Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Art Gallagher
– Rocket to Oblivion (1974)

All in the Family 
– Judging Books by Covers (1971)

Archie Bunker knew a former pro football player who owned a camera shop in New York City after he retired from the Game.  We only learned that his name was Steve, but I'm prepared to claim that his last name was Gallagher.  And that he had a twin brother named Arthur.

Art Gallagher had been a former running back who became a big businessman in technology after his career ended.  He was one of several suspects in the disappearance of a rocket engine prototype from a science & industry expo in Boston.

It's my claim that they were twin brothers who played professional football during the same time period.  And we know there is precedence for this in the real world with the Barber brothers.

As it turned out, both of them had big secrets in their respective episodes.  But you'll have to watch them to find out.....

Both roles were played by Philip Carey.


[This post is dedicated to my friend Mary Brooks.]

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