Monday, April 2, 2007


It's all over in the Sunshine State, and apparently they just don't love Lucy enough down there....

Barney Fife won the title of the Greatest Sitcom Character, as chosen by the participants in a brackets-styled battle hosted by the Florida Times-Union.

Here are the final results:

BARNEY FIFE 1,253 votes
LUCY RICARDO 1,034 votes

You know, it might have been nice if Lucy and Ethel got to meet Barney during their trip down to Florida with a stopover in Mayberry. You know the episode - where they gave a lift to Elsa Lanchester, whom they suspected to be a homicidal maniac.

Now that would have been a perfect scenario for ol' Barn!

It wasn't the landslide seen in the Chicago challenge for the best of the current TV characters, in which Starbuck of 'Battlestar Galactica' trounced Jack Bauer of '24'. But when it came to defeating Lucy, Barney nipped it in the bud.

Sounds rather suggestive in that context.....


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