Friday, April 6, 2007


Even though Ralph Bellamy passed away in 1991, he "starred" in last week's episode of 'Boston Legal', "Son Of The Defender". courtesy of those flashbacks from the 1957 'Studio One' production of "The Defender".

So other shows which might want to employ this technique wouldn't even need a surviving member of an original cast to incorporate such footage.

Here's an example that I came up with:

There have been suggestions of Gary Sinise assaying the role of Bones McCoy in the proposed 'Star Trek' film about the early years of Kirk and Spock. And there is something to suggest a younger DeForest Kelley in his appearance.

So why not track down early TV films or kinescopes of DeForest Kelley in a TV show in which he interacted with a young boy? Then it could be suggested that this was a flashback of Mac Taylor and his Dad for an episode of 'CSI: NY'!

Another idea I had:

Recycle some scenes of the darker side of suburbia from 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' to illustrate a 'Cold Case'-styled episode of 'Close To Home'. There were plenty of gruesome deaths on that program - remember the head in the ice bucket? Maybe one of those murders could be televised again as the prosecution team reacquaints itself with the facts of an earlier case.

Or a whole slew of them could be used while the members of the BAU on 'Criminal Minds' try to figure out the reasoning of a serial killer recreating the details from a famous case.

There's so much material out there, it's a shame more of it can't be recycled in this way to gain exposure for the originals. If the viewers liked what they saw, they could track down the original productions from DVD collections, or at media museums, or online at sites similar to LikeTV.

Just sayin', is all....


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