest appearance by Thing....

Toby O'B

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