Tuesday, April 3, 2007


What would a New York Times-styled broadsheet look like in Toobworld?

Probably like Television City Chronicle.

Last year, Teevee.org did a fantastic spoof of the Wiki format with their "Teeveepedia". And I think it proved to be so popular that they kept it online for awhile, long after April Fool's Day.

For this year, they've modeled a newspaper after the Times, only all of its articles are written about TV shows as if they are reality. When they finally do review a TV show, they chose a TV show within a show - "Expose", from last week's episode of 'Lost'.

In Business notes, the fortunes of three oil companies are reported - Clampett, Ewing, and Carrington. The travails of a small-town football team are covered in Sports, where some kind of 'Twilight Zonish' backwater keeps them forever stuck in football season. And even the Iraqi war is looked upon as the plotline for a badly produced TV series. (The day's top story? The obituary for King Friday XIII from the Land of Make-Believe.

I'm not sure why the embedded YouTube video is there of one monkey grooming another, but maybe it's supposed to be one of those new BRAVO hairdresser reality shows.....

Even 'Battlestar Galactica' - which in the actual Toobworld is in another dimension - gets the New York Times treatment (""). And despite his numerous achievements in rescuing London from alien invasion over and over again, the Doctor is regarded as a manic-depressive with a shiny light.....

When you know you have about an hour to kill - at least! - why not pop in and check out Television City Chronicle? I don't know if you'll be glad you did, but it'll probably beat whatever you were planning on doing for that hour....


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