Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Tonight at 10 pm EST (check your local listings!), 'Boston Legal' will be presenting what can be truly called "a very special episode".

Using clips from a live production starring William Shatner on 'Studio One' fifty years ago, we'll see flashbacks to a much younger Denny Crane as he grapples with the very much delayed fallout from his first major trial victory.

With these clips, Ralph Bellamy and Steve McQueen will posthumously guest star; McQueen as the client and Bellamy as Denny Crane's father.

In actuality, the 'Studio One' episode, "The Defender", had Bellamy and Shatner playing Lawrence and Kenneth Preston, roles that would later be played by EG Marshall and Robert Reed in the TV series "The Defenders". (At one point in the original show, Bellamy calls Shatner "Kenny". I'm sure that will easily be tweaked in the audio booth to sound like "Denny".)

I don't know how much of the episode will be used tonight in 'Boston Legal', but look in the background for a young Ed Asner (with a full head of hair!) as Juror #2. Martin Balsam played the prosecutor and Ian Wolfe the judge, so they may show up tonight as well.....

(It wouldn't be the last time Shatner worked with Wolfe - the elderly actor portrayed Mr. Atoz in an episode of 'Star Trek'.)


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