Monday, November 10, 2008


It's been a while since I last set foot in my favorite purveyor's shop for bootleg TV DVDs, and I hadn't felt the need since the last few times I was there, the merchandise had become stagnant; not much new variety. But since I was in the neighborhood today, I dropped it to look around.

That section of the store had been condensed a bit by at least one stack of offerings, but in doing so, it seemed like a new selection of titles were now available, including a few of my personal "Holy Grails". And once the fever struck, I gorged until I hit the numerical "This far and no farther."

So here's what I netted for myself:

'Amos Burke, Secret Agent'
"Prisoners Of Mr. Sin" with Michael Dunn
There are two other episodes as well, but Michael Dunn! I HAD to have this! Dr. Loveless is my all-time favorite TV character - yes, even more so than Mary Richards or Number Six! And I've always wanted to see if Mr. Sin could be Dr. Loveless under an alias. (Those who remember my yearly tributes to Dr. Loveless will know that he is part alien on both sides of his family tree (in my theories) and that he has a unique form of immortality.

A Tribute To 'Captain Kangaroo'
(2 Disc Compilation)
When I was five years old, I ran away from home in search of the Treasure House. I figured that if I could see it on my TV set, then it had to be on the next street over in that direction. This is the next best thing to recapture that, until an official DVD collection is ever released.

'Burke's Law'
"Who Killed SuperSleuth?"
There are two other episodes, but this is the one I wanted. I haven't seen it since it was in syndication back in the early 70's, but all I remember is a scene with Carl Reiner. In this episode, several famous fictional sleuths were lampooned, like Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Moto, and Hercule Poirot. It's Ed Begley (senior for those not old enough to remember) as "Bascule Doirot" that I'm interested in seeing. I have an interesting character profile in mind for him......

'Bat Masterson'
An episode with Wyatt Earp, (sadly not Hugh O'Brian)
An episode with General Sherman and President Hayes

There's another episode as well, but I'm interested in seeing the depiction of Rutherford B. Hayes. I've been compiling a list of TV Presidents for the main Toobworld, and he's been one of the holes in that list.

"WPIX-NY's 40th Anniversary"
Totally forgot to DVR this, so I'm glad I'll have a permanent copy now for the historical archives section of the Toobworld Central library.

'You Are There'
Death of Socrates
Tragedy of Milton
Signing of the Declaration of Independence
Napoleon's Return from Elba
The Triumph of Alexander The Great

"The Money Machine"
"Point Blank"
"The Forbidden City"
(with Robert Colbert as Brent)
I'll never pass up a chance to own copies of 'Maverick' episodes!

Toby O'B

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to see Tragedy of Milton--I know it's an odd one to mention, but he's my favorite author.