Friday, November 14, 2008


It's always a juggling/tightrope act when it comes to the Zonks on '30 Rock'. No surprise that it should have so many, since the premise of the series is about the backstage environs of a network variety show. But I really thought I might have to chuck the whole series over into that TV dimension where the TV characters watch the same TV shows that we watch and yet are fictional (or, in some cases, even more so!)

Thank the JackLord that Sparky Monroe howled her way to my rescue!
Within the "reality" of '30 Rock', their version of 'Night Court' had a three-episode arc in which Jenna Maroney played a were-lawyer, "Sparky Monroe". Basically, it was because of this character that 'Night Court' ended up jumping the shark, and that's why they never got that tenth season in which Kenneth the Page could have seen his dream realized: the wedding between Judge Harry Stone and Public Defender Christine Sullivan.

Sparky Monroe never appeared in the 'Night Court' that appeared on OUR TV sets; and that means she was never an "actual" person in Toobworld. She was a fictional character in the "tele-version" of 'Night Court'. That 'Night Court' was based on the lives of Harry, Christine, Mac, Dan, Bull, Selma, Florence, Roz, and the other denizens of the "real" night court.

More than likely a show was made about their lives after the news got out that Bull Shannon had been abducted by aliens from Saturn. Something like that would probably have caused a bidding war among the networks, Network 23 and the NBS included. But apparently TV-NBC got the rights and then ran a series that lasted nine years. (So within Toobworld, their version of 'Night Court' probably only just ended a few seasons ago......)
And by an AMAZING coincidence, the actors Harry Anderson, Markie Post, Charles Robinson, and John Larroquette (who was not present but who was mentioned) all were cast in their roles of Harry, Christine, Mac, and Dan respectively because of their uncanny resemblance to the actual people involved. Isn't that amazing?

So, it teetered on the edge, but no Zonk here!

Or was there.......?
Toby O'B

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