Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The little TV dimension that could, the Promoverse, has added a new entry to its ranks, featuring promo vets Shawn and Gus from 'Psych' meeting the newest member of the club:

What's interesting about the crossover is that their respective TV series are on different networks - 'Psych' is on USA while 'Defiance' is on Syfy.  Of course, both networks are part of the big NBC family at "Kabletown", so it's all good.

(I think NBC should toss in shows from the mothership of the franchise - wouldn't you like to see Gus and Shawn meeting Monroe from 'Grimm'?)

This match-up also gives the promoverse its own storyline, since 'Psych' and 'Defiance' take place in two different time periods.  'Psych' is set in the present day, while Irisa Nyira and her big blue buddy are from the near future of 2046.

So wha' hoppint?  (As Ricky Ricardo would say.)  I would guess that the two Votans fell through a rogue wormhole and ended up in the past.  It was a wormhole of both Time and Space, as Irisa should be in the town of Defiance (which used to be St. Louis, Missouri), while Shawn and Gus are comfortably entrenched in Santa Barbara, California.

Because 'Defiance' so changed the playing field of its own dimension, I'm tempted to cliam that the Promoverse is the only Toobworld in which it takes place.  Hey, I'm not going to be around by the 2040s, so what do I care?

But for now, I'll just say that this is only the Promoversion of 'Defiance'.  And the same goes for 'Psych' - the show about a pseudo-psychic psleuth may share the same Toobworld as 'Grimm', 'Doctor Who', and 'The Vampire Diaries', that doesn't mean it would be believable for wesens, vampires, and Cybermen to show up in Santa Barbara... except in the Promoverse.

Speaking of the Doctor, it would be the Gallifreyan Time Lord of the Promoverse who would come to the rescue of the Irathient and the Bio-Man.  He would bring them back to their own timeline in the future via the TARDIS so as not to disrupt the present.

And we know the Doctor exists in the Promoverse - we saw him a few Christmas seasons ago.....


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