Sunday, April 21, 2013


"The Khan-Chekov Encounter" refers to the time Khan Noonian Singh met Ensign Pavel Chekov on the starship Enterprise in the episode "Space Seed".  It was mentioned by Khan in the movie "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan"... but was never actually seen happening in the TV show episode.

It's the perfect example of "Life During Prime-Time", that the lives of TV characters don't go into suspended animation just because they're not on our TV screens.

Here's the latest example - Patton Oswalt played Garth Blundin on 'Parks And Recreation' this past week.  Garth wanted to protect the town's "blue book" of laws exactly as they were, even if they were antiquated.  So he decided to filibuster the town council meeting to prevent the vote.

The director told Oswalt to just wing it, and then they would whittle his improv down to a few minutes that they could actually use in the episode.  And so off he went with this dream of how the next "Star Wars" movie should be:

Most of this was never seen by the general public on their TV sets, only by those of you who saw it online.  And yet it did happen in the TV Universe......


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