Thursday, April 5, 2007


Now that the barracks community of the Others (which I've also seen described as "downtown") has been deserted, I think Jack and Sayid should lead their fellow survivors back there to live.

It might even make for another biblical parallel for Jack to lead them there like Moses, hoping that so many hikers wouldn't rouse the smoke monster before they could reach the fence.

It would certainly give them a better position from which to defend themselves should there be that hinted confrontation with the Others. And it would get them farther away from the beach when the 2004 tsunami strikes the day after Christmas. (Right now it's about December 12th on the show.)

Speaking of the show's "current" date, the Powers That Be for 'Lost' probably never even had this in mind, but this week's B story reminded me of a classic tale.

It's probably Dec. 12th, 2004 or thereabouts on the island, based on what Nikki said about Thanksgiving last week.

So they're all at about that point in time when TV shows have their Christmas episodes.

I see Sawyer as the island's version of Scrooge, and Hurley as the Ghost of Christmas Present in getting Sawyer to change his ways.

Like I said, it was probably not intentional, but it's fun to think of it in those terms.


Did you catch the number sequence to activate the sonic fence? Juliet typed in "1623".....

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